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Is this log size ok?


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Hi, I have just purchased a nano cache with some replacement logs and decided that the logs will be too hard to roll back up tight enough for them to fit back into the container once they have been unrolled. To counter this, I have cut the log sheets in half which has solved the problem. However, now there is only 16 places to write logs. Will this be ok? I have cut up a couple others so I can replace it when it is full.

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It all depends!

How many finds are you expecting? Is this a large metro city or a backwater town? Trad or long multi/difficult puzzle?

How often do you want to visit and replace the logsheet?

Where I live, 16 spots.... could last 2 years or 2 weeks. Some places might go in 2 days....

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7 hours ago, lee737 said:

Where I live, 16 spots.... could last 2 years or 2 weeks. Some places might go in 2 days....


Two of my caches, placed in 2016, have only had 10 and 11 finds respectively. Most of my more recent hides are still in single digit find counts. So yes, it all depends on the cache and its locality.

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If you're asking what other people will think about finding such a small log, well that doesn't matter, it's your cache :P

But as otherwise said, as long as you're willing to put up with increased maintenance periods IF the amount of people signing the log means it'll fill up faster, that's also entirely up to you.

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Don't assume that you will only have to change the log after every 16 finders.  There are cachers who use stamps/stickers that will take up 4 spaces (or more) and some people will just write BIG.  


Edited next day:  It occurred to me that you are probably referring to the log style that has a row of squares--this type of log is less likely to have this problem than the log which just consists of lines to write on.

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8 hours ago, cerberus1 said:

Here you'd have most of that filled the first day on FTFs...  :laughing:

The (non-FTF) groups I've geocached with would make up a group nickname, and sign that in 1 or 2 spaces, rather than filling the whole log with everyone's individual geo-names.

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If you're prepared to replace the logsheet twice as often then go ahead. How convenient this is for you will depend on how close the cache location is to your home or workplace.


If there are other hides of the same cache type and similar D/T rating nearby have a look at them and see how many logs they get, this could be an indication to how often yours will get found.

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