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  1. Sorry saw Keystone's response after commenting so deleted that. I really wish the whole hiding process was easier. The above issue could easily be avoided by including in the App (I know some folks hate it) but the above information should be easily made available to the future CO at the early stages of hiding in the field. Next add support for what you can't see. But I'd start with the App better supporting hidding.
  2. Honestly the US states thumbnail is boring as well so the DE ones are at least consistent. Love the Osterreich one. Bayern could possibly have the blue & white flag in the background. Maybe when they finish supporting all locations. Maybe they can revisit some of these states but the difficulty is how do you represent a single area with a single picture. Sometimes it can be hard I'm sure.
  3. weird that it was not automatic Glad you got it straightened away
  4. Souvenirs are here to stay, they are not geared toward the folks here that are already hooked. As for the comment about burnout. Nope don't see it. Heck thinking back I usually qualify very quickly in the month.
  5. League of Idaho Cachers have a challenge series of 154 cache in the desert outside of Mountain Home. Love it. Completed 88 of them might need to make another trip to the area to complete. They also have several power trails through the desert back roads, which I'll maybe one or two but challenges I'm addicted to so will do them till I'm exhausted, some of these are png others you have to walk hundreds of feet. When the dog and kids do not want to join you out of the car you know it's time to go. ]
  6. I'll say it again. Very few caches should be adopted.
  7. Quick check shows active caches placed before 1/1/2001. Regardless of location significant travel will be required, my longest geocaching road trip 3 days and 1800 miles to get Potter's Pond. A true gem of a cache. Should have added another day and camped there. Non-US placement December: Australia Scotland New Zealand November: Australia New Zealand Canada October: Australia September: Denmark Finland August: Sweden July: Belgium June: Canada Kenya Ireland May: New Zealand Australia
  8. What ever motivates you personally. I've found my personal motivations shift over time. Streak been there done that. Don't want another t-shirt. Clear out your immediate area. Work on challenges. More countries or counties. Thats the beauty of this game you get to choose.
  9. Probably already discussed but I thought I'd ask again. Please display AL's on the web maps. I use the web maps to plan my caching outings and it would be awesome if I knew that there was an AL in the area that I was planning on traveling to. Don't need all the details of the AL just that they exist.
  10. Bonus only works if you log through the app
  11. MNTA

    County lines

    For me the county lines are only visible when zoomed in. Really should be able to see them at the state level.
  12. I think the idea of a silly pose or a picture of a name tag or piece of paper with you ID on it is really the way to go. I changed my requirements for my virtual after the first few did not follow my requirements and I could not tell if they visited when they found it or visited years ago and grabbed an old picture. I did not want to police folks who may have simply not understood my requirements or something. Now it is clear and your trip to remote location 10 years ago does not qualify.
  13. Instead of adopting after inactivity. I'm a fan of auto-disable/archival should a CO become inactive. Say 5 years from last maintenance log as a possible example. Get out of the "property" discussion. If the CO cared to have the cache continue after leaving the game then they would have made arrangements. Instead they are abandoned and should be treated as such. Even if the cache is high quality. Allow others potentially to hide their own cache and allow the community to revisit the location for a new cache. As an example a former prolific hider who ran into conflict with our reviewer and a few locals for relying upon community maintenance had over 1,000 active caches in the area, most being PNG park benches or stop signs. 5 years after leaving he still has 275 active caches and with time they get an NM and archived or in the case of a several puzzles remain unsolved indefinately. Now if all of these caches were to suddenly disappear I don't expect a hundreds of new caches to be placed but it might open up the map a bit for some new folks to hide a cache or two. This is an extreme case but if there was an expiration date it would save the cachers from visiting unmaintained caches and save the reviewer from having to eventually intervene on each one individually.
  14. Good luck You are definitely taking the scenic route. My biggest geocaching regret/miss was driving right by Mingo on a road trip to take the kids to visit the grand parents in Topeka from Oregon. Actually spent the night in nearby Goodland (50 mi) visiting my wife's college friend. I did two caches that morning just did not know what I was missing at the time. Oh well maybe another time remember Kansas IS in fact flatter than a pancake. I did a mini 3 day road trip to Potter's Pond. That was one of my all time favorites well worth the trip. Beautiful area nice little hike. Far better than corn fields.
