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  1. Isn't that basically what an. AL does? I have one out that enables cachers to get one stage then go towards another, each stage is not known exactly until you get within the Geofence range, mine is set fairly close). If understand what you desire it would be more an multi cache than an AL. I do not know if they could implement a "Hide this Stage" function when setting up an Al or not. That would allow the CO to have the information to place and publish the Al. The seeker would need to get one stage to find the Hidden One, more than likely it would need to be sequential, otherwise the info at each stage would have to refer to each other stage. I would recommend keeping it simple for all and make a multi. I do not know if there is a distance restriction between stages of a multi cache - minimum or maximum.
  2. You as mentioned recorded a find on your phone or other gadget and the message format was set to Draft. On your geocache website on the upper right section you should see the word Draft and it should show at least one found cache. Merely click on that link and it will go the the find or log area - I believe it will automatically show "found" when you click the link. If you want or need to edit the cache remarks you need to go the your recennt log and edit it there..
  3. For viewing ISS I use the ISS Finder app on the iPhone, gives me what I need to locate it.
  4. from the guidelines: 2.3. Adventure Lab® guidelines Lese die Richtlinien auf Deutsch. Locations Make sure all Locations Require players to physically visit Adventure Locations. (I highlighted) Are accessible to the public most of the week. Have permission from the landowner or land manager. Do not involve placing a physical object or container for the Adventure. Cause no harm to plants, animals, or property. Adhere to all local laws. Content Is suitable for all ages. You own or have permission for all content, including logos and images. Adventure Lab® logos are available to use freely. If you or your organization receive something of value (including promotional value) by creating an Adventure, you must add the following text to the description: “This Adventure is sponsored by [name of the business or group].” Adventures are free to play You cannot require players to pay a fee for a product, service, or access. Exceptions to any of these guidelines must be provided in writing by Geocaching HQ. Please note that we plan to continue experimenting with the Adventure Lab® platform and these guidelines are subject to change. Adventures that do not follow the current guidelines may be removed. Saying that I inadvertently found answers online for two stages of an AL; just looking for info of the site and the question asked when triggered was answered there.
  5. The would apply mostly to sequential ALs I think; otherwise there is not real starting point.
  6. I had sent a message to him, a previous Reviewer by the way, just after I posted the question here, nor response yet. I did not ask specifically about the geofencing yet, just what I had asked here. Thanks.
  7. Exactly, except here we do not use meters. Seems odd that seven of ten stages show tha , the other three do not show me near them. Maybe he did set the ranges high -- or set none whichever would make that happen.
  8. OK, was not sure what limits may reach. No real big deal, just helps that when you are close you get notified. In a car it is a bit more difficult, I was able to identify GZ for each once near by the stage description provided. Now to get the last three in that series Have a good evening all.
  9. I read through it pretty well when I set mine up, I think this is an anomaly. I did go to get a few of this series this morning and could not locate one easily due saying I was close enough already.I had to look at a very small distance number on the phone while driving - I had a general idea. I now have three of that series to go, the three that did not indicate I was close enough already.
  10. I had not looked the AL owner until now. I know him, so can maybe get an answer from him.
  11. I have another question, maybe not answerable, about Al. I know they are designed so a cacher needs to be in a prescribed proximity to each stage for the Question /Answer is enabled. Today I was looking at Als I need to work on and there are four eat of me about 25 - 30 miles. As I was looking at one as I looked at the stages it showed I was close and the Answer option was enabled. But that was only for some of the stages in that series,, the others were as normal. Would the app recognize the location as I drove bom Cashtowny that area even when the app was not open? s a way to check is for someone else to look at these, I guess maybe a way to see what may be going on is for someone that has not been there to check and see what shows on their app.These are caches in or near Gettysburg, Pa. There are three in Gettysburg and one east near New Oxford. I think the one I refer to is the ten state Lincoln HighWay Series that has stages from Cashtown to Gettysburg.
  12. I could not find a way to make that review and comment until just now. Now to remember!
  13. I though before there was a way to make comments on a stage of a Al -found or not- and a general comment on the series once completed I do not see that. I ussed the iPhone app to find them and there only an answer is allowed.
