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  1. Poison Oak Cachers, with members largely in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, is now at http://poisonoakcachers.com/ and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Poison-Oak-Cachers/336482079436?ref=ts
  2. I should probably know this, but can you tell me the URL for the POC blog site. I better add it to my bookmarks. For whatever reason, I only receive notification of forum posts OCCASSIONALLY even though I'm allegedly subscribed to this thread. SO...sorry for the SERIOUS delay. The website is: poisonoakcachers.com Blog: http://poisonoakcachers.blogspot.com/
  3. This sounds like great fun! With shared cars, we could complete one of those long trails that doesn't work well without the car sharing. My family and I are taking part in a Civil War Ball on Saturday night, so I'd have to be in town (Atascadero) well in time to prep for that. (Then again, it'll be DARK well before the ball begins so that shouldn't be a problem, eh?) What trails did you have in mind?
  4. And it's a GREAT post, Mark! Thanks for breathing new life into us all. Funny...I've been considering just letting the website (which Best Family Adventures funded this year) go. It doesn't seem to be of much use since it's a static site and, well, we're not doing much these days. Perhaps we can use the (free) blog instead. It's more accessible to multiple administrators (you know who you are) and may, thereby, be more functional. Another funny thing...this forum hasn't sent me an update e-mail in YEARS! But tonight - the Groundspeak gremlins are fast asleep. Even the update/notice made it through.
  5. Well, I think it's safe to say we're a bit inactive as a group. We were together for Christmas Parade in SLO and again at the Christmas Parade of lights in Santa Maria, but no one's stepped up recently to plan any group events as far as I know. I, for one, seldom get updates through Groundspeak when this forum is updated, so it's tough for me to keep in touch when technology doesn't work. (WHY did I finally get the post today when I haven't received one in YEARS!? Maybe it's finally working again...I hope.) Poison Oak Cachers now has a blog (to which all members are welcome to contribute, just contact me for access permission), and a website which will be updated as events occur (just let me know if you've organized an even for the POC and I'll post it there, too). With newbies to the area, I hear the problem is they don't feel like part of the group because they weren't there when we founded it, don't know what membership entails or haven't seen any of us around. So here's the low-down: MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS DO you cache? Do you cache on the Central Coast? Then you're welcome. This is a loose-knit group of cachers in it for fun, family recreation, individual satisfaction or the numbers. There's no requirement to join, no participation requirement to remain and there are no dues. NEW MEMBERS are always welcome! The oldies really enjoy helping newbies learn about the area, learn how to use their equipment, learn how to hunt, hide and find. Each of us has her special talents. Need help? Just ask. WHERE ARE WE? Everywhere. We have members from San Miguel to Santa Barbara and points further afield now that some have moved away (but still join us during visits to the area).
  6. We're camping at Lopez the first week of January. It wouldn't be tough for us to take the drive out to check on the cache. I have ammo cans here I can replace it with if necessary.
  7. Poison Oak Cachers (San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara Counties) has changed its site location to a dedicated domain - http://poisonoakcachers.com
  8. Well, for whatever reasons this forum doesn't keep me posted when someone writes a note here, so I'm not the best at checking up on it. But I DO want to say that I had fun at the parade, entirely because the company was so friendly. Thanks for getting us all organized. And GREAT JOB to the creative participants who came up with such a great float, plus living coins and an energetic mascot or two! Some of us talked about a four-wheel-drive adventure behind Lopez Lake. Who's game? What weekend in January works for anyone else?
  9. I have a grocery bag full of caching items - containers, ziploc bags, etc. Free for the takin' for placement of more caches! If anyone's interested, drop me a note (JenPete (at) A O L (dot) (com)) since Groundspeak and my e-mail dont' seem to get along.
  10. Aw, shucks! Thanks, PSJ, for the compliment, and to everyone who took part in the day. It's always fun to see the groups coming together. As always, I had more plans that I could make happen - maybe next time!
