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Garmin Dashboard Mounts

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I used the temporary disc from my Streetpilot on the dash of my ford taurus. Cleaned the dash off really good first, then applied the dish as per the instructions. Holds on wonderfully, I've never had it come off by accident.


I did remove the disc once, which you need to be gentle but firm while doing so. No damage to the vynil. Removed it after a year or so, replaced it with anouther temporary (thought I was gonna get rid of the car, that's why I removed it).


I take my streetpilot in and out of the clip frequently, the disc hasn't worn down that I can tell.

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Originally posted by World Traveler:

Has Anyone used the Garmin Mount with the temporary adhesive disk. I don't want to stick anything permanent on my dash, but I don't want to waste it on a piece of junk either. I've got a GPSMAP76s




The temp disk worked fine with my eMap, but In my new car I have since replaced it with a RAM suction mount.




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I use the Garmin dash mount with my GPS V, with the temporary adhesive. It works very well. The stuff has a great grip as long as you clean any Armor-All and the like off your dash first.


I actually trust this stuff to the point that when I'm going to be traveling for a while, I stick the dash mount right on the rental car dash! It always holds tight, but always peels off cleanly when I need it to.


You can order extra temporary adhesive discs from Garmin, I keep a couple of spares around just in case one tears apart, as they sometimes do when you pull them off. Even without a spare, though, if you re-form the stuff (it's kind of like putty) you can make it flat enough to use again.


Great stuff. I wish I could get it in bulk, I could use it in a lot of places.



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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Not everyone is able to use those dashmounts, unfortunately. The dash above my gauges in my Nissan pickup wouldn't work well at all, so I opted for the windshield suction mount. Now, the GPS is constantly in my line-of-sight, but not. It's low enough that my view isn't obstructed, but close enough that I am able to take a look at it without taking my eyes truly off the road.


A dash mount would actually be worse, as it would greatly obstruct my view. Just another option for everyone to consider.



Team A.I.

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I don't need a dashboard mount. My GPS stays firmly put like this:




As long as I place it securely, it stays pretty much where I wedge it. And, my steering wheel is adjustable, so I can lower it for perfect viewing of my GPSr.


Cache you later,



I feel much more like I do now than when I first got here.

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I'm doing it the hard way. I've got a metal "Amps compatible" cell phone bracket that was made for my truck's dashboard and I'm working on designing and building an adapter to go from that to interface with my bicycle mount already on the GPSr. The bike mount has a handy quick release lever on it.



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