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  1. in the Black Hills of South Dakota -- the absolute best of all different kinds of caches - is ACID RAIN!
  2. Center of Nation Use waypoint: GCRCTJ It is not archived or antyhing so I think you could still find it. Thanks for the info! Keep the suggestions coming. Two others we have an interest in are Heck Table II and Reflector City Cache. I have also heard that there's a cache at the geographic center of the U.S. but that the area was closed because of rattlesnake infestation. Is this true? Perhaps the cache is not in the closed area?
  3. Here are some of my favorites - and of course the ones I hid myself! Isaiah's Retreat- Use waypoint: GC10HKK Shrine in the Black Hills- Use waypoint: GCP6QQ BlackHills Mines #2 (Ingersoll Mine)- Use waypoint: GCJAFD Big Falls Cache -Use waypoint: GC8DAE Doty Springs -Use waypoint: GCB996 H
  4. Thanks to SOFARSOGOOD for replacing the container. Hope they get good karma for their next cache.
  5. See cache GC2546 Teccy Roosevelt Cache -- a great view. Cache in bad shape and needs to be adopted before it gets archived! Send msg to owner if interested
  6. I have only seen one rattlesnake-in the Badlands,in September. However, in May there are a lot of ticks. Your 4year old walking in the grass in the hills may come home withsome one the ankles. Check the child out well when you get home.
  7. right near Hill City,amazing hidden treasure, your kids will love the rope ladder near the swimming hole Big Falls Cache Use waypoint: GC8DAE
  8. We are carpooling to the State Youth Bowling tournament in Aberdeen in April. I won't have my own vehicle. Are there any geocaches within walking distance of the bowling facilities? (I do NOT know my way around town!) Thanks for the help.
  9. http://www.sdgfp.info/Publications/Parks/Tatanka.pdf lots of information about Custer State Park
  10. I am sure security will not allow caches right in Olympic village... but nearby? any placed specifically for visitors to the Olympics i Italy?
  11. another one in my area GCGQMQ -- kind of sad, but at the same time good thoughts of those memorialized
  12. check out Andrew's cache Use waypoint: GCR4AD (not sure how to post a link here?). It is very touching. Any other memorial caches out there?
  13. a couple near Watertown SD that are just off the I-29 Terry Redlin Conservation Park.and Watertown GC76B9
  14. we will have a very short amount of time after a reception in Tuthill Park at the Tuthill House - are there any SF geocachers that could suggest a nearby cache for us to grab?.
  15. I am from Rapid City SD USA and am looking for a partner for this cache in Imaichi, Tochigi, Japan. Thanks
  16. I also heard it on NPR.I can hardly start my day without it.
  17. Now that summer tourist season is here - what are your favorite caches in SD. Which are the ones that should not be missed! Hoochers Hideway-jungle setting Ingersoll Mine-cool abandoned mine Skyline Wilderness-quick and easy with a view there are many more - what are your suggestions?
  18. maybe a silly question?I can just copy/past your script into my cache description section,correct to my user name, and submit the edited cache? thanks for help for the computer frightened!
  19. Our dog is also our namesake for geocaching. TED (we have to use capitol letters as he demands attention) loves to climb on rocks,loves to smell deer droppings, and he loved it when he caught his first bunny (dau#2made him let it go). All these experiences for a city dog were on geocache hunts. We always take along extra water, extra rags to wipe off dirty paws, and plent of treats for him while we have our reward snack at the cache site.
  20. We will be traveling to Shakopee MN in August. What do the "locals" think are the can't miss caches? Any suggestions are helpful. Thanks
  21. Ted's Trekkers - here from Rapid City...I would attend an event, but I am not good at planning. I am good at taking orders, though. So if someone tells me to jump off a bridge for the event I just might! I would be glad to help.
  22. I used to get out hiking in the Black Hills area near my home with a group call Volksmarchers.It is an international group started in Germany,hike marked trails for fun(no competition) but keep track of numbers and earn "awards" Now I have not done a volksmarch - except for the annual hike to the top of Crazy Horse Monument each June-for a couple years.
  23. my husband wants to go to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary in 2006. specifically island of Kauai for hiking and geocaching. any suggestions from those who placed the caches? those who have visited ? Thanks
  24. We are also Rapid City geocachers.How do we connect where you are in the area?
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