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  1. Lab caches are the new virtuals. No need to preserve. If GCHQ decides we need more virtuals they will give out more. Funny I got my first armchair logger logged caches all over the world in a single day. Deleted the log but project-gc still says I have a Sweedish logger. Which is why they should be archived.
  2. I should put this on the irks thread but ... Come on why not get it archived and then place a new cache in the same location. You are not solving the underlying problem. Give folks the chance to find a new cache in the area. Over the years I've heard of all the problems that are unique to Australia, well this does not help and only makes some of those issues worse. If I saw that log I'd file a NA and recycle the container.
  3. So true! My hint said SW corner. I found it twice on the NW corner. So I took the hint and moved it to the NW corner so far it has not moved from that spot. Still was annoying.
  4. Potter's Pond GC3B appears to have been unofficially adopted by the reviewer BlueRajah for almost 10 years now. CO has not logged in since 2017, nor found a cache since 2007 and last maintenance log was 2009. Unless he is secretly the CO Personally I'm glad some of these caches that are deemed important to the geocaching community are preserved. He posts useful information as notes if he was given ownership the information would be readily available in the description. Thanks for this service. Just would be great if other important caches get the same treatment. Maybe in the listing agreement put a clause in there to assume ownership if deemed important enough. None of my caches should fall into this category. I'm not saying all virtual should be kept. But there should be a process to keep them around. Such as if signage changes.
  5. The more Souvenirs they create the more they look like time limited challenges to me. I dislike that they seem to be having a negative affect on my finding of caches. Which challenges are expressly prohibited from doing. I save my nearby Earthcaches for the yearly souvenir. I save my nearby caches for the next months reach the peak challenges in case I choose to not drive far away. As a fan of challenges, remove the time limit let me cache when I want and where I want.
  6. Even if they cache solely with GPSr high number of people over the age of 16 have smartphones that have camera and have some limited form of data plan. Don't let this be a reason to not try your idea. If they still have a old flip phone I bet they know someone who doesn't.
  7. You missed #5 all that is saying is when you log as found use the checker. 5. You may log the cache as a "write note" to signify that you have signed the physical log, to ask questions, and/or to double check your qualifications before heading to the physical Geocache. 6. You must post your supporting documentation when you log the cache as found or your online "found it" will be deleted.
  8. Looks like they are now archiving grandfathered challenges for not following the rules. All 89 of Kern County Challenges caches were archived this weekend. Geocaching HQ Admin Lackey Archive 08/27/2021 This cache was brought to our attention for not being in compliance with the challenge cache guidelines. As it was not brought into compliance, it is now archived.
  9. The more challenging the challenges got was one of their undoing. If person only finds 100 caches in a year how can they qualify for something truly hard that may require 1000 finds or more. Keeping it simple keeps down the complaints and the rules don't change. Just wait for these attribute challenges (not a fan) to be the next thing prohibited. There is nothing different from a key word, letter, lat/long, or attribute. They all work off the same set of information. Folks will complain when they can't do a park and grab to qualify for a hiking challenge or tree climbing challenge. I have over 60 challenges I don't yet qualify for and I'm ok with that gives me something to do. Many I may never do and I'm ok with that as well. No one forced me to seek these out and sign. This theory that you got to find them all needs to stop. These endless streams of souvenirs is no different than some banned challenges and worse they have a small window to qualify. At least challenges allow you to find at your own pace.
  10. Only way to get lat/long now is to click on the cache. Makes challenges based upon lat/long very hard to qualify for. I don't get it either
  11. Do the best you can! It is not the end of the world to not achieve all the souvenirs nor is it possible to find all the caches in the world. Have fun and don't sweat the small stuff.
  12. Best day of my various flirtations with streaks was the day after which I stopped my streak. A find is a find is a find.of coarse the should count. Unless it is for specific cache types.
  13. Take a picture and file a NM asking if permission has been granted if no response file a NA. Just because it is old does not mean it is grandfathered. I hate wasting my time going to caches like these. You are obviously not welcome unless permission has been granted. There is no precedence for placement, our local parks department recently forced our local reviewer to disable all caches that do not meet their requirements. Which is for CO to certify it is obtainable without leaving the trail. Three caches from from 2002 will eventually be archived and are fabulous caches but the COs are long gone and also they are off on now a side geotrail. My favorite from 2006 unfortunately will go away an old car wreck or abandoned who knows back when the dirt road was open to cars. But it is at the bottom of a ravine definitely not on the trail. Honestly we should all be filing NM/NA on caches that don't follow the rules. If we want to keep this thing going we need to be good stewards of the land we have fun on private or public. Otherwise parks will close to us all.
  14. My opinion labs both old and new is meh but we really are not the intended audience of them so .. I'd ask GS about ALC for events. They may grant one that would expire with the event.
  15. There is no mention that I can find at all on the help center concerning locking. You are correct there is no explicit statement that says you can log a challenge any time in the future but it is implied as it is not explicitly excluded.
