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  1. I believe that the ShowScreen function does this, but I'm not certain. EDIT: No, wait, I don't think you can switch to the map. Your options are 'Detail', 'Inventory', 'Item', 'Location', 'Main', 'Tasks'.
  2. See Profile > Settings > Hide Completed within the app.
  3. Here is the Geocaching.com homepage from 2011; something there might look nice? https://web.archive.org/web/20111101121605/http://www.geocaching.com/
  4. Hügh


    I thought that it might be an "Augmented Reality" attribute -- it looks to me like an R inside of a larger A. Then again, if they are re-introducing those (and an attribute to go along with them) I'd hope that the graphic designers would be a little more creative. IMHO, something like this with an ammo can instead of a cube would be better.
  5. I was going to say: sorting a list of zeroes is pointless.
  6. Ampersands are special characters in URLs that are used to separate GET parameters. Clearly the front-end isn't properly encoding (encodeURIComponent-ing) them, and so the server gets confused. It thinks that you're looking for caches not found by "graham", and "linda" is just a random additional parameter. To see this, visit https://www.freeformatter.com/url-parser-query-string-splitter.html and paste "https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?nfb[1]=graham&linda" into the box. Then scroll down to "query string." To "fix" this, replace the ampersand in the person's username with "%26". For example, https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?nfb[0]=graham%26linda for caches not found by graham&linda ----- EDIT: Oh, I see, it's the search bar in the filters panel that isn't working -- again, probably because they're not URL encoding before searching. You can see that when typing "graham&linda" it only autocompletes as far as "graham". This is a bug. I suspect that this will get fixed soon; it's a fairly easy fix. But for now, you can manually set the not-found-by array in the URL by adding: nfb[1]=graham%26linda&nfb[2]=Pebbles%26Co and so on... to the end of the search URL.
  7. In that case your only option is to host the cache pages externally, on your own server. The number of listings that require such functionality is dwarfed by those that don't.
  8. You could put one language below the other, and use links to allow people to skip over the content that's irrelevant to them. Only works on the computer. https://echoecho.com/htmllinks08.htm
  9. I disagree; although I've only beta-tested a few times in the ten years I've been caching. Last week, for example, I checked on a series of about a dozen hides on a hiking trail near us. I was sent a gpx of all the waypoints and that worked just fine since we could load it into our caching apps of choice... (Then again, they knew that there was an issue with one of the caches. Since it was on a huge hike perhaps they didn't feel like going again.) Puzzle caches are different, though. Though I haven't hidden any myself I've had a hand in making many.
  10. You asked this exact same question three days ago on Reddit's r/geocaching page, and got the exact same answer as what @GerandKat is suggesting -- to use the Activation Code Retrieval page. Why...? You had your answer three days ago...? What...? Or perhaps you are a different person -- who has managed to come up with the exact same sentences? I am very confused.
  11. You can switch it to Premium after transferring it to your own account. Or, you could create it using your own, transfer it to the group, and then transfer back.
  12. Cachly can import from GPXes, too. So can a bunch of other apps. Alternative solution; why not adopt the listing to your beta tester? If you trust them enough to beta test you can probably trust them not to screw up your listing... you can always delete the note that says "this listing was transferred from..." and it'll appear as if nothing happened.
  13. I'm seeing it, Chrome, on Android. You have to scrooooooollllllllll to get to the bottom. The textbox doesn't need to be that big.
  14. ...that requires a computer if you plan on creating one...? If this is indeed the direction that HQ plans on taking Adventure Labs ("mobile-only"), it would be nice if the builder website could better target mobile devices. Some CSS @media rules could go a long way. The editing page for regular geocaches could also do with a mobile-oriented makeover too...
  15. I'm guessing that @Brendele is talking about those numbered badges that appear on apps. Maybe it has to do with the "New Adventure Nearby" notifications?
  16. I'm going to guess that this is a bug in Firefox that leads to it failing to render; not an intentional decision by the Lackeys.
  17. Now the question is, does it just delete only the log (ie. if it contains offensive content/spoilers) or does it delete the five smileys, too? I assume just the former since people have the option of not posting one when they finish... also what about people who only cheated some of the locations, etc... I hope we find out soon.
  18. I honestly didn't know that this page existed; clearly there hasn't been good communication between HQ and Owners. Like others, it doesn't seem to work on Firefox but it does work on Chrome. Looking at the source code, it looks like the Lackeys are implementing the ability for cache owners to delete logs?
  19. Geocaching HQ has twice offered cache owners the opportunity to apply to enter a random draw. You can read more about the most recent draw, Virtual Rewards 2.0, at the links below. https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2019/05/introducing-virtual-rewards-2-0 https://www.geocaching.com/play/request/virtuals2019 It is not known when Geocaching HQ will be offering a Virtual Rewards 3.0 (if at all.) It likely won't be at least until Spring 2022, since Virtual Rewards 2.0 "ends" this December.
  20. Double-check that you're entering the right code, truncated to fifteen characters. Look for things like 1s and Is that might be getting mistyped. Double-check that you're logged in to the same account that was used to download the cartridge. Unlock codes are unique to your user. Double-check that you're actually logged into the website. It can be buggy sometimes. Log out and log in again. If all else fails, wait three days and then try again. No one (*) at HQ is working on the site and it just breaks from time to time. PS. There is no need to "unlock" a Wherigo cartridge, they're not relevant anymore.
  21. Project-GC Checkers have the ability to fetch Lab Cache information, as long as they are configured to do so (most aren't.) This is regardless of whether the individual has a PGC Membership or not.
  22. I interpret that guideline as meaning the challenge setter cannot require ("specify") Lab Cache finds, not that qualifi-ers cannot use them towards the challenge. A challenge cache like "find five cache types in Washington State" may be qualified for by finding a Traditional, an Event, an APE, a Webcam, and a Lab.
  23. You can bodge one together by indexing into a table with named keys, I think. I'm not sure if this works on all players. local LookupTable = { zoneA = ..., zoneB = ..., zoneC = ..., ... } function getName(zoneName) return LookupTable[zoneName] end getName("zoneA") In theory this is as efficient as a jumptable (with some overhead for the hashmap lookup.)
  24. Wasn't the spam thing from a few months ago due to someone abusing groups chats or something like that?
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