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  1. I also have a Dell Axim X5 and a Garmin 76S. Let me give you my 2 cents worth. I have not been able to get GPXSonar to work so I can't give you a comment there. I do have National Geo Topo (NC State)which I have downloaded to my PDA. It works quite well. I also bought the Globalsat BC-307 CF card GPS. I am quite surprised with it's accuracy. I bought GPS Tuner for use with the Globalsat and it is a great little program. I am going to get Mapadvisor (trial version) to try out once I can figure out how to get "superwaba" installed. Good luck, in my honest opinion. You chose well.
  2. What is the best price my fellow geocachers have seen for the 60 CS? I have located a place that will take pre-orders for $439.99. Anything better than that out there?
  3. Harrald, Thank you for sending me to the thread on the frog's position here. I feel much more in-tuned as a charter member now that I know the true meaning of the toad; er, frog. Best Regards, Dave.
  4. O.K. I am not new to Geocaching.com or Geocaching in genteral. Really I'm not. However, I have to ask this question. I seemed to have missed something somewhere. What is up with this frog? Where did he/she come from and what is the meaning of this blasted green amphibious monster. It has even taken over the T-Shirt section. What gives. Thanks.
  5. Besides my normal GPS (a Garmin 76S) I also have a Dell Axim X5 PDA with a Globalsat BF-307 that slides into the CF Card slot. It seems to be quite accurate and works with my NC National Geographic Topo CD. My question is this: For whatever reason I am thinking of getting rid of my Dell PDA and Globalsat CF/GPS and buy a Garmin IQue 3600. I would like to hear from those who have used one of these units or both and give my your opinion. Thanks
  6. About a week ago I went on a thread here that had a couple of cool geocaching wallpaper examples. I can't remember where I saw them if anyone remembers this thread please pass it on again. That will look good on my laptop."Not good for the work computer" So we'll keep it private. Thanks again. D.
  7. There is a way to do this. In fact, about 2 weeks ago there was a thread which talked about how to do it. If you go to the NG Topo Website Topo.com, under the FAQ area there is a step by step section which tells you how to do this. If I had my labtop at work I could walk you right through this however, I don't. If you get the anwser before I get home great, If not I will post it for you. Dave.
  8. Dan-oh, follow the directions from Rocket Man closely and it will work. I have downloaded the State of North Carolina which has 4 or 5 CDs and I have downloaded all the CDs right to the hard drive. No longer do I have to flip and switch CDs every 15 seconds or so. You will like the program considerably more once you save all those CDs to the hard drive.
  9. I had the MAP 76 before grabbing the 76S and I am truly happy that I did. I noticed a big difference between the antenna pickup (now I realize that can happen with any unit) but I enjoy having some other features even though I do not use them all the time. Since you fish I thought you might enjoy the high/low tide readout on the 76S. Guess not. All in all I have been super happy with the 76S and if I can get over moving to a smaller screen, I too will be getting the new 60CS however, I will have to touch one first. Best of GEO-luck! Dave.
  10. O.K. Benchmarketeers I need your help. When I download the program to my Dell Axim X5 everything appears to have transferred with no trouble UNTIL I try to open ANY benchmark. When I click on the bm the screen flashes and goes back to the main screen. None of benchmarks will open I would be happy to have someone explain why this is happening. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  11. I can't get BMPGX to load on to my Dell Axim X5. When I unzip the file I have a readme file and a square icon that looks like an .exe file. When I click on the icon it opens to what looks like a DOS window but I can't go any further. What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me? Please.
  12. As it gets closer to Christmas I was wondering what Books on GPS are available and which books are recommended or not. Currently I have 3, they are: GPS Land Navigation; by Michael Ferguson, 255 Pages, 5th Printing 1999 GPS Navigation Guide; by Jack W. Peters, 191 Pages, 2002 The GPS Handbook, A Guide for the Outdoors; by Robert I. Egbert & Joseph E. King, 190 pages, 2003 In my opinion each of these books has very good information available. What do you have? Let's hear it.
  13. I also bought a Globalsat BC-307 CF GPS to use with my Dell Axim. I got mine off of Ebay for $80.00. I find it to be a surprisingly accurate unit (based on my Garmin 76S.) I also got GPS Tuner 2.0 (which I think is an awesome little program) and Range & Bearing Calculator 1.2(6) which also comes in handy. All these coupled with National Geographics Pocket Topo (for North Carolina) makes this a handy GPS however, one slip and fall in the woods, brush, grass, yard, etc. and I think something would be broken so it does not see much use off the hard surface.
  14. I have been interested in switching to paperless geocaching and purchased a Dell Axim 5 a few months ago. I have uploaded National Geographic Topo (pocket edition) which is working alright for now. I was wondering if anyone else has tried other topographical software on their PDAs? I am interested in Maptechs Outdoor Navigator because for $99.95 for the first year you have unlimited topo map downloads from around the country. Once the subscription runs out you can still use the maps downloaded earlier. Has anyone else tried this or any other software? Thanks for your input.
  15. Growley

