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  1. The others did go and find and sign the log on Sunday right after the event. In saw the signatures, not sure all who signed the physical log made a log entry on the cache page; that is ok. I was not really meaning to ask it it was a right/wrong decision, just what others would do. Making a game within a game that is intended to be fun and interesting is good.
  2. I was an event this past Sunday, the host was celebrating with the 20 yrs of Geocaching and his the 20th year since his FTF. He had available for this who desired - and most desired - a list of four cache's to be published this morning. The list had the names and coordinates of each cache with a Notre;"All funds today =Sunday.October 3, count as co-FTF". Most who did find that day indicted "FTF with permission of CO". Several did just that , I didn't simply because I am too slow to just use coordinates on my phone! I did go today and it does look like I am the first to find them AFTER publication. I did not log as FTF, in fact stated in logs something to the effect several finds before me. QUESTION: would it be okay in your opinion to go back and edit the logs to indicate something to that effect, first to find after publication? Won't cause me to lose sleep either way- - other causes do that! I do like FTFs but only as an enjoyable contest to see if I can beat a few others that are pretty quick.
  3. Mu first unit Etrex 20 developed a hole in the on/off button like described earlier. I made due similar to that mentioned option. I then found an Etrex 30 and use it. I thought of using the older one as a cache container if I could find an appropriate place. I basically just removed the batteries and the chip and sealed around the rubber gasket . But in the process of lying around it kind of wore loose and I had trouble getting the case shut so tossed it. I think it would have made a surprise cache container.
  4. Might I ask what "What Three Words" is? New to me.
  5. Can you let us know what the cache name and number is? Maybe that can give us something more to help you . The cache name is on Geocaching.com and the number will be on the cache page as well, probably upper right corner, GC______. We much be able to point you in the right direction. Look at the above advice, it is all good.
  6. I use both, but 90% iPhone; there are places where the iPhone has no carrier signal; and the Etrex 30 does. Bear in mind as other point out, both get you close to the general area but you need to look. My Etrex seems to show the compass 180 degrees off often. What I do is after downloading a cache and going for it, turn on the Etrex 30, go the the Geocaching option and select the appropriate geocache you want. Once I select it and select navigate I then press the car button (top right side) and select the compass crane, It will then show the bearing and distance to the cache. On the iPhone I learned after a long time is when after selecting navigate and seeing the direct line path and distance, go to the top of the screen and press the compass icon, the middle one ( between the car symbol and the three dots) and it will give a compass direction and distance display. You can then toggle between the compass and geocache displays as you wish. Keep in mind any GPS unit , phone or dedicated unit, will get you in general area. I would plan on that even if many times the coordinates provided take you to the exact spot. Remember that there is a roughly 30 foot radius error built in. That is where geosense kicks in. That comes with practice -- where have I found caches in similar situations? Where would I hide one? What is in the description that may help? Is there a hint provided? What do other logs say? Saying that, I know of a cache that the CO (cache owner) says is easy, she told me basically where is in general terms and what to look for, and after maybe eight trips to it I still cannot find it, when others do! You will see cache descriptions that do not seemingly help you and hints that seem obtuse. Then you will see hints by the CO that tell you exactly where it is and what to look for. And you will see hints by usually newcomers that will tell you where it is. If you look for a cache and cannot find it, look at previous logs. What is entered may spark in idea where to look. In our area there are many caches hidden in very familiar places. You can get an idea by looking at abreviations used in cache names, in the description, in hints, and in the logs by finders. You will see abbreviations such as GRC and LPC.
  7. In the scenario presented I am not sure it would be a throwdown, as it appears he actually found the original cache. Certainly a note to the CO describing what you found and its condition would be good. As for repairing it, a judgement call -- placing the log in a plastic bag etc. is not the same as replacing the entire container -- assuming you found the original container and put a new one in the exact small place. I recently found a relatively new cache, 4th to find I think, and ended up dropping the black cap to the tube and could not locate it on the dark ground. After a long time looking, covered it the best I could with local material -- had nothing with me this time. I left info the log and wrote a note to the CO. I did go back with the only object I could find in my pile of junk, I mean stuff, and put there original container inside. Yes, way more conspicuous than when placed, I plan on going back to try to remedy that; but the CO may just beat me to it. He now works in that area. Small stuff like that I do not mind, but when finding a cache out in the open for instance and puttting it back", you are merely guessing where the CO originally placed it. Saying that, I have a question. I know of a cache that contains a throwdown - know by the CO as such also; basically it is mentioned as such by a log entry by a "finder". I went to find that cache knowing of two containers, and even relative placements. I found the one I am sure was the original, nut not the second even though it was mentioned where it was in general terms. I signed and logged that cache. The question I have is IF I had found the second cache would I have been okay to place the second cache at the same spot as the first? I would have signed both, and log it as such and make a note of that in the log, and also notify the CO. Since I did not find the second one is it is hypothetical, and even more so since the CO indicated he will be there to do maintenance in the fall. He of course can correct the situation, apparently he knows where the second one is. Just a note, I rarely find this CO's caches the first time looking!
