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As the Winter sets in....

Ben Pid

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Its here folks....The season that all cachers are bound to dislike.


So how many of us are going into hibernation for the cold season? how many cachers don't intend on caching til next summer now?


I know for a fact the winter will be even more fun for me and Dan! ITS PERMINANTLY dark. icon_smile.gif the cold will add to the challenge aswell.


Also on a positive note, Tree cover in the Winter makes caching all the more fun! as its bare.


I think we should hold a caching Chrstmas Party somewhere.


Pid icon_biggrin.gif


Ben Piddington http://www.buckscaching.co.uk

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I've got a travel bug in a 3*/3* cache and I want him out (it's been in there at least a month). Seriously though winter wouldn't put me off icon_smile.gif



"We searched for hours in the cache area but all we could find was an ammo box in a little hollow. Suggest you archive the cache..."

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Got to agree with Hornet. Roll on autumn and the death of those pesky nettles.


We will never forget "Hornet's Hide 4 - High Water" which was surrounded by 5ft high nettles. A few weeks earlier Dan & Pid had been there and took a picture when there were no nettles there at all. It was a totally different kettle of fish.


Lucky for us, Hornet went there the next day and thrashed a clear path through there for us. Now that is cache maintainence at its best icon_smile.gif


Alex has been laid up with a busted foot for two weeks now, so hopefully by the time it has mended the nettles will be gone everywhere.


The main difference towards the back end of the year is that you have to get up and out that much earlier as the nights will beging to draw in very quickly as soon as the clocks to back.


Alex & Kim.

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Yep, 'twas way back in February that I found my first cache and I've "enjoyed" all sorts of weather since then apart from snow. That should add a bit of extra fun if we get any this winter.


Can't wait.




It is better to regret something you did, rather than to regret something you didn't do.

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Yeah when we started caching back in February aswell it was extremly cold, especially up Coombe Hill!


I am looking foward to alot more of caches like that.


Its amazing how much the foliage can change the way the place looks. I remember on Mine and Dan's 3rd attempt at Coombe Hill without a GPS we looked through the foliage of a near by set of then BEAR trees. Upon returning back there with a colleague earlier this summr I was amazed at how much the place had grown! It was like something from a Tarzan movie.


Which I guess people planting caches from now onwards should take into consideration, next Summer your cache MAY very well be impossible to find.


Pid icon_biggrin.gif


Ben Piddington http://www.buckscaching.co.uk

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We only cache in the winter.


we started in january 2002 and stopped in April, and we just recently started again. So we don't cache at all in the summer.


Reason being we live in France from April to September, and there are no other cachers within 100 miles.


This also means all our caches are placed, and maintained out of Summer, so we never get to see them when tree and nettle cover are at their best. Hence a few 'complaints' about being a sadist etc.....


Tech-no notice

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We seem to do more caching when the weather is bad. One of our first was The Great White in Dorset on a day when it the rain was chucking it down & the wind was horizontal!

Our philospohy is that you can always get dry and warm again, Not sure that the kids agree with us though!

Might even get closer to th 100 this winter with any chance.


Team Tate


Remember - if it's moving, it's not dead...

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We started caching in January and it has been interesting to watch the countryside change from week to week. A cache we hid in February right next to an easily accessible path now involves a bit of a fight through the undergrowth. It will be just as interesting to watch the countryside as the folliage dies back....also we might get a gps signal at one of the hornets caches icon_biggrin.gif



"We're not lost - we just don't know where we are"

London & UK Geocaching Resources: http://www.sheps.clara.net

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Originally posted by Team Tate:

By the way, anyone know where we can get cheap kids wellies as George always seems to lose his in the mud! Or on second thoughts are there any caches that don't involve mud?!! icon_biggrin.gif


I seem to remember that Woolworths have sensibly priced kiddies wellies.... and now is probably a fairly good time to find them!




Team Blitz


No, I gave YOU the car keys....

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