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  1. Hello again. I went through all of my emails and I unfortunately cannot find any of the emails from when I converted this locationless cache over to a waymark. I can assure you that I'm not pulling anyone's leg. I remember archiving the locationless cache *after* the cache was ported over as a waymark. Is there anything else at my end that I can do? All that I want to do is make this cache into some sort of waymark in a "street signs" or "unusual street signs" or "NE Ohio" category. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...83-aaae842ded19 Thanks
  2. When this site went live, I transfered my Devil Strip cache to this site as a waymark. It was, as I recall, approved and converted to a waymark. Well today I logged in here to see it and it is completely gone as if it never even existed. What happened? I never received an email or anything. So now neither site can see or do my great cache Here's the original cache. Thanks. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...83-aaae842ded19
  3. Thanks I found the cache over at geocaching.com. Looks like a great location. I may have to go there.
  4. Yeah and think about those awesome abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnels! Those are AWESOME!
  5. Yeah I guess you're right. Only thing is then you're really limited to mountainous areas. Not that that's a bad thing though. Thanks. I dig the category myself. I vote yes.
  6. Can you link me to that cache you did? I'd love to see it and read the logs. Thanks
  7. There is one here that goes under the road. It's a total of 20 feet long. Would that qualify? Thanks
  8. Any people interested in the cemetery-related waymarks have any input about this one? Thanks!
  9. OK cool. Thanks. I'd really like to the see this one become reality most of all. I really dig ruins and I think a lot of other people do too I hope. Thanks
  10. Again, perhaps this would be under the cemetery category as well? You could do like famous rock star graves, famous american pioneer graves, famous inventor's graves, etc... Could be pretty cool
  11. You mean ones like this? http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/NJLINmercedes.html That would be cool. Loomis
  12. Would this be a sub category of a cemeteries category? I am beginning to understand I think. I think 100 year old headstones would have to be California only, correct? As others have said, there are a lot of 100 year old stones in the Eastern USA and elsewhere.
  13. I've recently proposed an "unusual signs" category. Would this be a sub category of that? Thanks
  14. Always interesting are the Potter's Fields, the final resting places for those who suffered history's indignities. Potters fields exist all over, often near where asylums and poorhouses once stood. There are remarkable exceptions however, such as New York's Hart Island. Unfortunately most of these sacred grounds have often been vandalized and forgotten, more and more so with each passing day. This sites should be cleaned up, marked, and remembered. Also of interest are the Tuberculosis cemeteries as well. Thoughts?
  15. These days, a lot of people are interested in modern architectural ruins, and many a website is dedicated to photgraphing such sites. Subcategories could include abandoned asylums, abandoned amusement parks, important ruins such as the St. Francis dam, abandoned shopping malls, race tracks, airports, drive-ins, etc. Some like to just photograph said abandoned buildings. Some people are also into urban infiltration/spelunking. Thoughts? Is this several categories or several subcategories? Thanks!!!
  16. No Kids who would use this site would undoubtedly now be given an easy way to find places to go get drugs. Just the potential legal and/or media reprocussions alone would be enough to kill this category idea in my opinion, immediately. Loomis
  17. I vote yes, but with some comments. I'm a life-long flea-marketer. A lot of the flea markets are seasonal in certain climates, others change locations a lot for whatever reasons. Heck one indoor flea market here changed locations 4 times in the past 3 years due to building rent issues. So you'd have to be able to flag whether certain fleas were in session so to speak somehow. Loomis
  18. Hello. I've read through the forums the past couple days and I am still very confused. I don't understand how locationless caches will fit into the Waymarking.com site. At first, I thought that this site was going to be the new home for virtuals and locationless caches, such as neat family things like historical sites, landmarks, art, etc... But now I am seeing coordinates for restaurants and nudie bars. Is the gist here to just database buisnesses coordinates and soforth, and not have anything to do with locationless and virtual caches? Or is supposed to be a mix of corporate and non corporate places? Right after I got the email for the Waymarking site I responded to convert my locationless cache over to the new site. Was that a mistake? Should I cancel that request? Thanks, Loomis
  19. I think that the "Unusual Road Signs" category would be very useful. There are locationless caches already such as "weird speed limit" signs (like 11 m.p.h), and ones like my "devil strip" sign search (where cachers locate a particularly rare sign). I'd imagine that there may also be locationless caches to locate like "very old signs" (like shaped Route markers, cat-eye signs, enamel signs, etc.) in the near future if they aren't there already. Thanks!
  20. In all calmness, I have read of a multitude of NET related problems. Many people despise it. How come this site isn't running off of Linux then? Thanks
  21. Sorry I was grouchy when I posted. I paid. I should've kept my mouth shut. Sorry.
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