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Where do you eat when you go on caching trips?

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After a day of caching, I like to stop by Taylor Brothers Hot Dog stand in Watsonville CA.....


Or if I can't wait, I just scrape some road kill off the grill of the truck.




mmmm..... Might make a good victual cache too!



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I selected other because 'BAR' was not on the list. I like stopping for a bar burger and beer.




So far so good, somewhat new owner of a second/new Garmin GPS V 20 plus finds so far with little to no problem. We'll see what happens when there are leaves on the trees again.

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I chose other, for several reasons. Basically it all depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll grab McD's to eat on the drive between caches. If there's a HOOTERS in the area, I'm likely to eat there. Other times I want a sit down meal somewhere like TGIFridays, Applebee's, ect. Then there are times I just grab something at the local convenience store when I'm gassing up the car....


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I also selected "other" because, when caching alone, I never stop to eat until the entire day's geocaching is finished. There will be drinks in the car and maybe a light snack, but anything more than that slows me down.


With Little Leprechaun along, our preference is picnics (summer) and cheeseburgers (winter).



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Our outings are never very long but when we do manage to get out, we always manage to stop at a 7-11 type mini store and load up on cokes, grape drinks and a bunch of candy bars for quick energy later on the trip. If we get hungry enough to eat a meal my daughter will be tired and ready to head home anyway.



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That's an interesting thought - one I'm sure many folks have done, but one I never considered... checking out a restaurant from the restaurant waypoints. My luck, I'd choose one that costs too much money. I just helped a friend move, and he gave me a bread machine he didn't want anymore. I just got back from the store (had to buy yeast, flour eggs and butter) and I'm hoping that I can make some yummy bananna bread for us to take out on the weekends. (restaurants are a killer on the wallet)


hehehe.. With my luck making bread will end up costing more than a sit down meal at a nice restaurant by the time I get it dialed in! LOL icon_wink.gif


I'm sure a lot of folks have their POIs turned off, so we forget about that nice utility - thanks for the reminder!


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