    The Garmin Map 76S

    My first GPS was a Legend. It was O.K. but could'nt hold a fix under simple underbrush. Then I bought a Garmin MAP76. It was a great unit but when the 76S came out, I had to try it. If I could use only one word to discribe it; it would be "AWESOME". The 76S has button locations, a big screen, and most importantly outstanding reception. The 76S has an external antenna jack which you may not need however, its there if you want it. You can't go wrong with this GPS. Good luck and happy caching.
  16. Since we all seem to be Dell Axim owners here I have a question for you all. I currently have National Geographic Topo map files on my Axim and they work quite well however, has anyone been able to download aerial map photos like what you would find under USAPHOTOMAPS? I would like to download and use some photo maps but don't know how Any thoughts? Dave.
  17. Does anyone have Maptech's Outdoor Navigator for pocket PCs and if so can you store and/or transfer waypoints to one of their topo maps? Thanks..
  18. RingXero, I don't like the fact that you can't have a seamless topo map. If you download 4 maps that are side by side you can't make them seamless (at least I could not with the demo). Also, the version that I am looking at does not have track or route capability. Otherwise I like the program. I have been playing around with the NC version of pocket Topo and it is o.k. but nothing to "write home" about. I would like to be able to get a constant lan/long whenever I touch the screen or move the stylus arcoss the screen. It would also be nice if you could turn off the four lines that intersect with the GPS location. I guess I'm picky. Has anyone figured out if you can import waypoints? I don't think you can.
  19. O.K. Im not as dumb as this question will make me sound however, I have to ask it: When I download bmgpx to my files it arrives as a zipped file. When I unzip it how do I get it onto my Dell Axim? If I drag it over to my CF card it wont work and it doesnt load like other programs.
  20. tylosaurus, That did the trick! I reinstalled GPXSonar to the main memory and it now finds all my caches. Thanks, Dave.
  21. I didn't try another however, they open up fine under GPSview.
  22. Here is a problem I am having that maybe someone else has experianced: When I tap the icon it opens fine. I select one of my PQ and all the caches display. I tap on a cache and my Axim beeps and a message comes up saying: The page you are looking for cannot be found. Any one else had this problem?
  23. DadONine, I am sorry to say that you will have to wait until Monday to call and get your activation code. I have been playing with mine (NC State) for about a month now and it's not too bad. I wish there were some more features but that's the way it goes. I have been trying MapTech's demo this weekend and overall it is cheaper if you want more than just one state's maps but it has some "features" that cause me to seriously consider not getting it. All in all, if you already have NG Topo, Pocket Topo is quite handy.
  24. Growley

    Garmin GPSMAP76S

    Outstanding GPS in my opinion. Sensitive antenna pulls in "birds" all the time. I use my 76S at work almost every day and it has never let me down. It holds a bunch of maps (although I haven't tried to max it out). I have never used the barometer until last week when we got slammed by the hurricane. It was very interesting watching the pressure fall through the floor. I would highly recommend this GPS to anyone. Dave.
  25. bobina, I have been Geocaching for awhile now and have only recently adapted my Dell Axim to become a GPS. If you have not bought a CF card/GPS for your Dell you have to check out the GlobalSat BC-307. I bought mine off Ebay and I am really surprised at its accuracy. I have been trying it out with the demo version of Mapopolis as well as National Geographic Topo for Pocket PCs. It is great however, Im not sure that the Dell is something I would be carrying through the brush though.
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