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Geoquilt II ?

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City View Of Burkburnett cache here in Texas has been a huge success in getting the quilt squares out and signed! I've had people travel as far away as Dallas (2+hours) to pick them up.

To my knowledge there is only 1 square left... I'll give it a few more weeks and hope it goes home with someone to be mailed in.


I personally like the idea of drawing names from a hat to win the GeoQuilt...I'd love a chance at winning it. It would be a real treasure among some of my own quilts and heirloom quilts that I have.


Really looking forward to seeing the completed quilt!

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Hey! so I have started collecting the blocks......Right now the I have just over 20 signed blocks....one extra pieced block was sent so I will use this on the back of the quilt and put all the details on it ......name of the quilt, purpose (tangible log book), my name, date finished and the town and state I live in .......The Smithstonian has asked quilters to do this so that in years to come no research will need to be done to find out the history of the quilt........Plus it make the quilt more valuable.... icon_biggrin.gif


So today I am putting 3 names in the hat. These will we combined with the other names of cachers who have placed blocks and retured them One name will be chosen to give the quilt to....


so far


The Texas-Jacksons

The Lacy family

Clay Jar


have their squares in!!


This is gonna be Great!!


thanks again for helping with this project.....pictures to follow once I get some room on my design wall!




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Yeah! I finally got them all signed! We had a geocaching event in Massachusetts today and had some geocachers sign to finish up the last few. They look really nice.


I'll send them your way on Monday. Can't wait to see a pic. of the finished quilt. Everybody who signed is really interested and thinks its a great idea.


Thanks for your work and creativity in making geocaching even more fun.

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Does anyone have ideas for who to give the quilt to? My idea was to place the names of all the cachers who had blocks sent to them and returned back to me... in a hat. Then draw one name and that cacher would receive the quilt.


I think you should just give it to me. My whole house theme is blue/yellow so it would TOTALLY go with the decor. I would CERTAINLY be most appreciative!

This NEW quilt would be a nice counterpoint to the OLD quilt we have on the wall (the one my husband's great grandmother made using her hubby's old work shirts - log cabin design)


We are to move into the new house around the end of October...

OK - so ignore my email from earlier - I will use the address you have on the original envelope I got from you.


You must be present to win.

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Hi All! Well we are in the midst of house stuff here. Closing on the new one on the 17th and we hope to close on the one that we are in on the 18th of October. Yeap we accepted a bid, I spent 2 months making this place shine and we survived a 3 1/2 hour home inspection. So my quilts have taken a back seat for a while. I also have work committments so I am off to Cleveland latter today with Butterfly girl for a conference.......I thought that I would post before I leave.


I have received quilt squares back from 9 out of 28 cachers.....so that means right now there is a 1 in 9 chance of having your name drawn (for those who returned the squares and placed squares in caches) to be given the quilt.


Those that returned their squares are:



Texas Jacksons








I had a number of unsigned blocks left over so I sewed them together and made up a quilt top. I also layed out the blocks that I had recevied back on my design wall. I will send pictures of these to Dekaner & J-Ra and have them post em (I still don't have a web site of my own).


Let's make the next dealine be the end of this month. That way I may be able to piece together the blocks before we move and therebye avoid any of them getting lost in the shuffle.


I think that this quilt will be great......The blue and yellow is so bright and cheery.....just what you need to have around you when the winter greys hit!




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)


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Dx wrote

I have received quilt squares back from 9 out of 28 cachers.....so that means right now there is a 1 in 9 chance of having your name drawn

Those are quite good odds! (although, even I must admit, it would be cooler if more quilt squares were returned to you)



You must be present to win.

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Hey.....So my closing date for our new house is looming ever closer...Exactly 1 week away.....I thought that I had all my bases covered then the lawyer says today "This could be a problem" I hate when lawyers say that!!


We also are ever so close to having this house sold.....Just have to come to terms on what we will repair and what we won't.....Fun Wow!