  11. OK...so I went out cachin' to night to clean up a bit in my area, and get myself in line to find #500 during our GooTech-Athon. What the heck. Why not? I hope it's a really great one. Jen
  12. Weird. Perhaps the finder abandoned it and took it off GC.com. Lots of people come and go from this area close to Vandenberg. Maybe you could adopt it! Perhaps contact on of the administrators, like Marko Ramius, and ask for their input. OH! And WELCOME!
  13. WOW...slap! Uh...I think I was AGREEING that it's better to blow up a cache than to blow up a human. Settle down a bit, will you!? Riiiiight...and every officer saw them, I'm sure. Sorry I posted this. Could have served as an educational tool for all sides, a healthy discussion. But "Wad" completely ruined the vibe. Let's mark our caches, everyone, get permission and let's be safe out there.
  14. Very enlightening, Wadcutter! Thanks for that educated perspective. While I'm not completely oblivious to what's going on around me in life (and kinda take exception to that from someone who has NO idea who I am, what I do or who my relations might be - not ranting, just sayin') I do tend to be an optimist. You've shown me that optimism can be deadly. A family member with whom I've been talking about this issue works is a local LEO. He actually suggested I offer a GC101 to his department, but added that when push comes to shove they're unlikely to lookup GC.COm to make sure this might not be a cache. As he put it, what if someone DID manage to put a bomb in the same mall where a cache was hidden? Would we REALLY want to read, "Police mistakenly identified the container as a playing piece in a worldwide game. XX officers were critically wounded. XX bystanders were injured." Thinking about this from the perspective of LEO (and their families) I have to say I'd MUCH rather see the money and time spent blowing up a geocache than see another LE family lose one of their own. Containers can be replaced (and with more stealth and proper permission). Lives cannot. When I started caching, I used those GC.com green labels. They're fantastic, but tough on cammo. Officers aren't going to peel through the cammo layer to get to the contact info label. And the micros we have around here now do not have ANY space for contact info. Then again, micros aren't something muggles and LEOs are finding. Let's label, educate, obtain permission and properly and safely enjoy this game.
  15. We have a cacher local seekers have dubbed Dr. Evil 'cause, well, his caches are typically QUITE tough to find! So, how is it a muggle came upon this one, reported it and the bomb squad managed to attempt to detonate it? I had one of my caches shot by a sheriff's deputy a couple of years back. The error was fully mine. Poor placement. (Who knew a muggle would find it there!?) It has since been slightly relocated and renamed to reflect its history. How many more have been mistaken by the bomb squad? You'd think they'd know about this sport by now. (And really, who would put a bomb in the trees along a bike trail? Sure, it's somewhat near a smalltown airport, but not THAT close!)
  16. I hate to log my DNFs because it's a real blow to my ego. But, you know, it's a game. And it certainly helps ME as a hider know when something's up with one of my stashes if the hunters will post the simple DNF note. Oh, sure, I should maintain them by stopping by regularly. Some of my caches are WAY out there, though, and it's nice to have a crew of fellow cachers willing to post simple notes of success...or failure. Failure is an option.
  17. I've volunteered to take three down here. I believe OP has volunteered to pick one up, haven't you OP? Anyone else up for adopting a local cache?
