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The Experts choose meetup.com over Geocaching.com

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they may have "split the baby"... their judges may have been evenly divided, then decided to give it to meetup since geocaching got the people's vote. I wouldn't be surprised if those that nominated/voted for geocaching at the webby awards (not the people) have actually GONE geocaching, and the people that didn't HAVEN'T.



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Could be we didn't win the Webby Award is, quite frankly, the site is a little lacking in "slickness." Don't mean to criticize, just stating facts. Me, I don't particularly care for ultra-slick UI, function is the name of the game. But people in media might have not been as impressed. Add to that the very nature of geocaching where the main draw takes place out of the home and most people wouldn't be able to understand unless they actually went caching. With MeetUp, everyone knows what a meeting is, not everyone knows what caching is.


I'd be interested in seeing how the judges voted.


One thing you can't take away from us, though, this year's People's Voice Award says we're the most powerful community on the net that participated in the awards. We had more people vote for our site than any other. That's gotta say something.


Kudos to Jeremy and Co. for a job well done!





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We had more people vote for our site than any other


One would like to think that the essence of an election or other voting procedure is that the candidate that gets the most votes is the winner but apparently that is not the case in either presidental elections or Webby awards.


Well, democracy is the belief that 10,000 lemmings can't be wrong.





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The Judging criteria is listed on the site. There are two awards. In many cases the same site won in Judges and People's Choice, but not all (maybe about 1/2). And yes, meetup.com was on the original ballot icon_rolleyes.gif And let us not forget that the judges on the panel only get to vote once icon_biggrin.gificon_eek.gif


We won in the only category that we could have influenced. Feel good about it.

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