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  1. A cache with out any challenge is worthless, almost like those who kidnap a dog and drag him around looking for caches. Along with a trail of dog doo along the way!
  2. Has anyone used Microsoft Mappoint software? I saw it demonstrated on TV and understand it is comapatiable with GPS. Jpjazz
  3. Jpjazz

    Spell checker

    Call me lazy or just an idiot, but is there any possible way to incorporate a spell checker into the cache log sequence? Maybe this could be a premium member feature. Any thoughts would be apprecaited, oops I mean appreciated. Jpjazz
  4. I can not even open their site. It has a strange opening page.
  5. I am curious as to why the so called experts gave the Webby for community to www.meetup.com ? Do they know more than the people? Jpjazz
  6. I was about to upload a small photo onto the forums and see that it asks for a URL. Does this mean that if I move or delete the image file from my hard drive the photo will disappear from the forum log?
  7. I have seen the ice cube trays, would work well with the old reservoirs. The new OMEGA style reservoirs have such a large opening that any size cube will fit!
  8. I know of a park nearby where the standard 15foot error would not only lead you to your dogs doot, but to 5 other bonus finds! Jpjazz
  9. As far as cleaning, I have found the following procedure works well: Insert 2 or 3 wadded up paper towels into the bladder Replace cap Blow up the bladder from the drinking tube Shake well Remove cap Remove paper towels Dry Camelbak! Jpjazz [This message was edited by Jpjazz on May 28, 2003 at 06:38 PM.]
  10. This is why we have quit trading almost all toghether. The hunt has become the motivating force from my view point.
  11. The 7th Annual Webby Awards results are scheduled to be released online Thursday, June 5, 2003. Webby Awards
  12. I see that we are up to a ten point lead! But don't let up Cachers, make sure everyone you know including each within your caching team casts a vote.... Jpjazz
  13. It's hard to believe that a single County in Maryland Wethepeoplemd could generate enough write in votes to challenge Geocaching.com. What gives, is this a fix? Jpjazz
  14. quote:Originally posted by Hiemdahl:We used to leave a Norwegian 1 Kronen coin , now we leave a card. According to my research a Kronen is worth approx $US 00.14 Should we all take conversion calculators with us? Jpjazz
  15. quote:Originally posted by Blackfoot:I say if your going to trade, at least trade even. I've seen people take three or four pricy items and then leave a McDonalds toy. Take a toy if that's what you brought to trade, or trade nothing. Just trade fare. Blackfoot I dicovered this cache that is right on Ronald's Playland for all Mickey D fans!
  16. quote:I can only imagine the logbook... Took Nothing, Left......bowlfull of doots? I'm sure it's recyleable!
  17. I believe the competition to create more ingenious caches drives the effort for better and better caches...
  18. quote:Originally posted by Stunod:Oops...I edited the part number out of my original post. I used 94567a_120_...5/16" long. I also had to cut the threads down a little shorter...about 3/16" (use the screw cutter dies on a pair of wire strippers). Note: I added this info back into my original post __"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."__ So if I understand you, the bolt needs more threads added near it's base so it will tighten to the GPS?
  19. I have watched this discussion for the past 3 days and not surprisingly everyone is motivated by different cache goals. Some ignore the toys and trinkets, others specifically avoid the T &T and still others have young children that will only accompany them if there is surprise waiting. While the majority abhor the uneven trading that results in broken Mickey D items, a couple unbelievably cache specifically for the junk! I guess that "junk" drawer in the kitchen is not enough, its just fun to search through the neighbor’s junk.... Fortunately the GC administrators have created a forum that appeals to all, this is my third year, and I am going strong. Over this period my children have grown and still enjoy a good cache hunt, although their tastes have changed and prefer the hunt to the treasure. Still, I must admit that at times I still revel in a find filled with Toys and Trinkets! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Jpjazz
  20. I bought my Mag Meridian at Planet GPS, also have looked at the GPS Store, but suggest you check around for the best price. Planet GPS The GPS Store
  21. That's perfect! Now I am trying to find the link on McMaster-Carr. Is this the part? Part Number 94567A150 $1.41 Each Size #4-40 Length 3/8" Head Style Shoulder Screw Type Knurled Head Material Aluminum Diameter 3/8"
  22. quote:Originally posted by Ellwiny:I was very displeased when I saw that my sister's peter pan theme cache had rocks and broken crayons instead of the cool peter pan things. I agree that you just shouldn't take anything if you don't have something of equal or greater value to replace it with. One cache I've been to recently looked as if someone had eplaced everything it it with bits of trash they had picked up on the way. While it's good that they are concerned about litter, I think that it's akin to stealing. They must have missed the "TO" of the "TITO" motto. Trash In, Trash Out! Jpjazz
  23. Thanks for the ideas, also the past thread. While these will work, I would prefer a bolt that could be removed without a screwdriver inorder to connect the data cable. I will keep looking for such hardware. Jpjazz [This message was edited by Jpjazz on April 11, 2003 at 12:06 PM.]
  24. I have have been trying to find a source on a wrist strap for my Meriplat. I have found this thread that depicts just such a device on a Mericolor Magellan Meridian Color Actually I just need the bolt of the correct length that has a D loop to attach a camera strap. Any leads on such hardware? Jpjazz
  25. I load my Mag 330 and/or Meriplat with base maps to guide me on the surface streets. If XXX burgerplace would would make all their location coords available we could down load them ahead of time. Software such as Streets and Destinations attempts to fill this need, but they are not close to being up to date. Maybe GC could sign an aggreement with various franchises and make them available through the site. Even Geocachers have to stuff their face and fill their tanks from time to time. Jpjazz
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