  15. I ran into this problem Sunday. I was driving home crossing the Cascades mountains and notice the road up to an area with a cache I had been wanting to get was open after two years of closure due to forest fires and hazzards due to the fires. Well I got close but hit some snow on the road so turned around. However, I was still off the downloaded map area of the cache and could not tell if there was an alternate road to get to the cache. I got home to an internet connection and realized my mistake. Had the app stored a wider area of the map I might have gotten closer. Previously I had stored a few caches along the way as bread crumb waypoints to store the maps along the way but I guess I deleted those. A better solution is the store details of large regions.
  16. Something has been bothering me lately and today decided to speak up about this to see what other think. Longest Slump 278 consecutive days without a find from 03/30/2013 to 01/02/2014 Why is longest slump even tracked? I can never fix or improve. It is in a way a negative statistic that at least for me does not help anything in my enjoyment of geocaching. For me this period was between the first time I went caching with my parents and then going caching on a subsequent visit where I got hooked. I'm no longer a fan of streaks after my 423 day of insanity but at least if I chose I could improve on that. Using Challenges requirements: Challenge criteria must be positive and require that a geocaching goal can be achieved. I'm fine with current slump as that can be reset and possibly motivate me to go out and find a cache but longest in my opinion detracts from positive accomplishments. Thoughts?
  17. Buy from the hardware store and epoxy a hook to the inside
  18. Not that I have a find in either country, this explanation I find laughable. But hey what do i know.
  19. So true! one of my favorite multis and caching memories with my late father Weekend 1 - Hit wp1 30 miles north Weekend 2 - wp2 200 miles north was visiting my parents on a planned trip, also visited GCHQ since we were one neighborhood over. Weekend 3 - wp3 final 120 miles southwest my father drove down the following weekend he was eager to finish and get the FTF and a nice trip to the beach and Mo's for dinner. Great times, thank!
  20. Wow brings back some memories. Some I forgot about. Some did not realize was that lonely. Thanks With Covid avoiding people a lot of remote camping and exploring. found 261 caches (needed: 500) not found in 183 days # visited previous days gccode cache_name type country region county 1. 2022-03-20 2013-09-02 3121 GC1GKHA Dangerous Creek Traditional Cache United States Oregon Washington County (OR) 2. 2022-06-14 2017-03-10 1922 GC45PNN <> Diamonds Are Forever <> Unknown Cache United States Oregon Multnomah County (OR) 3. 2021-07-25 2017-08-10 1445 GC3677Y -RH108- Are we there yet? Traditional Cache United States Oregon Hood River County (OR) 4. 2022-07-30 2018-08-17 1443 GC2BM9Z Pyramid Lake Cutoff Traditional Cache United States Oregon Clackamas County (OR) 5. 2021-03-13 2017-06-20 1362 GC2RCY7 HIGH ABOVE Traditional Cache United States Oregon Jefferson County (OR) 6. 2021-05-01 2017-11-04 1274 GC4H0N7 Bear Springs Traditional Cache United States Oregon Jefferson County (OR) 7. 2021-07-25 2018-06-30 1121 GC36AJA -RH186- The inside of the turn. Traditional Cache United States Oregon Hood River County (OR) 8. 2020-06-21 2018-04-08 805 GC1KVQG Poison Oak #6: Coffee Tree Traditional Cache United States Oregon Washington County (OR) 9. 2021-10-13 2019-08-03 802 GC59JZB Sand Creek Pinnacles Traditional Cache United States Oregon Klamath County (OR)
  21. Hmmmm Found it after finding one clue. Not sure what they were going for. Hope I win a shirt.
  22. Prior to starting geocaching missed out on: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Vatican City, Tunisia, Israel, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. Oh well excuse to go back Current plan for this summer revisit Germany and Austria, tacking on Iceland can't wait
  23. At least on iPhones others probably work in similar ways. Go to you settings and under geocaching app you can disable sounds.
  24. Thanks for the suggestions Since GSAK does not easily work on a mac I tried the file parssing and converting the coordinates. No luck there either. Will decide if I want to and can install on my kids school chromebook,
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