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  1. Teehee. Funnily enough, Ontario apparently accounts for 62% of Canadian wine production... we need to get ourselves a bigger wine geo-art setup over here!
  2. You can request a temporary Challenge checker through PGC, us taggers generally don’t mind. In this case, as @predator1337 has pointed out, such a “statistic-generating” checker already exists. However, I prefer this one, since it includes labels for each size-related grid. https://project-gc.com/Challenges//71154 Furthermore, if you are a Premium member with Project-GC, you can use their “needed found dates” tool to generate an iCal file of missing dates to import into your favourite calendar program.
  3. Well, this isn't "US"GS but I enjoyed working on the 92G Topo Challenge.
  4. Project-GC does give you this stat, so I would think that there is a way to do it through their site. Nothing really comes to mind, though.
  5. As baer2006 said, it depends on the area. We see things like this: Yes, I climbed for this one - mainly because I am very light - but the intended method is to take a hook (usually a bent paint roller or piece of wire) and to stick it on the end of a pole. There's a power trail near here of caches like this, however those are more... low budget. I think they used coathangers to hook onto a branch.
  6. My usual suggestion: an extendable window-washing pole. Or, possibly, an actual fishing rod.
  7. Have you emailed sTeamTraen directly?
  8. I was thinking they might do HQ Celebrations for anniversaries ending in 0 and Block Parties for anniversaries ending in 5.
  9. As you say in your edit: pre-moratorium. But the Project-GC scripting system does have a function for getting the total number of trackables discovered. So a checker is definitely possible. However, the function doesn't provide much more than that. I have seen a couple grandfathered challenges for discovering tattoos (the ones under the "Human Trackable" category) but unfortunately checkers can't be written for those. You have to manually (oh god) look in your profile to see the count.
  10. The first Challenge could be trivial. In a similar spirit to the one I linked above, "have at least 0 caches found" would work. It's certainly vacuous and the Reviewer will definitely poke you but it doesn't violate any guidelines.
  11. A cache owner could maliciously construct 81 challenges to fill a D/T grid: CHALLENGE (1/1): Find at least 1 cache, at some point (possibly in the future). CHALLENGE (1/1.5): Find at least 1 Mystery cache. CHALLENGE (1/2): Find at least 1 cache with the Wheelchair accessible attribute. CHALLENGE (1/2.5): Fill at least 1/27th of your D/T grid. CHALLENGE (1/3): Find at least 1 cache in {country and/or state in which this powertrail is located}. ...
  12. In Lua, all arrays are tables. An array is simply a table whose keys are sequential integers. In general, variables in Lua do not require any form of prefix. You simply put the name of the variable on the left, and the value you are assigning on the right. You later refer to these values by their name. a = 1 b = 2 print(a + b) -- 3 print(10*a + b) -- 12 By enclosing a value in quotes, you get a string. greeting = "hello" hello = "HwyGuy" Note here that "greeting" is a variable containing "hello" and "hello" is a variable containing "HwyGuy". They are completely separate and do not interact with each other. The builder simply inserts the "var_" prefix to prevent any name collisions. Not sure what you mean. As above, by putting quotes around the fruits, you make them literal strings. To refer to the variable, you need to use the name of the variable. Likely you want itemApple since as before the builder is probably inserting the item prefix. For instance, itemApple = "This is an Apple." orange = "This is an Orange." banana = "This is a Banana." fruits = { itemApple, orange, "banana" } print(fruits[1]) -- This is an Apple. print(fruits[2]) -- This is an Orange. print(fruits[3]) -- banana I do not believe so. You seem confused. "RandomObjects" is a function defined elsewhere. It accepts, as an argument, an array (a table) with a number of items, and returns a "generator" that picks random items from the array you supplied it with. "RandomObjects" is absolutely necessary, since that is the name of the function. However you can change the name of the variable you are assigning to. randomNumberGenerator = RandomObjects({ 1, 2, 17, 4, 5 }) firstRandomNumber = randomNumberGenerator:GetNext() -- either 1, 2, 17, 4, or 5 secondRandomNumber = randomNumberGenerator:GetNext() -- either 1, 2, 17, 4, or 5 thirdRandomNumber = randomNumberGenerator:GetNext() -- either 1, 2, 17, 4, or 5 fourthRandomNumber = randomNumberGenerator:GetNext() -- either 1, 2, 17, 4, or 5 -- and so on. No. "RandomObjects" is a function, and you're simply referring to it twice. -- square: Calculate the square of a number. function square(x) return x * x end a = square(5) -- 25 b = square(6) -- 36 c = square(-5) -- 25
  13. Considering the kickback in this forum, including posts from a significant number of infrequent Forum users (including Stachey Pete themselves), I trust that Geocaching HQ will not act maliciously. Remember, the staff making decisions are human. They absolutely recognize that people are are upset. They will announce a date with reasonable warning.
