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  1. Are they? I know there was the holiday season but how it is possible after a full month that a spelling mistake is so hard and complicated to correct.
  2. I regularly check my emails by I agree we are getting too many of them. Publishing a cache is 6 emails... I totally agree with this.
  3. Good news they finally speed up the process of new country souvenirs. The current pace was laughable. They always says country/regional souvenir but the only regional souvenir they have released up until now is Antarctica. UK and France should be their top priority.
  4. Mine got deleted too there are only 1 cache in it. So strange.
  5. Yeah I have this issue in my area too the reviewer doesn't action NA anymore...
  6. My advice would be go somewhere else to find caches until the Cache Owner replace/check them. No point to go there over and over hoping it magically reappeared.
  7. Surprised they haven't done a release note about it.
  8. An intermission again? The 22 years celebration is in the summer and GIFF is during Fall. Doesn't make any sense.
  9. Yeah really not a fan either it's hiding a lot of the map or the location image when they could have optimized the already underutilized white space... I don't mind being called review. It's what they are review of the adventure.
  10. I confirm that I also see it. Nice to see the order for sequential ones. Would be even nicer if on the list/map there would a different color for those started and not completed. Also besides the number of stage in the list something indicates if it's linear or not. Apparently they also seems to have fixed the issue with ALs completion time bug. Strange there are no mention in the Official Release section.
  11. The ''you guys'' he meant was the higher-up at Groundspeak that give the order to the programmer to make the change without including an exception for Mega-Event covering multiple days. day1976 never suggested doing time travelling by logging a Mega-Event (or other icons) on a completely bogus day (except for logging a Mega-Event on the day he wasn't there because of the current 1-day logging restriction). Not sure why you are suggesting he would do dishonnest logging.
  12. Where you find this info? I don't see it on the website. Also it would be strange if this is true they are still distributing the TBs
  13. Oh yeah you are right I didn't change the auto generated log type. I edited my previous post. Still according to the blog I should skip NM and go directly to NA if there are a bunch of DNFs while it shouldn't be the case.
  14. (Removed part here. Oups I misspoke here because of auto generated log type) Also Groundspeak can you please spend 5 minutes and ask someone to proofread your texts before publishing because you put twice the part about damaged container. Also that part about Write Note at the beginning doesn't make any sense in this article because it doesn't say anything about NM...
  15. Do you also happen to have the stats for the maximum number of cache required? Next month it will be 18.
  16. If the CO knew the area is closed he/she/it should have disabled it instead
  17. I agree the only geotour in Nova Scotia is shared with New Brunswick and Maine... Almost impossible to complete. Hum I hope they code correctly this time and multi with over 10FP will give 750 points and not 700.
  18. Well that topic lasted 17 years without Groundspeak doing anything against those fake logs so a new thread wouldn't be useful to change their decision...
  19. The official app doesn't show PMO or disabled cache. Those in grey are "advanced" that you can see normally on a computer. I am still waiting for Groundspeak to correct this misconception reported multiple times...
  20. Hum not sure if you are quoting the wrong reply because I said something very similar to you : The one you quote me was about barefootjeff picture with an excavator above GZ that he can clearly see from the fence 10 meters away. A Write note would make the exact same job and not trigger the CHS.
  21. No premium cache can be seen on the official app so they are "advanced" cache.
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