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  1. Thank you! It works perfectly! I tried writing my own by removing the listener but couldn't work out where it was being attached. Your way of just ignoring the propagation is wonderfully elegant.
  2. Just discovered this issue - it appears that everywhere else the distance to the locationless cache is ignored except for trackables. If I delete the trackable visit log, does that reset the distance travelled? Or is it now a permanent fixture?
  3. I've just had this happen to me. My Chrome needed updating and after relaunching, it's working fine again.
  4. If you use the project-gc integration script, I've added a feature request to provide a toggle (similar to the other integration options). If you use a plugin for your own custom CSS (e.g. Stylebot), you could add this rule: div.upvotes{display:none !important} Or use the uBlock origin content block snippet provided by @koeniglich above Edit: I've contributed to the project-gc integration script and the changes have been released.
  5. I had something similar when re-enabling a cache of mine, clicking Enable defaulted to Owner Maintenance.
  6. Right-clicking the link in Gmail and selecting Open link in new tab works, still. For those wanting a quick workaround.
  7. Please, please, please give us the ability to exclude attributes. Here's my default view of all my unsolved puzzles in New Zealand (newest first). There's only two in that list that aren't AL Bonus caches, and I want to be able to filter out the bonus caches:
  8. I've just run into this myself. I have discovered that if you delete a lab find, a link displays at the bottom of your logs page where you can view your deleted lab finds and undelete a deleted find.
  9. A tool is coming, but in the meantime you can use GSAK with the 360degrees macro. Discussion and instructions on the project-gc forums: https://project-gc.com/qa/?qa=22492/the-all-around-cacher-badge-tool&show=22565
  10. If you have a bonus cache for your AL, you could just add the AL waypoints to it and set them to physical, which takes care of the proximity issues. Another reason for adding the waypoints to the bonus is that it lets the finders know where they would be going outside the AL app. I did it this way for my AL (except as virtuals), as I was trying to make it tourist-friendly. I wish it was more common to do it this way. There are four ALs in central Sydney and I've only got one day for cache hunting, so it would be nice to be able to easily see where all the waypoints are and for which AL without swapping between them in the app (and my gc app of choice for the other caches). (Although only one of them is a visit in any order, with the others being point-to-point).
  11. @thebruce0: imgcdn means the server is part of a Content Delivery Network (if it was country-based, it would have been imgca )
  12. As this is a cache with published coordinates, does that mean if you log it, it will affect your cache-to-cache distance, depending on where you logged the previous and subsequent finds? It appears my oppportunity will have me travel from Auckland to Seattle and back again in the one day. A meaningless number, I know, but there are challenge caches that depend on that statistic.
  13. As it's a one-off - maybe GS can add the "Announcement" log type so it's easier to filter those messages. I'm only watching to see where Signal goes (presume an HQ announcement at each event)
  14. Finish the (now archived) challenge series of 250 finds in each month - Februrary and May to go. Feb shouldn't be an issue - going to Sydney for a conference so booked in an extra day to make sure I grab Lane Cove - the only cache outside of the US that's older than the one I have. Hopefully the fires will be under control so I can breathe crossing the SHB.
  15. You can sign up for notifications on Project-GC (if PGC premium) to tell you when you've had favourites added or removed - I assume that includes archived caches as well.
  16. Thank you for confirming. Hoping to activate my adventure very soon (once I confirm the availability of free-wifi).
  17. Project-GC can also track your FTFs if you specify a public bookmark list for your first-to-finds.
  18. Neat. That event was attended by a cacher I've almost crossed paths with (he dropped around 80-100 trackables in GC46 right before I found it).
  19. Thank you. I can confirm that the cache in my situation now has the Detective clue My backup plan was to delete and re-log an event I attended a few days ago - my last "find" so it wouldn't have messed up my logging order. The delicious irony was that it was an event hosted by a Lackey (gearguru). Thank you for your efforts - you've said this is the most complex promotion and I'm sure your stress levels are through the roof.
  20. A new (virtual) cache that was published today at 2019-07-12 0000 UTC doesn't have the Detective clue. With your use of tense here, does that mean it won't get the clue? (GC89178)
  21. What happened to the link to open the full cache details page? I noticed it was added to the action icon which was an improvement, but now that's gone and replaced by the checkbox. All I want to do is scroll through the list of caches and quickly open desired ones with a single click (not open mini details and then click More info).
  22. That would make sense then. I've definitely been silently opted-in - there was no indication of it happening, I just got confused when I hit the "Newest caches" button (as I'm want to do). It's not necessarily an issue for my workflow yet, but I thought I'd point it out here as I assume this is the place to list bugs with the new map. I was aghast at first, but I'm getting used to it now.
  23. Four of the six (that I know of) shortcut buttons are not working properly. They take me to somewhere in the middle of Germany instead of my home location. Specifically they are the Quick search > Events (from the logged in Home page) and the three shortcuts that display in the left panel when there are no caches displayed on the map: Tradiational caches Nearby caches Events The other two Quick searches from the Home page (New and Most Favourited) do work. The difference between the two is that the broken links are missing the "&ot=0" parameter in the URLs that are present in the working links. I don't know what that parameter means, but it seems important.
  24. Happening to me in New Zealand, too. I got cache publication emails this morning, but not received anything for the logs that have been made on it. I did get a notification email when someone sent me a message via the message centre.
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