BTW....My address won't change until after October 1 (our sellers are staying until that date) and even then we will still be in the same small town.........


I received 2 more packets.....from




(oh man are those artistic and 2 signed by Japanese people on vacation here)





(I noticed some famous geocacher signatures in this one...but hey, we are all famous in our own right)


So I will put these up and see how many more arrive before the next due date.....I also have extra plain squares that can we worked in and signed once the quilt is given out........


So 11 in


14 to go




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Hey! 12 packets in and 13 to go.....


Received a packet from Powder Springs GA today.


We also closed on our new house today and settled on terms for the sale of the current house.


As it stands we will start moving in on October 1...we gave the previous (so cool to say!) owners a 2 week grace period to stay in the house.....


So I imagine that the quilt won't be sewn together until the end of October.


May address won't change until October 1 but we will own 2 houses until October 18th.


Thanks again to all who are participating in this project.




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Hey!! Two more packets have arrived. One From Sulbury, MA and one from Boscawen, NH


Wow! The quilt is getting bigger and Better!!


I will give it another week and then start sewing it together.........And who will get it?


Still time to send yours in if you have the blocks




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Hey! In the past few days I have heard from 4 more cachers who are returning their squares.


I received a packet today from Nashville. Fearless looked at the tags that were included (I really like the one with the quilt project info on it.....that one is going on my cacheing bag) he remarked about the plane that the cacher flies...Fearless works with private pilots at the flight service station here outside of Buffalo....

Ya know I have thought of doing a quilt for the small airport here in town.....They always cut a piece of fabric off the pilot's clothes for the first solo flight or for when a pilot checks out...I thought it would be really interesting to form all those bit into a quilt......


Anyway.......the quilt is really filling in nicely....I plan on taking a picture soon and hope to get the top done befroe we move into the new house.......Next week


Thanks again for participating in this project.....




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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hey! Each day another packet of quilt squares arrives. Last night I even had a hand delivered packet come in.......followed up with a great visit by a local cacher.......


So now add to the list squares from

Tonawanda, NY

Hopkinton, MA


The quilt is growing and now takes up almost 1/2 of my design wall. I'm planning on piecing the top together before we move from this house but that is only 1 week away so if you still have squares please return them.......


Hope to post a picture soon!




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Good Morning!


And it is just that for me!! The family is all nicely settled into our dream home. The weather has been great and all my gardens are in order. We even had enough money left over to have a 4 season room ordered........


So now I am ready to put all the pieces of this project together. I have had a terrific response!! I mailed out 28 packets and 23 have been returned. So I have sufficient numbers to sew the quilt top together.....


I didn't receive squares back from:

Joel Tolbert

Candy Lind


Vitus Zebulon

The Mariner

If these cachers have any squares signed or unsigned.....they still can be returned and included in the quilt. Basically I can get them back up until the end of this week and still be able to sew them in the quilt top.


I'm hoping to post pictures of both my new home (a cachers paradise if I do say so myself..connected to a beautiful county park...large trees...english gardens...and once the leaves are down I will be able to see for miles while I'm in my kitchen so my cooking has greatly improved!) and the quilt. I no longer have a design wall so I will have to lay out the quilt on my living room floor.


Now about who will get the quilt. I will wait to draw a name until the quilt top is finished. The quilt will be bigger than I had thought and perhaps will fit nicely on a bed. So whoever gets this should be quite happy!!


I think that I might do some sewing today, now that we are 90% settled (moving day was October 5th).




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Hey! The quilt top is pieced together and yesterday I pinned it. Now I need to quilt it and sew the binding on..........


So......I will be picking a name from the group of geocachers who placed squares in their caches.


I must say it looks grand......I put a thin ocean/wave strip around for the first border and the second is a material I found that is yellow with victorian suns that have a nice sparkel to them.........I think that you will like.....


Can someone with a websight please e-mail me and I will send a picture of the pinned quilt to you...I still don't have a web site......that way you could post this for me....


