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Hide / Find Ratio

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Inappropriate choices. If everyone hid 50% as many as they found, the country would be knee-deep in caches!


I think the optimal ratio is probably about 5%. Certainly no more than 10%, unless the individual does very interesting and clever caches.


I'd rather see fewer high-quality caches then a surplus of lousy ones.

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I have 26 finds and 25 hiden caches. I enjoy doing both. While this ratio is good for me at the moment, I expect that I'll be hiding fewer caches and doing more finding in the future. 25 to 30 caches are managable, but I can't see myself maintaining 50 or more.


I shudder to think if the famed CCCooperagency had the same find/hidden ration as I do. The country would indeed be knee deep in caches.

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Originally posted by jogps:

I have put out over 90+ caches ( under three login names ) and have found 600+ if you are going to drink from the well then you need to put some back in for the others. but thats less than 25% JOE


How do you maintain your caches? I've had about 6 or 7 and frankly I only went to one once.



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I haven't hidden any yet. But I have only been geo-caching for a 9 days. Have 9 finds and one didn't find. Actually there were two other couldn't finds, but went back on another day and found those two. I would like to make a hide but am waiting for an aquaintance to come back from vacation to help me with my first.


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How do you maintain your caches? I've had about 6 or 7 and frankly I only went to one once.
Maybe he maintains them the same as you???

I know one cacher that has a fantastic cache and it's his only one. He maintains the heck out of it and regardless of who takes what from it he makes sure it's filled with good things. I felt guilty when I visited and didn't take anything.


But most of us don't do much maintaining and it isn't all that necessary. I have had one on Maui for over a year and it's done just fine. It gets hit all the time and no one ever complains about it.


I've hidden 39 and still have nearly 30 actives caches out there. I've archived a couple after a cacher let me know they've been plundered. What the heck, I can't visit them daily to make sure if it's still available or not. I couldn't do that if I only ahd one cache. Sometimes I replace the plundered cache unless it is in a very public area in which case I'll put another out in a closeby area.


One thing though, we don't have rules about this. It's a personal matter. I know a cacher with 100 finds and over 100 hides. I love guys like that. He's an out of towner and I've visited the cache he left in my area a couple of times just to make sure it's ok. That's all a cache really needs.


Personally I think a cacher should put out at least 1 cache for every 10 finds, but again that's my opinion and not something I'd want to turn into a rule. We have enough rules in our daily lives already.


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I have just found my 38th cache, and will have 40 by the end of the week. I have placed two caches. I expect to place a total of four caches in the near future. I don't see myself placing any more than that for a long time. But, I do see myself finding a lot more. So with these numbers, I will have between 5-10 percent ratio, and decrease from there. The four I plan to have are very close to my house and very easy for me to monitor/maintain.


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I've hidden close to 50 caches but many have been archived. Caches have a life span, some get plundered some get retired. I have about 20 somthing active caches with 2 virtuals and 2 locationless.


I've found 195 caches so either my ration is 25% or around 10% depending on how you want to count it.




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