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Geocaching Graffiti

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We found a a nice cache today on a ridge with a great view. Unfortunately, on two rocks near the cache someone had written a phrase which only a person familiar with geocaching would recognize. There was no other graffiti anywhere near the location. This was our first exposure to geocaching graffiti (we have 83 finds). I did my best to remove and hide the graffiti from future hikers and geocachers. Evidently, someone thought this was a good inside joke. I would have another name for it.

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I can't believe someone from this group would do that. I have always felt that we were amongst the enviromental elite when it came to taking care of nature. That sucks and I'm wondering if there is anyway to trace it back. Can you post what it said or would that be a bad idea? Just curious.


Again, Someone was clearly not thinking when they came up with that one.



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There was a thread a wile ago about a Geocacher who marked his cache with graffiti. He was thoroughly admonished in the forums and I hear the graffiti was removed. This is a bad practice and any Geocacher who does something like this should be ashamed of theirselves.


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Originally posted by ikayak:

Wish you hadn't even mentioned it here! Now it will give the A@@&(^%@ another idea of something else destructive to do.


Sorry about that, but I interpreted the graffiti as someone's bad idea for an inside joke. It wasn't that large, but it was noticeable. I can't delete this thread. Maybe a moderator can if he/she thinks it's best.

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I wish I lived somewhere near you. If someone did that in any area around me and I found out about it. I would be the first one there to remove it. I know you did what you could while you where there. GOOD JOB. I would do what ever it took with what ever I could get... even if I had to go back a number of times to get that garbage out of there. It just gives us a very bad Name. We all know we are mostly an outdoor loving group of folks but imagine what your impression of geo-caching would be if you where just an outdoors person (without a gpsr) out for a walk. And learned of the sport by some Graffiti in the woods. icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif



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Originally posted by umc:

I can't believe someone from this group would do that. I have always felt that we were amongst the enviromental elite when it came to taking care of nature.


I just took a look at the cache page and I'm seeing some strange things.


1- The description practically walks you right to the spot, and the clue gets you to the cache. I could see how someone without a GPS could find it.


2- After a couple of no-finds, the owner moves the cache to the new location and logs it as a find! I started to think perhaps the owner was trying to make the find easier, but after seeing the logon name he is using, I find it hard to believe he would have anything to do with this. Logging your own cache though is strange, but I see he is a new member, so perhaps that's why.


I am likely to believe it was done my a non-registered lurker visiting the website, with or without a GPS.

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You've made some good points. Maybe it was an unregistered lurker.


In regard to the photos you mentioned, I do not believe that the graffiti was there on that day. (That was the day of our 1st hike to the location.) Regardless, the graffiti is small and wouldn't have been seen in pictures such as those.

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