  16. 100% disagree! Locking a cache violates the agreement that was made at the time of legally signing the challenge cache log. Which is you get to log a found it at a later date when you qualify. Some challenges are extremely difficult and can require significant expenditure of time, effort, money you name it. Now these are not as crazy as some of the older challenges. Not to mention many of us go out of our way to go and sign a challenge log. Challenge caches have always been a special case, some would argue it should be in a class separate from mystery/unknown caches. Locking challenges would help to support this as there could be a two step process. Step one - "Signed log", Step two "Qualify Found". Locking should only affect step one. As an example I signed a "10 years geocaching" challenge back in 2017. I will qualify for this on in 2023. Now I know I did not have to do anything special but wait. But on my 10th year anniversary you bet I'll be marking this as found. I'd be a bit miffed and disappointed if it was locked. I also have signed 50 and 40 state challenge caches, one day would hope to qualify currently at 19, oh and I drove an hour out of my way to get Minnesota. I've found 36/50 bigcal charter member caches, lots of effort to get a qualifier in my neck of the woods. I have around 80 challenges signed but not qualified many of those I could have spent finding other caches. Hopefully you get the point.
  17. 3-4 years to find Phone Call to a Hike (PBM#131) GC726DH This was a 3 stage multi probably got the first two stages done sometime between 2017-2018 they were at local phone booths. I had already hiked that area in the past as it was less than a half mile from GC16. Moved out of town for a couple of years. Then due to Covid moved back as I could work remotely anywhere. Was going to tackle it at the end of last summer but forest fires closed the whole region. Finally they reopened and I decided on that day this was going to be the goal, I wanted to see how the area held up in the fires, and as luck would have it came within a mile of the cache as well as GC16. A lot of downed trees on the trail, scorched earth and a lot of the surviving landowners are all clear cutting their land to avoid losses in the years to come.
  18. The CO has solved his control problem incorrectly. You do not lock a challenge cache because you don't want people to sign a log. You disable the cache not lock it. We have a few caches in my are the CO does this every year no problem. Disable when people are not allowed. The thing with challenge caches is many times the person who found the cache does not automatically qualify. So they per the rules write a note. There is no "going against the wishes of the co" to later log the cache as found. This is how it works. Locking prevents this and an appeal to GS should resolve the problem. Now if the CO needs mentally 100% control and decides to lock the cache because they can't stand a cacher who violates his self imposed rules. Well maybe they should move the cache or better yet not worry about it. Maybe the cacher is a hunter and had access to the areas so signing the log was not a problem. The CO should not be in the business of others. How did this hurt the CO? Their responsibility ends with placement, responsibility for being safe is the responsibility of the finder, should we ban all climbing caches because they are unsafe? No, I choose to stand at the bottom and say no I am not going to climb that. Others say heck yeah I will climb that. I felt the same way when a few COs disabled caches for COVID. I actually did more caching last year rather than less. My choices were to go be outdoors by myself rather than stuck in a room by myself. If there had been no caching at all I still would have been outside, I found a cache this weekend that had not been found since 2017 and loved it. I don't need a CO to tell me to follow their rules. Back to the original poster, yeah it sucks if you can not log the find. If the appeal fails I suggest let it go a smiley is not worth the headaches. If the CO plays these annoying games simple ignore their caches and move on.
  19. Wishes smishes ... Take it up with GS show send them your longing info and checker result. You qualify by the rules they have documented.
  20. Congradulations! 300 was the turning point for me no looking back got another 500 the next year. Be careful I got addicted to challenge caches, then you really start doing crazy things like 1000 in a year last year, no plans on doing that again. I see you are from BC. Funny story I was camping up in northern Washington and decided I wanted to get my first cache in BC. So I went across the border to grab a cache. Was going to grab lunch but the weather was lousy so headed back after finding a quick two. In all was in Canada for less than thirty minutes. Well the US guys found that a little suspicious and spent an hour while they searched my car. So got a cool memory, a few smileys, oh and duty free Scotch.
  21. I gave a few this past few weeks: 1) 3 ft long "Texas" size Bison tube. - Container 2) Had to pour a gallon of water into a tube to float the cache out - Again container 3) dna tube on a stop sign next to a statue I never noticed before - Location 4) ammo can on top of a mountain - Location and the experience 4x4ing to the top 5) multi at the local veterans memorial - Location
  22. We all play the game in our own ways. Some are not driven by numbers or a little smiley filling up the map. It always makes me laugh reading about people complaining about cheating and such, this just a form of entertainment not a competition and these folks prove that. I'll keep logging though Got a new county this weekend!
  23. Sounds like things were different back then.
  24. When you start a longer streak no one tells you how hard it truly is. You have to work it, save those easy one for when you have a 101 degree fever and need that easy LPC a mile from your home. Or have to venture out in an ice storm just to keep it alive. Both happened to me. Days you have more time drive as far away as you can and have a backup ready for that DNF. Oh and you can only find one specially if they are close by, got to save them for another day just in case. I'll add there is no cheating. The last thing you want is for your log to be deleted and all your hard work go poof.
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