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It's time to let it go

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3 hours ago, Bear and Ragged said:

Maybe cachers need to start writing "Great Stories" and "Helpful" logs?


How many logs you have tagged to helpful or great story?


I follow logs of my caches from email. Tagging those logs is out of question.

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I agree that the use of these tags is probably regional. I have tagged over a hundred logs with either Great story or Helpful. I appreciate when someone takes time to write an interesting log (which can only have as many as two sentences but they're about _something_)


BTW: one of the GC little helper options is to hide the "Great story", "Helpful" and "Order by" elements.



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It would possibly get more use if they were exposed more, even if it's just a notification that someone liked your log. Stats (including badges - shock, horror!) for gaining those storytelling/helpful points, etc.


As it stands they're even more of an afterthought than Ad Lab reviews - at least you get a notification now.


How many years were they Canada only?

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