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Adventure Lab caches on Geocaching Website Map

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It's because they are not geocaches. It's a separate game. 


So why they give you +1 then?


It's a separate flavor of the same game, some different rules but still the same game.

You as well could ask the question:  Why don't you fill gas into this car, no gas no car, it looks like a car but it's not a car.  Now, let's ask the Tesla owner if they drive a car or not.

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3 hours ago, Lynx Humble said:

So why they give you +1 then?


Also why you can get souvenirs with ALs then?

Well yes I agree, that's the important question. Why do you get a +5 or a +10?


HQ have made it clear in their postings that they consider the two games to be separate and so I guess that they do this to raise awareness and enthusiasm amongst geocachers to play this new game? I expect that there would be less interest in adventure labs if this wasn't the case. 

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Fine if GC think those are separate games.

But there is something I do not understand:

- I can see geocaches on my smartphone and my laptop.

- I can see lab caches on my smartphone but not on my laptop. This is what I am looking for, to be able to open it on my PC. I do not see any problem with opening another window/app.

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Reply received from GC HQ



Hello Revelatta2B-

Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ about Adventure Lab®.

Adventure Lab is a mobile-only game, so at this time it is not possible to view Adventure Lab locations on geocaching.com. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For more information and ideas, please visit our Help Center and public forums.

Best regards,

Guest Experience Coordinator


End of the story, for the moment.

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6 hours ago, Revelatta2B said:

Adventure Lab is a mobile-only game


...that requires a computer if you plan on creating one...?


If this is indeed the direction that HQ plans on taking Adventure Labs ("mobile-only"), it would be nice if the builder website could better target mobile devices. Some CSS @media rules could go a long way. The editing page for regular geocaches could also do with a mobile-oriented makeover too...

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