  14. Groundspeak, Inc., aka. Geocaching HQ. Uh, money. I almost guarantee that the income from Premium Members who benchmark is nowhere near enough to pay for servers, hosting space, and salar(ies) of the staff who keep an eye on the systems. Don't get me wrong, I am equally as upset about Benchmarking disappearing from the site. However, I have to be sympathetic to HQ's interests here: I would not want to have to be responsible for maintaining the (spaghetti, insecure, outdated) code powering the Bechmarking site.
  15. I assume the cache doesn't expire stuff, since the cache "will continue to populate." As in, over time, the percentage of all logs that are in the cache will increase.
  16. Possibly (definitely) related: the big change to the Pocket Query infrastructure that was announced a couple days ago?
  17. In comparison, over 1.5 million logs (= GL18J2NCN_31 - GL18GAPQ2_31; this probably isn't 100% accurate but it should be close enough) have been posted on the main Geocaching.com site.
  18. I think that a benchmark can be either a survey marker or a trigonometrical point (or even a lighthouse). But in particular it is a marker point placed by the US Geological Survey for the purpose of geodetic surveys. For instance, all (?) of the mile markers along the Can/US border are benchmarks. Other than Peace Arch, Monument 74 is the only one I’ve visited.
  19. I should clarify: the OP is more than welcome to learn how to tree/rock/whatever-climb. I'm not trying to gatekeep this sport. But because it's being presented as "I want to find a couple caches that are high up in trees, where can I buy rope?", I am anxious for the OPs safety. It is not the right mindset here. The question they really should have asked is "where can I learn how to climb trees/rocks/whatever safety." OP: Learn how to climb rocks/trees/whatever in a rock/tree/whatever-climbing class. Use the gear provided by instructors. Make sure you are comfortable. Talk to the instructors. They will be more than happy to help you find rope, harnesses, etc. They are the experts, not random strangers on a Geocaching forum.
  20. For one, rock-climbing courses are generally more accessible than tree-climbing courses. But also, that's not the point. It is in no way a waste of time and money. My goal for the OP is for them to: Get comfortable with ropes, harnesses, belay devices, etc. in a safe, indoor setting before going outside. If they can find anything advertised as "tree-climbing lessons"; great—but I doubt it. Rock climbing lessons are similar enough that they will accomplish this same goal. Take a fall themselves or watch someone take a fall and realize that maybe climbing (anything) is really, really, dangerous. It is not a skill that can just be picked up for the sake of finding some caches; no, it needs to be learned separately. Actually talk to people (face-to-face!) about their goals and reasons, instead of asking random faceless strangers on the internet. Even if climbing gym staff aren't experts on tree climbing, they will be able to say smart things (and possibly even talk OP out of this.)
  21. Suggestion: find a local rock-climbing gym and get some lessons on how to use the gear, first. (Please? I have been climbing for nearly ten years and still I manage to mess things up. When you introduce specialized equipment it becomes very, very easy to injure yourself.) Find someone that climbs.
  22. Yes. Open the listing, tap "X reviews" (beside the star rating at the top) and then "rate and review" under your name near the top.
  23. As long as any additional physical or virtual stages are added as (hidden) waypoints to the cache listing, I doubt the Reviewers would take issue.
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