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I use ROT13.com for three reasons.

  • When you click the decrypt on Geocaching.com, it's all-or-nothing. If I want to decrypt just a portion of the clue or just one person's log, I'll cut and paste there.
  • If I receive an e-mail with an encrypted clue and I want to decrypt it, I can quickly use that.
  • In some rare instances, I may put something that would be an incredible spoiler (for example, on my own webpage's logs), and I don't want people to accidentally see it. Then I'll type it in ROT13.com and gurl'yy unir gb qb gur fnzr guvat gb frr gur npghny cbfg. icon_wink.gif
But in the last year, I think I've used ROT13.com maybe twice.



Chicago Geocaching


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why is it so hard to use the "reply" button, which will keep the original quote, instead of mashing it all with the reply so to make it really hard to know who said what? :blink:



The site is up and working!

Not sure why you had a problem.


no, its not working...its "under construction"

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