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  1. Very cool! Anything in a rounder configuration. And would it be possible to get the .psd or whatever file so I can enlarge it and/or play with it? Thanks a million. You guys are providing a neat service to those of us "artistically challenged". GeoBoltz
  2. Ok..after going through all 15 pages of this post, I gotta ask for one also. I am male. I'm an obsessive San Diego Chargers fan. I use a Merigold, but no need to include it in the pic. I'd like something including bolts and/or Chargers logo. I've messed with a couple in the past but really like what's going on here at this post. It's great to have a fresh set of designing eyes take on the task. Thanks in advance for any submissions. GeoBoltz. is what I'm currently using. ps. Sorry about cross posting a new topic. It's been a while since I've used the forums.
  3. Wow..talk about bad timing. I live in Southern Cal too and found a Central Oregon Geo Coin down there. I just went on Vacation to Oregon and returned it to its homestate. If I'd known earlier, I'd have not taken it back to Oregon. Sorry. Good luck on your quest. GeoBoltz To teach is to touch a child's life forever.
  4. This one please. Sorry for the confusion. I forgot I hadn't changed it yet. To teach is to touch a child's life forever.
  5. There's a clock in there, too? GeoBoltz
  6. Just realized I never let you know my call. KG6PTO G O Boltz
  7. Originally posted by El Oso - N5CTI: Congrats, Boltz, and welcome to the community! ----- Thanks Oso, or should I call you Bear? I can't wait to get my ticket. I'll let ya'll know when I do. Jeff
  8. I passed the Tech. portion yesterday and am now awaiting my call to be posted. Thanks for all the info on this site. GeoBoltz
  9. from Offroute dot com and awaiting delivery. I have been using EZ for many months, and decided I should upgrade.
  10. Yeah..if only I felt guilty doing it...gimme more of that plastic....bwahhh haaaaa haaaa!!! Any other suggestions for acronym type names. BTW the logos are looking great. I am not artist but I will throw mine in this weekend. Is there going to be a problem using the Groundspeak guy or any of the other GC.com stuff? GB
  11. When I said association, I wasn't meaning it in the terms of a board, members, dues, etc. I just meant a conglomoration of GeoCaching Fools/Fanatics/Obsessive-Compulsive/Addicts. Call it whatever, I just like the idea of an Acronym for effect more than anything. Whatever we call it, I'm in and excited to be a part of the "movement". GeoBoltz
  12. Wow...I haven't checked this forum in a while. You guys are really cranking it up a notch. I am pumped we may get our own "ASSOCIATION" and even a web page. Very exciting stuff. I like the SCG idea but I also like easy to remember acronyms. I was thinking of SCAG. It doesn't sound too pretty, but its easier to say than SCGA. What do ya think? I can't wait to meet everyone at the picnic. GeoBoltz
  13. DA BOLTZ had made it to the playoffs.... or.... nahhh....just dreaming. However, I must say I was hoping that 3 points was all they would score.
  14. I have had two problems w/ my MeriGold since I bought it. First, the light went out (dropped it). Sent email thru Mag. website, got return info. Unit REPLACED no questions asked, also included a nylon case and wrist strap (I guess they know how the light went out). Just last week, I noticed those famous "Blue Spots" Sent in again and this time they only replaced the LCD screen (I was hoping for a complete replacement, but mine shows some Geo Scars so I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get a brand new one). Both times, I got my unit back within a week of sending it. My only complaint was that I had to email for tracking number. Other than that, I am a very satisfied Magellan Customer...with the product..and the customer service. Oh yeah..this time they sent it back with another nylon case, a serial adapter, and a ciggarett plug adapter, as well as the user guide that came w/ original, and a cdrom of the manual. GeoBoltz
  15. Ok..Tewinkle doesn't sound too good. I really don't know much about parks in the area so I will leave it to the more experienced Cachers, but I would rather, as I am sure everyone else would, not pay any money and have some way of securing it so we don't end up standing around w/out a fire or seats. Perhaps a place would take a refundable deposit? Just a thought. Thanks to everyone that's working on this. I am truly excited to meet you all in person and not just read your logs. I really want to meet those dogs I've seen so many pictures of in caches. GeoBoltz
  16. I agree about having to put out any money for this event. 200.00 is way to crazy even if 50 people show up. 4.00 for parking is crazy if 50 people show up that's 200.00 too. I didn't notice the part about 4.00 parking before, thanks Fullon. I vote for free park, free parking, good times, as many nearby caches as possible, etc. there's got to be somewhere that meets these criteria. Anyone know anything about Teewinkle (sp?) park in Costa Mesa. I know it is next to a "Bark Park", but as for size, picnic area, etc, I am not sure. If anyone has been here let us know what it's like. Otherwise, I can make the trip up and check it out. GeoBoltz
  17. What happened to the Carbon Canyon idea? It seemed to have more Caches inside and I don't think there was a money issue. Could be wrong . I also liked the Irvine idea, but don't know of a park right off hand. GeoBoltz p.s. I am just glad that this thing is finally taking off.
  18. This site has links to finding older drivers as well as some drivers for XP people. I couldn't get drivers for my Epson Printer from the Epson site (without paying $15.00 ), but found them here, as well many others that I could't find. There is another driver search site, but I don't recall its address right now. If this one doesn't have what you're looking for, let me know and I'll look up the other one. GeoBoltz Driver Guide.com [This message was edited by Geo Boltz on January 15, 2003 at 09:40 PM.]
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