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Magellan--Product Good but Customer Service Questionable


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2 weeks ago I called Magellan on their toll free number. I was put in a queue and told my max wait time was 3 minutes. I held for approximately 10 minutes. The a recording came on to tell me no one was available (duh) and to leave a messsage. I left a message with all pertinent info but never received a call back.


Next I emailed cutomer support through their website. I ststed that I had called but no one called me back. I never received an email response. I like the Magellan product I have but the customer service, in my opinion, sucks! If it wan't for this forum, I guess I'd be SOL. I can get all the help I need here.


Has anyone else experienced this with Magellan?


"What tha hell?" Hank Hill

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I have had EXCELLENT service from them.

I screwed up my GPS late one night, and at 2:00AM

called them just in case someone was actually there.....And they were!! I got someone in about 1 min.


I called another time too, and after about 10 mins, I just left a message, thinking "Nah, they'll never call back...I'll just have to try back in a couple hours"...Well, about 20 mins after hanging up, I got a call, and it was them!


That was the only time out of about 8 or 9 calls to them that I didnt get ahold of a person in just a few minutes.


I also emailed once, and got a response within minutes.


Maybe you just caught them during an EXTREMELY busy time...You know, right after Xmas, when ALL kinds of newbies are calling about problems & stuff.







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Originally posted by Readymixer:


Has anyone else experienced this with Magellan?


"What tha hell?" Hank Hill


Nope. I had an issue with my Gold, shot them an email and told them about the problem and that I needed to return it for repair, but asked if they could expidite the turn around because I could not afford to be without my unit for more than a couple days for reason other than Geocaching. I received an email response from them the next day informing me that they were shipping me a unit that day and to return mine upon receipt of it. Got it in a couple days, even during the holidays.

Can't say enough good about the service that I have received to date.






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And 1 email. The calls were answered pretty quick and the email within 24hrs. They were more than helpful each time. One of the calls was

pre-purchase and I wanted to know how much map data a 64 meg sd card would hold. He asked me where I was and loaded my entire state and then some on a card. My guess is you caught them on an off day.


When GPSr's are outlawed, only Outlaws will have GPSr's.

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Tech support for my Meridian was great, but I also called once about a problem with MapSend and they were clueless. I was told that someone would call me back, and they never did. That was over 5 months ago! The problem ended up being resolved by loading an updated video driver on my PC.



"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."

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I have had two problems w/ my MeriGold since I bought it. First, the light went out (dropped it). Sent email thru Mag. website, got return info. Unit REPLACED no questions asked, also included a nylon case and wrist strap (I guess they know how the light went out). Just last week, I noticed those famous "Blue Spots" Sent in again and this time they only replaced the LCD screen (I was hoping for a complete replacement, but mine shows some Geo Scars so I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get a brand new one). Both times, I got my unit back within a week of sending it. My only complaint was that I had to email for tracking number. Other than that, I am a very satisfied Magellan Customer...with the product..and the customer service. Oh yeah..this time they sent it back with another nylon case, a serial adapter, and a ciggarett plug adapter, as well as the user guide that came w/ original, and a cdrom of the manual.



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I'm not impressed with their service either.


I ordered their Map Send Streets software for my Sportrak Pro over the holidays. Last Tuesday (Jan. 21), I sent an e-mail asking if the CD would work with my SP since the CD cover stated that it was for the M-330. I got an automatic "we're forwarding your e-mail to Customer Service" e-mail, but other than that, no response.





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I had a question on the accuracy of MapSend and the ProTrack. I recieved the automatic e-mail reply, and then a day later recieved an e-mail response from them. I was not real happy with the answer, as they basically said it was a map drift problem and nothing they can do until they re-issue a new CD, but they did respond.

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I have not had to deal with the Megellan Tech Support Staff, but as professional software support tech I can assure you that every tech support person I have ever dealt with, such as Microsoft, Gateway, etc, pretty much have the same guidlines that I am required to follow.


Please note as issues come in, there is a certain time frame in which an issue is required to be followed up with. My companies policy is 48 hours. If the tech fails to follow up with the customer within that alloted time frame the tech support superviosr will come down on them and want to know why the issue has not been addressed. So don't be fooled into thinking they have forgotten me.


Sometimes techs become very busy and they cannot address your issue within what you percieve as an acceptable time frame. That's why they have the most commonly asked FAQ or Help Spots. It is not the technicians fault that there are not enough of them to answer all of the incoming calls and people need to understand this. Plus it is not their fault if they are a new technician and need to ask more experienced techs for answers when needed.


Also I need to point out that telephone calls take more priority than an email. Generally emails will be answered quicker than a phone call. The reason for this is the simple fact that you have thought about what you wish to convey to the technician, and the technician simply has to respond to your question. They do not have to try and determine your name, emial address, phone, customer number, etc.


In short, before you start cracking down on the tech support staff, just remember we are people too and I personally strive to give the customer the best support I can possibly give them. Granted you might not always get an experienced technician. Sometimes you will get a greenhorn and they might take longer to answer your questions. But just like me, we all have to learn so give them a break.

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Must have been a bad day. I've great support and have owned 4 different Magellan models. The current Sportrak I have ate batteries in 24 hours on or off. Called them, got an RMA number, sent it in and they sent back a complete new unit with a case and car adapter (which I didn't originally have)! No complaints on my end.

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