  18. Bad news in the geocaching community. I don't know if any of you heard, so I'll copy the e-mail I received from Rosco Bookbinder, CA Racetramp Steve's brother. If you can help out, please contact him directly through GC.com. Link provided below. "Hello there, My name is John, (user name Rosco Bookbinder) brother of Steve (Ca Racetramp). If you haven't heard, Steve passed away on Nov. 1'st of a heart attack. He will surely be missed by his family and friends. I believe I met you at the Posion Oak picnic at the Atascadaro Park a number of years ago. If not, I do remember your name from the caching I did while down there and I know Steve was a geo friend of yours. I'm sorry to have to write to you under these circumstances. Steve's wife Clarice doesn't have the desire to take care of all the caches that Steve had either planted himself or had adopted from African Queen. I was going to post a message on each cache that if anyone wanted to adopt them to let me know. I would appreciate any help you might be able to afford in either letting someone you know that may be interested in the caches or what ever through your local club or info circuit. One of them needs some work on it already and I hate to just archive it. It's the GPS Accuracy Station. Again I'm sorry to have to write to you like this but living in Spokane, Wa. it's a bit hard to do much from here other than a lot of text messages and either archiving or what??? Thanks for anthing you can help with, John (Rosco) Rosco Bookbinder's Profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=ae...7527555fa"
  19. Jan. 24 looks good here! I've put it on my calendar. I'll post it as an event cache shall I, or is this a private party? Jen
  20. Sorry u got no response from me. I've been celebrating my 10yr wed anniversary. Left for vegas on the 3rd, then to Scottsdale. Got in lots of geocaching along the way. Now I need to log my visits. But first my response to this chain. BBB's right - I'm swamped w/holiday madness right now. But, actually, the weekend post thanksgiving is looking wide open. So is the weekend of Dec 6th. what do you think about that? Since i sing with a chorus, we're pretty busy through the holiday season with performances here and there. Dec. 6 is a traditional holiday event with my Dad and his new wife. Thankgiving weekend itself involves non-cahin' visitors at our house. Dec. 13 weekend it's a holiday gathering in SO Cal. THen we're talking the weekend before Christmas and, I don't know about you, but I KNOW I'll be rushing around trying to get the last of everything done. So...if you opt for Dec., I'll have to bug out. The first weekend in January is on for me, the next two off, all through Feb (except V Day) is on. Jen
  21. HEY! I finally remember to check on here to see if anyone's talkin! STILL can't get Groundspeak to give me the headsup. I give up. I'll just try to remember to check in. (It'd be nice if these discussions could automatically post to the Poison Oak Cachers blog, too. Blogger notifications WORK for me.) ANYHOOOOOO...next four weeks?! Are you NUTS, OP? In two weeks we're talking turkey (and guests), then it's that rush rush rush of the holiday season. I vote for January. OH! How about New Year's Day (not an early start) or Jan. 3 (the first weekend in January, at any rate), getting our new year off to a good start? BBB
  22. What a relaxing nice walk today! THanks, GeoCat, for encouraging us all to get out there. The girls and I will return another day to walk the whole route. Who knows...maybe we'll even get with it and bring some caches to place (or at least our GPSr)! I was telling GeoCat about GooTech's diabolical caches and he had a great idea! Let's all get together down this way for a Big GooTech Hunt. GT has 88 caches, most of which I suspect are in the Santa Maria Valley. Some are easier than others, but most are, well, they call him Dr. Evil around here! It'd be fun to take you to some of our favorites, then hunt down the others together. Anyone up for it? BooBooBee
  23. "DESIGNATED FOR REASSIGNMENT?" That sounds forboding, but what does it mean in blondespeak? J
  24. It COULD be, but I've cleaned out my "blocked e-mail" (there are none), the Groundspeak autonotifier is in my address book and the notification for YOUR response to THIS thread came through just fine. Maybe it's a Poison Oak thing! J
  25. I've been having some problems with the Tracking Topics component of the forum for some time now. I use this feature in other online forums without issue, but it's just not working for me here. Let me backtrack - it USED to work BEAUTIFULLY! But over the past year, it's been spotty and now it doesn't work at all. Here's what I've done. When at Groundspeak Forums > Geocaching Groups by Region / State > West and Southwest > Poison Oak Cachers I click "reply," type my message, click the "notify" box, then click "add reply." Under "My Controls" if I "view topics" I see it there, but I don't receive the notifications anymore. I know, I had to click on the link and check out the forum in order to receive additional notification, but I'm not GETTING any in the first place I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing - no dice. Please help...I'm missin' out on my local cachin' events! BooBooBee
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