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Yellow jeeps and searching for caches

TX Hokie

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OK, so I've seen a bunch of references to a Yellow Jeep locationless cache lately. Since I've seen at least 2 over the past couple days (someone at my work drives one, saw another at a restaurant parking lot), figured I'd look up the cache.


Go to keyword search and type "Jeep". Nothing. Try "yellow" and I find it that way. Yellow Jeep Fever. So why doesn't the keyword of "jeep" find it?

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Originally posted by TX Hokie:

I did manage to find the cache page, my real question was, Why didn't a keyword search of "jeep" find it?



Keywords have to be five letters long. I found the Yellow Jeep Fever by typing space and then the word Jeep. For some reason, the seach engine found it seeing the space as part of the four letter word Jeep. Something to keep in the back of your mind when searching for those smallish keywords.


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Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. Wish I'd brought my GPSr with me this time.

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I haven't logged ours yet, but I routinely see at least one of them a day. On one caching trip recently, we saw 6 yellow jeeps. Now we keep an eye out for older yellow jeeps, not just the newer school bus yellow ones.


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I saw 3 or 4 yellow jeeps yesterday and wish I had my equipment with me. When I got home I was curious as to other locationless caches out there and thought I would see if I could search for them. So I went to search for for them. Used the Advanced search function and clicked on the locationless box and entered my zipcode. Found nothing. Tried to enter individual states where there are influxes of cachers as I thought that might make a difference, still nothing. Since Jeremy has them in limbo right now, is the site just not finding them now? Is the site not searching in that dark closet has them all stored in?




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ok if you dont know the keyword to look up how do you find it? I tried doing a search on locationless, and although I did get a page of hits, how can I find all the different locationless caches out there? I should prob log a no find on the jeep one since I drive a red jeep. Wonder if opening it in Photoshop and altering the color will allow me to make it a find.


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Originally posted by canadazuuk:

I just happen to know a couple guys that logged a no-find on that cache... they saw a red jeep...

That's hilarious! icon_smile.gif


How about if you photoshop a jeep to make it yellow?? I guess that would be cheating! icon_eek.gif



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Originally posted by Dream Alchemist:

ok if you dont know the keyword to look up how do you find it?

Go to the Search Page.


Read the paragraph below the fields area. It states You can also view all locationless caches in alphabetical order.


There is no need to do the search, it has been prepared for you.





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The 5-character search minimum is a real pain when you are searching for a cache whose name is four characters or less. There is one in our area (OTAN) that was a real bear to look up when we were searching for it.


We had to resort to finding it by looking for caches placed by the owner - which itself is a real bear to do, because the hide/search page doesn't let you get there directly. You have to edit the URL manually from the "found by" field to make it a "hid by" search - or go to another cache that the person hid, and click the "others caches hid by this user" link.



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