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  1. Moved to geocaching topics, this is not a GPS technology question.
  2. It should just be drag and drop, with a mouse click or finger press. If you're having issues, Jigidi's help resources may be handy.
  3. To NuttyHarry: sonetimes asking the cache owner can help. To others: just a reminder, offline help is fine, but please do not discuss puzzle solutions in the forum.
  4. p.s. If you find out that someone other than you can see the final coordinates that are supposed to be hidden, that would be a concern, and I'd recommend you follow up to your post here or contact Groundspeak directly through the Help Center - use the "Contact Us" portion at the bottom of the page.
  5. The coordinates for the final waypoint are obscured for my player account, both on the app and on the website. Website view: App view: Presumably, you can see them in the app because you're the cache owner. But they don't appear to be visible to the public.
  6. Ten stage labs are the exception and not the rule. I've seen them go to organizations but not individuals. Perhaps consider doing two five-stage labs?
  7. Your cache appears to be enabled. All is good.
  8. If you retrieved it, you should be able to go to its page. You only have one trackable listed as being in your possession right now, so presumably it's this one. At the top of the listing, there is a blue link for the owner. Click it, and you'll see the owner's profile. You can then either email or message them.
  9. Moved to Polish forum
  10. It appears you figured it out between this post and now, since I see you enabled you cache.
  11. There is no email or message link in the adventure lab app, to my knowledge. But the Adventure Lab will say who the creator is. Go to Find another player (linked on your account dashboard page) and type it in.
  12. I removed the trackable code from your post, since those should not be shared unless the owner wants. I went to https://www.geocaching.com/track and put in the same code, and it was not found. If it was activated, the six character code you posted should be enough to track it. There are some possibilities. It may be that one of the characters looks like another - an S could be a 5, a B could be an 8. Try magnifying the code to ensure what you're typing is what is on it. If that still doesn't work, it may be unactivated. That either means whoever left it dropped it off and forgot to activate it, or they left it intending for whoever found it to activate it themselves. Check both the paper log and the online logs to see if someone mentions leaving a trackable to see which.
  13. Those are the different types of geocaches. I seem to be unable to paste in links from my phone this morning, but if you Google "geocache types" you will get an explanation of each symbol. Green, for example, is the simplest type, the traditional: go to the coordinates and look for a container there. The grayed out symbols mean the cache is disabled, i.e., somethings wrong, it might be damaged or missing.
  14. If it has no trackable code, then it is not a trackable.
  15. According to the note the reviewer left on your recent cache submission, yes, something is wrong. I recommend you go to the new cache page, read the reviewer's note, and respond to it.
  16. Hi Steve, and welcome to geocaching. I edited your post slightly so it didn't give away any puzzle solutions. Coordinates don't all come in the same format. The standard format for geocaching is degrees and decimal minutes, or DD MM.MMM - while your compass is set to degrees minutes and seconds, or DD MM SS. You can convert seconds to decimal minutes by dividing by 60 (or decimal minutes to seconds by multiplying by 60), but the easier thing would probably be to set the app you're using for a compass to decimal minutes. More info here. Once you have that, the numbers you calculated might make a bit more sense. Good luck!
  17. Thanks for letting folks know that a TB is ready to rejoin society. I took out the trackable number, as that should not be publicly posted unless the owner is OK with it.
  18. Yes - it's basically a paywall. Premium members don't have that restriction.
  19. The wheelchair attribute was automatically assigned because of the T1 rating. Change the terrain rating to T1.5 and you can remove the wheelchair attribute.
  20. I don't know of an app that does what you're looking for. My solution, since I'll also not have the phone on constantly, is to use a fitness tracker with GPS, note the distance to the cache, and then check my watch from time to time to see how close I'm getting. The official app will vibrate when one is close to a cache, but that's I believe within 30 feet or so. I don't know if there are other apps out there that have a customizable proximity alert. I believe my Garmin GPS receivers had a setting for proximity alert and would emit a loud "beep" when a certain distance from the goal, which could be adjusted. But it's been a while since that was my primary means of caching.
  21. I have a Samsung A52 running Android 12. Last time I did a Wherigo was last week. Clicking the link used to automatically start Whereyougo, and now it just navigates to the Wherigo.com page that has the file, and I have to manually download it. But once I did, the Wherigo file landed in my downloads folder, and Whereyougo found the file and ran it without issues.
  22. User(s) reporting posts in this thread that they didn't like, which didn't violate the forum guidelines. Those concerned have been privately contacted. Those whom I did not privately contact have no immediate concerns. But since many forum users (including me) are passionate about geocaching and Waymarking, sometimes it's helpful for everyone to be reminded that these are games, to be discussed with civility.
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