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This is so cool!

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My husband got me a GPS for Christmas because I'd been wanting to get into geocaching. This past couple of days we've gone hunting and found four caches and we're taking pictures too. This is so cool! So fun! I love the site, like that people discuss, help, and just generally enjoy it here.


This is so cool!

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Welcome to the hobby (obsession, addiction, call it what you will). You aren't too terribly far from us, so one day we may meet on the trail. When it gets too hot up your way, come over to Ventura County. We've got loads of caches that are "summer-friendly."



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What's REALLY sooo cool...... is that we caught another one.


That makes 2873 since Christmas Day. icon_wink.gif


Welcome to the nuthouse.



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Originally posted by Boogidy:

This is truly an addiction icon_biggrin.gif

Addiction? What are you talking about?!? (hmm.. let's see. In the last six months we've found 501 caches. Six months = 365/2 ~= 183. 501/183 = 2.73 (nearly 3) caches per day.)

Okay, I see your point. But yes, it's a nice healthy addiction. icon_smile.gif



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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Nearly 3000 since December 25th. Wow!


Boogidy, I checked out you out on bookcrossing as soon as you said that. These two sites are my main addiction! Bookcrossing led me here in the summer but I didn't have a GPS then so I just bided my time. I plan on releasing books through geocaching too. How cool. I love the public karma that these two sites encourage.

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that my cache page is my home page, and my 2 1/2 year old asks first thing in the morning if we can go treasure hunting! icon_eek.gif

Bookcrossing is also a wonderful thing to get into, I've really enjoyed releasing books and meeeting other people through Bookcrossing.

The crossover between the two is getting more prevelent. I will try to combine the 2 with a bookcrossing cache in the future. icon_biggrin.gif


...Running over the same old ground, what have we found?...

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I also have combined bookcrossing and caching!!! It's a natural combination IMHO. I also frequent garage sales now, an unlimited supply of cheap yet unique trade trinkets and always a box full of books crying to be released into the wild!!!! I stopped at one saturday, got a box of 15 assorted books for $3.00, and a 1/2 a backpack full of geo-trinkets (some of them really neat stuff too) for another $3.00. A total of 6 bucks for a weeks worth of entertaining hide and seek games. what fun!!! I'm almost as addicted to bookcrossing as I am geocaching. My wife is completely convinced now (as if there were previous doubts) that I am nuts. She says "how do I always wind up in the middle of these things" when I want her to "sneak" a couple of books into a restaurant or store in her purse. LOL Most people are trying to sneak stuff OUT of stores, I'm trying to sneak stuff IN!!!! I think I need a psychiatrist. *looking to see if there any coordinates listed for one*


someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car.

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I'm new to Bookcrossing, but not to geocaching. My recently placed cache had two bookcrossing books inside. None of the first finders took them.


Since the cache has only been out for a week, I can't make any judgements.


"Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day" - Dave Barry

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Originally posted by Ted's Trekkers:

i am new to geocaching and wondered about releaseing my bookcrossing books. I guess many people do. Do you get many "catches", do the geocachers log in the books?


I'm planning a Sci-Fi bookcrossing cache called, Megadodo Publications, for the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy cache network. I also have more bc caches planned.


I've found 2 bc books so far and logged them. I dropped 9key's book in Ca.



texasgeocaching_sm.gif Sacred cows make the best hamburger....Mark Twain.

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