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  1. James Dean Definitely one of those "had it not been for geocaching" locations.
  2. Borgt

    Pq - Not Running

    Same here. Mine show they were sent, but they have not been received in my email.
  3. Add me as another back-up, please! I was born in Voorburg and was just there visiting for the 1st time in 30 years, last month. I had forgotten all about this locationless cache, which is too bad. It would have been neat for me to get this one on the Voorburg side and have one of our local cachers catch this side. In any case, if necessary, I'd be happy to make the drive if Showstop or Raggs can't make it. Thanks, Paul
  4. "I know I'll get a signal if I get next to the satellite!"
  5. "Getting Control: Overcoming Your Obsessions and Compulsions" by Lee Baer Ph.D. I don't really have it, but maybe I should get it!
  6. Hey, let's imitate that idiot Paul! Like this!
  7. If a traditional absolutely cannot be placed there (even a micro) then I'd say it should be approved. In fact, it sounds like it's more interesting than a lot of other virtuals I've visited. Good luck, Paul
  8. Welcome home, and a great big THANK YOU!!!!!
  9. Geo-Shopping See honey, that's why we need a new GPSr!
  10. quote:Originally posted by geofred:Please, someone get these buttons into some western geocaches. We're placing them in caches in SoCal. They seem to be popular trade items. We're on our second order already and couldn't be more pleased with the buttons and the service. Even though the designs are great, we'll probably get some custom buttons next time. Paul
  11. Borgt

    GPX to MS S&T

    Thanks! I d/l GPSBabel and got everything I need. That would be a great feature for Watcher, which is already an awesome program! Thanks again, Paul
  12. Borgt

    GPX to MS S&T

    Using GeoBuddy I was able to get my .loc format pocket query results into Streets & Trips. Since changing my queries to return results in the GPX format, I have been unable to figure out how to import the info into S&T. Is there a way to do this? Paul
  13. If I remember correctly, I had to install an add-on piece of software (on the S&T CD) to allow it to work with GPS. I found the instructions in the help file. I have S&T 2001... not sure about newer versions.
  14. I'd much rather find a George than most of the other junk left in caches. Occasionally I spend them, but mostly I leave them in another cache. I just left a George that I created in a cache about 2 hours ago. Traded for 2 state quarters... I'd say that's trading up!
  15. I had a similar situation on Saturday. I submitted 2 caches for approval. Both were approved within an hour (wow!) and already had someone watching them. I don't think the approver is in this area.
  16. "Hurry up and take the picture before someone steals my patriotic purse"
  17. A stolen/discarded purse was discovered a few feet from This One Most of the stuff was turned into the PD by a previous finder, but after poking it around a bit I found the victim's DL, which I sent to the local PD.
  18. Hobby, Activity, Game, yes. Sport, no. I think the tag line should be shortened to "You are the search engine"
  19. Took me 20 minutes to get 2 caches logged. Glad we didn't do more today! Somebody hit the reset button
  20. Noticing it here also. Other sites seem to be loading fine, so I suspect it's just a lot of SoCal geocachers sufing the site due to the rain keeping us indoors
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