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Did a little research on T2T this morning. A worldwide search of T2T caches shows 6 caches in British Columbia, 16 in Colorado, 3 in Manitoba, and 1 in Norway. I think the one in Norway is unrelated so skipping and I did not feel like trying to translate.



The caches in BC have a nice description of T2T:

Trail to Troup! Power trails are getting a bad rap lately.  So think of this not as a power trail, but as a "you've-got-to-check-out-this-beautiful-trail" caching experience!


This series is on the rail trail between the Fairview parking area and the "Troup Group" cache - approximately 10.5km return trip. 




The Manitoba caches say:

The abandoned CP Rail Arborg Subdivision is slowly being converted into a trail.  Snoman is using it this year.  A cache along the old right of way.


The Colorado caches unfortately have just have a picture you can see for yourself. I had typed up some stuff, but then realized I had solved the puzzle caches without ever opening up the puzzle caches. So I have since edited the response to remove the spoiler. This series is not trail or rail related. My guess is the 14 traditional caches are for your amusement between the puzzle caches. 1.5D I think the CO intended this to be easy but you can always ask them for help.


Go have fun. 




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