  14. I believe you are referring to the logs in the caches for name and date, you can keep them as mentioned, or you can simply look at the logs and compare with the online logs. If so disposed when you find an online log that does not match the cache log you can contact the cacher logging to prove it was found or simply deleted that entry. This can be done but many don't - a game with rules but not that strict. But most often by the time you find a full log that needs replacement it is unreadable, torn, and not worth keeping. I have found caches with many pieces of paper in to replace worn out logs.
  15. I would think the AL would still be viable since it is not dependent on the bonus, whereas the bonus is probably dependent on the AL.
  16. maybe this will help , if not there are plenty of geocachers around here who can help also': https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=search&q=trackables&area=kb
  17. Not very long ago a cacher posted four new caches that were replacements for archived caches in a series, the series is now again complete with ten or eleven caches total. I went to see about the new caches ( had the rest logged as finds). At the first cache I saw a friend had been there before me but after an extensive search of the area had a DNF. I looked over the area very well and also had a DNF to log. Went on the find the other new ones and saw my friend was FTF on all of them. I went to find another cache near that series that was very interesting also. After coming back home I logged the results. I noticed soon afterward the CO had checked the cache and noticed it was missing so he disabled it until a replacement was in place. Yesterday I saw the cache was enabled so last evening I drove down to make another attempt. There are actually many good hiding places there, but I started my search where the mapped coordinates indicated. When I got to that spot I saw a key-holder container lying on the ground in the open - the replacement I figured. I opened it to find a brand new log not marred with any signatures, I changed that quickly. Then I went to try to figure out where the CO may have placed it figuring it had fallen out. I looked over the available places to hide and spied something odd, I looked down and found another key-holder wedged between a pole and a cable on the ground. I checked it and saw a cache log with no signatures on it either, the original cache container I figured! Now what do I do? I simply signed that log also, making a notation #2 on the second log. I put them both back at the same spot - two signed logs but only one cache. I notified the CO of my event and he later sent a message stating the second spot was the correct one. So that cache is back where it began, I let it up to him to do what he desires with the extra cache. I also notified my friend - not telling him where the cache container is but what happened. My guess is the CO took the logged DNF at face value and really did not check to see if it was missing when he disabled it , but not seeing the cache where he placed it first? I may be wrong again though, maybe he simply did not see it either- dark? I guess I could have simply kept the extra one to use and telling the CO , but it was not mine. This is a nice series of caches along one road and the parking is superb, plenty of room on the berm. Maybe they planned for possible extension when making the road. Now to find another cache that is vexing me!
  18. Everyone will have a different reason. To tell the truth not sure how I ran into geocaching, but found one not real far from home, pretty old then and archived soon afterward. Then my brother from Florida who did some Geocaching came up for Christmas and for interest took some nephews and nieces out geocaching. I went with them and got a bit more interested. I started finding more and then decided that since my brother and both his sons were cachers with certain numbers to their credit I would try to cache up. () Being retired sure helps, I have not checked their total lately but I believe my total are maybe three times their combined total. Everyone has their own perspective and aim, some only go for certain types so caches, some set the goals as most FTF, others try to get as many in one area as they can. I try to get more, the last year and a half have been rough on me so caching took a lower precedence. But I still try, last evening got my #1450.
  19. I do think I had seen something about the Geocaching Day Souvenir but the date did not register to me; did not connect date and day. if it had maybe I would have put a bit more effort into looking! But I am still breathing and able to get around so all is not lost.
  20. Sorry to say no, I was attending a District Lions Club meeting in the same park as the cache.
  21. I tried but my iPhone went out of service and I had no way to see coordinates, knew it was in a park but that is all. Garmin may would not have helped but since I did not try it I will not know for sure. Time constraints after all day meeting interfered some.
  22. I missed out on the special August 20 cache recognition. Not that I did not try. I was near one at a meeting in that park and passed by several on the way to and from. The problem was the phone carrier did not automatically renew the monthly charge as it has it the past several years, so I had no signal. I had no real knowledge of the roads or routes in the area so could not utilize my handheld Garmin. Oh well.
  23. ok, I just recently learned of this by running into a cache that had that.
  24. I guess you mean you are planning to place a cache that you need to call or text a specified phone number to get either a text or voice message to help you. Not suffer which would be best, imagine maybe a text. As long as the person calling receives an auto response message it would be okay. There would only be one response - if multiple texts or call were required each number would take one phone.
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