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  1. It looks like this TB was featured recently in a GIFF video, hence all the recent discovery emails. Removing it from your watchlist should have done the trick, since you're not the owner of the TB. So there has clearly been an error. You may want to contact Groundspeak through the Help Center so they can diagnose and fix the issue. Meanwhile, setting up some sort of email filter for "Deadly Duck" would help clean up your inbox.
  2. You may find this helpful. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=38&pgid=54 Apologies for the reply in English; mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut.
  3. Are you trying to let someone else adopt a trackable, perhaps?
  4. I did find a bottle opener here...
  5. Sorry, it seems these are no longer sold in the geocaching store. The page is a dead link. Perhaps eBay?
  6. I'm not going to call this a good idea or a bad idea. I'll just say that I imagine spammers would find such a feature very helpful when trying to decide which users to contact for marketing purposes.
  7. Merged two identical threads. OP, should you not get the answers you seek here, feel free to bring this up again in the Dutch forum, but since you posted your question in Dutch here, then posted your question in English in a Dutch forum, I merged them both here.
  8. Should be pretty easy using the search function. Type "United States" in the search field, and it should bring up the option "Region: United States." Click that, and even though it brings up all US caches, it should start with the ones closest to you. If you want more specific results, use the filters button, then in the "Location" field, type in "United States." It will bring up "Country: United States." After you pick whatever other filters you want, the "Apply" button, and it should return the resulting closest 1,000 caches to you that are in the US.
  9. I don't think the search engine uses characters like that for a search. Nor does it allow for filtering out attributes, at least not that I see. However, a pocket query does allow you to exclude certain attributes, and now that challenge caches have a challenge attribute, you can use that to perform your search: look for unknown/mystery type caches only in a given area or radius, and exclude challenge attributes. Scroll down in the PQ setup page, and you'll see the attribute grids - here's the one you're looking for.
  10. Instead of the South and Southeast USA forum, this might me more apropos for the one that covers California.
  11. Veuillez garder la discussion civile et ne discutez pas des applications non autorisées, s'il vous plaît. (Excusez mon francaise, c'est pas bon. Mein Deutsch ist nicht besser.)
  12. I enjoy log stamps when they don't take up too much room. I agree that six spaces for one signature is a little selfish.
  13. Offline lists are a premium membership feature in the official geocaching app.
  14. Merging this with the earthcache bug thread.
  15. It's something I try to look for when I review - two of the caches I've published recently were at or near existing caches, I asked them to shift if there were other coordinates that would still call attention to the subject(s) of the earthcache. Sometimes I don't catch it. I'd recommend bringing it to the earthcache owner's attention and asking if they would consider shifting their coordinates a hundred feet or so - it's in their interest to do so, if your cache icon is blocking theirs on the map.
  16. It could be looked at by a Reviewer as you typed this. It could be looked at by a reviewer now, if @Braveheart2665 provides a little more information, like its approximate location.
  17. I am moving this thread to the Travel Bug forum.
  18. In a perfect world, every time you log an earthcache, the owner will get back to you and let you know what you got right and what you got wrong, because this is supposed to be a science lesson. This is not required by the guidelines, so you're not going to get it every time. But I certainly encourage it in earthcache owners, and I always try to deliver for our earthcaches. However, consent by the owner is not required by the guidelines, either. Once you have submitted answers for an earthcache, and taken any photos that are required, your mission is complete, and you may log a find. While your answers should of course be the best you can put together, and it would be ideal for them to be "right," this isn't a pass/fail exam, it's a geocache.
  19. Looks good to me. And this time I am the local geoaware, so you've got that going for you.
  20. Not to contradict @CathyH, but it may not have been clear to her that your earthcache was already published. There is no additional review process per se for changing an existing earthcache over to a Planetary Geology on Earth earthcache. But I'm a geoaware, and I took a look at it. The first requirement is for your cache to otherwise meet the earthcache guidelines, and your local geoaware already determined that by publishing the cache. Additionally, you already have a section of your lesson that discusses the similar feature on Mars, as well as a photo of the Mars feature, and it does appear connected. I would perhaps add a bit more information about "Old Soaker," and explain in a bit more detail why scientists do believe that it formed the same way as your Irish mudstone slab. Otherwise, all you need to do is edit your cache to change the name to "Planetary Geology on Earth: Bit of crack at Dún Chaoin" (or as much of that which can fit - I know some earthcaches have had to truncate the old name in order to fit the "Planetary Geology on earth" bit in).
  21. Good to hear. I got discouraged after my submission got rejected, it turns out it was too close to another, similar feature, and my earthcache wasn't different enough. And the feature was in Iceland, so I couldn't just pop back and fix it. But I kept at it, and, well, here I am as a geoaware, so it went well enough, I guess.
  22. Been there. One of my first got rejected entirely, in fact. Absolutely. While I'm fond of the places I picked for my first few, I admit the earthcaches I put there don't hold up as well as my more recent ones. @Ry Dawg, if you're comfortable posting it in the open, that's what this forum is for: to help for a better earthcaching experience. Or if you want to go offline with any who have offered to help, you're in good hands.
  23. Any insight as to how that is applied? Is the fee expected to be reasonable for what the area would provide if one were to take full advantage of it, which a cacher there only to find a cache typically will not? It's one thing to pay $20 a day for a park entrance fee, but if there's only one cache to be found there, $20/cache is pretty steep. That the $20 covers all kinds of other activities that would justify $20 for a full day visit is another story. Looked at in a $/cache sense, admission fees can indeed look quite 'unreasonable' even though otherwise fair. As I said, it is at the discretion of individual reviewers, so it is applied individually. I don't recall publishing caches recently at any parks, museums, or arboretums (arboreta?), etc. that have charged more than $10. I did deny one at a Disney park in Florida a while back, but that because the fee was both commercial and unreasonably high -- and Disney did not give permission for the cache. The fees at many of the US National Parks have increased over the years; at Shenandoah, for example, the entry fee is apparently up to $30 per vehicle or $15 per person. That's not so cheap. But as the earthcache reviewer that covers that park, I would not deny a cache in Shenandoah based solely on the fee. Instead, I would require the cache owner to disclose in the description that there is a fee to enter the park, and to use the entry fee attribute. Then I would let geocachers themselves determine whether the fee is unreasonable - vote by their feet, as it were. If no one logs the cache, then the market has determined that the entry fee was unreasonable for that caching experience. If you want to know what a particular geoaware would determine is reasonable for an entry fee, it's best to contact them and ask. For Colorado, that would be geoawareUSA2. Other US states and territories are as below.
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