  8. If there were NM logs or several DNF logs it would be beneficial to make note of maintenance -- whether or not it needed such. Routine, maybe even now and then, not every time.
  9. You do not have to log a find our whatever online, be good to write a note or notate a DNF though. As long as you sign the log when found. Good luck.
  10. Curious,. you say you have found a few caches, yet under your user name there are zero listed since sometime 2016.
  11. Got it fixed. Since I cannot locate the tracking number I contacted the TR owner. He got it straight by grabbing the TB from the wrong cache and dropping it in the correct one.
  12. I did write it down , not sure why? But now to find it! Thanks, I tried editing he find logs but that was a no go.
  13. I had a problem , or caused one more properly. I found two caches today about 1 1/2 hours away from home. When I was back home and editing the logs I had as drafts, I inadvertently showed I dropped a TB in the wrong cache. The cache shown does not have room for that TB. I showed it dropped in "Center Not Center" GC 8787B, but it should be in "Weiner Dog" GC 30TVN. How can I fix this? Go to the first and retrieve it , then drop it in the proper one?
  14. It may just be my computer, but lately when I go to the search area and enter name of a place to search and h hit enter, the screen goes blank and no map shows. It works on my iPhone so I think it is more with the computer than the geocaching.com side.
  15. On the list of TB I own/placed, that box under actions does not always show ",ark Item Missing" as an option. No clue why not.
  16. I am sure a high percentage are not reported properly, they may be moved though.
  17. Look at some of the caches you enjoyed finding, what made the stand out from others? Placement, type of container, a but of surprise. Maybe to get started with placing and maintaining caches do not go too far for home. GR , PPC, and such are not hard -- but are a bit too common. I would refrain from trying a very difficult cache right away. One new cacher in our area has placed caches that will not last! One was a paper log under a corner of a solar light on a post, another an old iPod style tablet by itself leaning against a lamppost. Neither really protected from the weather, one is already disabled, Saying that only to be sure that cache is placed so it can stay there, no use placing one if it will not last long. And as mentioned, be sure the coordinates are good, I have been at many caches were the coordinates indicate a place up to 50 feet from the actual spot. That may be the instrument I use though. Remember, the coordinates have a built in 30 ' radius. I try not to give specific hints or wording in the description that tell you exactly where it is. Okay to point in the right direction though. And wherever you place it I would recommend placing it where parking is reasonably close and SAFE. Good luck.
  18. A TB I had in circulation is apparently missing. I just received notice from Geocaching.com that cache GC89YCO was archived and my TB reported in a log as dropped is not in the inventory list of the cache. The notice said its last known location was that cache. It suggested I mark it missing on the TB reference page. I went there and the only way I saw to do that was just to make a "write a note" entry. I did that, is there a better/proper way to do that? Maybe it will show up in another cache sometime. Edit: I found the way to do it, my blind eyes just did not see the box for that when I looked at the TB page the first time. Now it is marked missing.
  19. Just establish each separate cache with pertinent information. You can say in the cache name or description it is part of a series. You can as you mention name them with the same name and use #1, #2 etc. Just be sure there meet the distance apart requirement.
  20. Congratulations; I started geocaching because my brother and his two sons were cachers. I had actual discovered geocaching somehow and found a cache not far from home before I found that my brother caches. I went with my brother one day with a family gathering, this was maybe eight months after getting my first cache, not sure. Anyway, I found out that via Cacherstats.com you can check your find rating in your state, and saw the number my brother and nephews had, and to me they were high numbers. I think my brother had at the time around 100 something. My one nephew had a few more. I decided I wanted to find enough to get ahead of them. Now I have just one 1300 finds ( indcluding a few ALs) and my brother may be around 300, have not looked lately. Due to increased gas prices I need to say a bit closer to home, but have most of them. I know where one unfound cache is , just am reluctant to crawl through a drain system under a parking lot many feet --my 70 years old legs complain too much.
  21. If you want,onn the phone app when logging a Find/DNF you can opt to make it a draft. This will allow you to at least get a log started and then when back in the coil, of your house at your main computer on the Geocaching.com locate Drafts- then you can edit all you want, correct spelling etc, then publish the log. I do tend to forget that and make a log on the phone app then need to go the computer to edit the log. Either way works. You cannot edit the log from the phone app.
  22. Really have no decent clue; you might check here: https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/gpsmap64/EN-US/GUID-3954A785-E19A-4195-A79A-BA05FA168A9D.html
  23. I noticed there was an update to Filter View yesterday? Wonder if there is a connection?
  24. You might go back and verify the setting to English, but my guess is that was already done.
  25. mine is back and running
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