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  1. Perfectly expected behavior. Just mean it isn't in a cache.
  2. So why they give you +1 then? Also why you can get souvenirs with ALs then?
  3. Even if the cache is archived you can still make a Found it except for the rare case it's also locked. You just need to find the cache listing by browsing the CO profile or by using GCcode
  4. You are doing nothing wrong it's because of the & in his username.
  5. I agree it would be useful even more with the fact they just released a bunch of new AL credits. Guess that AL Vision will stay on the back-burner for a few more months...
  6. Like barefootjeff said we are complaining about ALs because Groundspeak gives us an half finished project still with major deficiencies 2 1/2 years after being introduced... Here my list of the annoying ones : -No notification to the CO when someone complete your AL and leave a message. -No way to DNF an AL. -No way to contact the CO from the app. -I have to use a third party app to be able to do multiple Adventure at the same time because Groundspeak REFUSE to put all the locations on the same map. -Doesn't count for state/country stats. -There should be a limit on the number of try for an answer because counting stuff and multiple choices questions are useless with unlimited try.
  7. And that very good reason is? Because calling them locationless doesn't make any sense they have a GZ.
  8. Hum been 6 months since the last update (multi-choices questions) and 5 months since the release of this vision. Is Groundspeak decided to stop developping adventure labs and that vision and all the other requested features will never going to happen?
  9. Hum Lab Cache never counted for county/state/country so NO, NO and NO. Never understood why Groundspeak did that because they have coordinates...
  10. It has already been acknowledged in May that they would bring back this removed feature. But yeah its been more than 3 months and no progress at all...
  11. Well it would have been an even better idea to test their "big complex launch" before releasing it to the public. How the heck they missed some issues like entering a coordinates gives you unexpected results far away...
  12. Not impressed at all by this update that create more bugs into the system once again. Should have spent their time in the already existing bugs and issues instead.
  13. She is lucky to have found all 5. Spreading the Math Love across the world doesn't goes well according to the map there are only 2 outside USA currently in a cache and none in Canada... Did they ship them all? Because there are far far less than 3000 on the map...
  14. Hum isn't the job of the reviewer to do exactly that?
  15. That's incorrect. Advanced Caches are Grey in the app. I think you meant Premium Member Only Caches that you can't see at all on the app and the website.
  16. I never understood why anything relating to a coordinates that is the bread and butter of geocaching has been forbidden... One of my greatest geocaching achievement is the Delorme challenge in Nova Scotia. Sadly would be impossible to publish with the current rules...
  17. You should take a look at the android app that can't be named on this forum that does exactly what you want easily by a click of a button. On topic : Apparently this new feature would be useless for me because I finished my grid 4 times already...
  18. Well Groundspeak encourage numbers. The one with 1005 finds is closer to get a second reach the peak souvenir this month than the one with 1001 finds... Personally I will worry about the 29.99 when Groundspeak hire more people to give us upgrade faster than the current snail pace.
  19. Clearly a Write Note in my book plain and simple. You didn't went to GZ and there seems to have nothing wrong with the cache page.
  20. This still better than the adrenaline junkie souvenir that required only 8 lamp post cache in a month...
  21. Hum as far as I know only Groundspeak thinks that we should only do 1 Adlab at a time. Nobody else. We all agree on this forum that we should be able to do more than 1 at a time to save time and fuel. Sadly Groundspeak doesn't agree.
  22. Yeah I will never understand how it was decided that it wasn't necessary to be able to contact the CO in the app if you have any issues. Also I don't understand how it's still in beta after over 2 years.
  23. By the reviewer? Seems to be quicker than what is expected from them. Yeah I also agree they should be Write Note. Its affecting negatively the CHS and other people decisions to hunt the cache by posting DNFs. Even the cache owner dashboard would show a blue face and a +1 in the DNFs collum even if there are no reason for the CO to do something.
  24. Well apparently you don't thrust my words so there are an example with 12 finds : 3 found the cache after publication, 5 found the cache before publication (including the main account of this cache CO) and 4 never even went to GZ... This subterfuge began well before I moved to this area so I will be ill-advised to be the cache police and like keystone said even the reviewer won't do anything about it.
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