We went geocaching yesterday for the first time in over a month (moving put a damper on going out). It was great! They had just over 2" of snow. The sun was shinning and my group of cachers were all in the grove...Butterfly girl talking incesantly, Fearless leader projecting where the cache would be placed (and he was right as usual), Sweety gal making 2 step moves but never really falling, Eversure son zooming in on the box and being first there, Foo the wonder dog carring 8 pounds of snow balls under her coat and she only wieghing 6.....and I initially headed everyone out in the wrong direction (I honestly am directionally challenged so my caching name hold true again).


Can't wait to post the picture.....the quilt looks like waves in the sun and yet when you look away or from a distance you can see a very definate pattern........ icon_biggrin.gif




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Deb, That quilt looks fantastic. With all you have going on you've been amazingly quick. The lucky cacher who gets the quilt.


I'm starting on my first quilt. I just went to the store to buy my fabric. I have a church friend who is an avid quilter who is teaching me. I can see it becomes quite addictive.


You are a generous and talented women!!! Thanks for adding an extra special dimension to geocaching.



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Hi! Well the move has caused me to still be a bit off my usual persuits......It took me 2 weeks to get back to quilting, 3 weeks to get back to geocaching and now on the fourth week I have finished the geoquilt 2 and am back on the forums...


To catch up.....

Planet...I hadn't thought about a third (actually it would be fourth as I have a quilt project in Canada going on) geoquilt project. Right now I have started 3 other quilts and one more to finish up......


Anyone have any suggestions?


TeePee...thanks so much for posting both pictures. I believe that the quilt will look even better in person. The suns on the border are also on the back of the quilt. The material has a very cool sparkel to it.....and the suns go well with the part of the US that the quilt is headed to......as far west as you can get from my neck of the woods...(Akron is just outside of Buffalo NY).......


I added one other interesting bit. Quilters have been asked to place quilt labels on their quilts. This not only adds to the value of the quilt (I've never sewn any of mine...it would take the fun of making away) but also records the where and why of the quilt.....I put this information inside a celtic knot pattern that I had and outlined it in blue and gold.....OH the state that it is going to is California.......


Team GeoDat....quilting addictive.....hmmm.....well for me it is a way to vegg.....I tend to think of only quilting when I'm sewing.....with a new home, 3 kids, barky dog and my own buisness to attend to......thinking about just one thing is a real blessing......

Good luck on your quilt! It's a hobbie that is excellent to share.....I've sewn many pieces of clothing and often didn't hit the mark with what I had made.....but I have never had a quilt turned down....


Speaking of giving quilts out......Fearless Leader my best friend and geocaching guru (he honsestlly has an internal compass in his head) pulled the name out from one of the ziplock bags that the names were placed in......


I took all the names of the people who placed squares, got them signed and returned....folded them in 4 parts inflated the bag, shook up the names......and ....he chose.......


Geeba...from Sacramento CA


So Geeba if you would e-mail me your address I will FedEx out the quilt to you




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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The subject is a quote, from those two lovely ladies who were visiting from Japan!


Zippity do dah! I'm THRILLED to learn I won the quilt, and just sorry I've not kept up with the forum on this. I must confess I've just not made a habit of checking them.




:0) Geeba

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Hi folksicon_smile.gif

Today I opened up my overflowing e-mail box and found a strange header from a user named frenetic with the subject line "Geoquilt". His message was the following:


Hi there, I need an opinion from a moderator from the

http://www.geocaching.com webiste. I love that forum,

and I think I can help , I am trying to put together a

little app for the users.


Please give this thing a try (see attachment), and

give me any feedback you can, this will greatly help







Now obviously this attachment caused me to raise an eyebrow and run a virus scan. Lo and behold it most certainly was a Trojan.logger program. Just thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention....I'll post it in other geoquilt topic threads as well in the event this little turd has sent it out to others involved in the projects.

Cheers, cliffy icon_smile.gif






"Whad'ya mean you didn't save the location of the truck?..EEEK!!!..."

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