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11 hours ago, TeamPoodle said:

What do people use when to search around holes and bases of trees etc when they are a bit fearful of bugs and spiders etc ?


I usually have a single walking stick.  It's good to get the webs n leaves away too.  But I worry more of things with bigger fangs ...

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I take a cheap extendable hiking pole with me. I can use it for poking into dirty, creepy holes, beating foliage out of the way, retrieving dropped/unreachable caches and it helps me feel more secure when climbing/descending slopes etc. You don't need and expensive one, any pole with a bit of a spike/metal tip on the end will do.

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We use hiking sticks and I have a 1/4 inch SS rod about a foot long with a bend on the end for probing in holes.

About 90%+ of micros I find using a 3 " extension mirror........a small  pocket screwdriver with magnet on the end also gets used.

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