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Wherigo Kit ~ Lua to gwz


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It's been a few years since I've homebuilt a Wherigo and I'm in the process of building a few cartridges, but I'm having some issues after building the cartridge on Wherigo\\Kit. That was easy enough and when I click the build button it gives me a .lua file, but it needs to be a gwz in order to upload to Wherigo.com. I've spent hours trying to find ways to convert it, but I just can't find anything that will do the conversion, it's getting pretty frustrating at this point. Anyone have any tips or ideas?

I'm on an Apple Mac if that makes any difference.



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Thanks, but I'm still not understanding it.

When using that first link to Wherigo, it says it will compile the cartridge, when done it gives a gwc file, which isn't helping me anymore than a lua...

So I clicked on the Cartridge Compile Service instead for third party (Wherigo kit)

This links me to a list of coding, I'm not sure what to do with that or how it converts a cartridge...

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20 hours ago, MindlessEngine said:

Thanks everyone who responded for the help.


Sounds like you've figured it out, but I'll add some more information:


• ".lua": The Lua script containing the source code of your cartridge.


• ".gwz": Stands for "Groundspeak Wherigo Zipped"; it is a .zip file containing the Lua script and any other assets (images/sounds) needed by your cartridge. You can usually export this file directly from your builder. Alternatively, you can create the .zip file yourself (place everything—lua script, images, sounds—into a folder and then zip compress the folder.) This is what you upload to the compiler/Wherigo website.


• ".gwc": Stands for "Groundspeak Wherigo Compiled/Cartridge"; it is a binary file that GPSrs/the phone apps can read. When you upload a .gwz, Wherigo.com compiles it to .gwc for you.


Maybe one of the Moderators can move this thread to the Wherigo section?

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Hügh has the best explanation.  The file you want to download is the GWZ.  I gave the option of all three depending upon people's use case:

- The lua/zip option will download a zip file.  This is good if you want to import the cartridge into another builder and do other things to it.

- The GWZ is what you want for uploading to the Wherigo website.  Really, though, the GWZ file is just a zip file with its extension changed to GWZ.  (It's not that uncommon.  DOCX and XLSX are zip files as well.)

- The GWC is a compiled cartridge, suitable if you're trying to export from Kit to a player app.


I thought I offered a brief explanation on Kit with all these options.

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