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  1. Reply received from GC HQ End of the story, for the moment.
  2. Fine if GC think those are separate games. But there is something I do not understand: - I can see geocaches on my smartphone and my laptop. - I can see lab caches on my smartphone but not on my laptop. This is what I am looking for, to be able to open it on my PC. I do not see any problem with opening another window/app.
  3. I have the same question. I sent a mail to GC HQ, I am waiting a reply. If I have anything i shall share it.
  4. Hello K13, Thanks for your reply. I discovered I had not replied to a mail sent by Project GC, that stopped everything. I did a few moments ago and now all runs perfect. Sorry for stupid question, Have a good day,
  5. Bonjour, Since a few weeks it is impossible to open my profile in Project GC. I come to the page "authenticate" and the step "agree" to allow GC to share info with project GC, I have no result when I click on "agree". I go back one page and find three options to try to solve this issue. As recommended I restarted GC.com, removed the cookies both actions remained without result. When I try the third option: Revoke Project GC authorization, I come to the page "Account settings" and select revoke access for Project GC. Nothing happens. Anybody with the same problem ? Thanks for your replies
  6. Bonjour, Thank you for all these replies, They are helpful. Now I understand better the issue. I am just amazed that there are so many measurements and specially with such differences. And to answer to Fizzy magic, the box is right at the top, which is table like, about 40 sqm. Anyway, thanks again for all the answers.
  7. Bonjour, I went up a cache called "Mont Pelat", in the Southern Alps, France. Its code is : GC4M164 This mountain is given in the cache description and by all geographical references (IGN, Google Earth, whatever...) as reaching 3051m However, in the statistics it appears only with 2978m. Any idea why such a difference and a way to have it corrected ? Thanks,
  8. I have been an enthusiastic geocacher since the day I discovered it. I have a deep respect for the cache owners that work to give us great moments in beautiful places. I use to return my pleasure to them by giving favorites (where are they?) but also by telling stories through my logs, giving a life to the cache with several photos taken on the spot or just around. I make temporary logs on the field, but when I come home, I go to my PC and tell a story. The new page is giving me the impression that GC want to limit all this. There are so many great comments, with all the flaws of this backwards move, on this Forum, and they are all, or nearly, fully against the new page. It is not just a new page, it is a philosophy that is slowly banned without thinking to the users... Change for the sake of change is never productive, at least it produced something,a massive géocachers' reaction. I wish some guys of GC would go to the field, try to understand that geocaching is not a world of simple "TFTC" made for smartphones owners. As said in the past: "this is a giant leap... for dumb kind". Please bury that thing! Best regards from Paris
  9. Same issue for me. The map has been modified and there is no response to clicks on caches. F5, zooming, restarting GC, signing out and back in, rebooting computer, nothing helps. Never met the issue on such a scale in the past. This is definitely a GC issue. I used the last of the remedies, wait. Turned GC.com off and went for a glass of water. Just came back it works again !!! Good luck to all
  10. Bonjour, Une info que je souhaite faire partager aux géocacheurs. Je me livre à mon passe-temps favori depuis quelques temps avec un GPS Garmin62S puis un 64S. Parfait, rien à dire. Il m'arrive régulièrement de me dépanner avec mon téléphone. Jusque là j'avais un Samsung S34G qui me donnait une précision equivalente à celle de mes GPS, de l'ordre de 3/4m en bonnes conditions. J'ai acheté un Samsung S5 mini. La précision en mode GPS, quelle que soit l'option GPS retenue, est de l'ordre de 10,12m voire plus, rarement en dessous dans des conditions équivalentes. J'ai récupéré mon S3 et ma femme a un téléphone neuf. Donc je ne recommande pas le S5mini pour les activités géocaching (par ailleurs il est très bien). Quelqu'un a t'il eu une expérience semblable avec ces appareils ? Existe t'il un comparatif entre les perfos des GPS des téléphones portables du marché?
  11. Bonjour, Moi aussi je suis un nouveau venu dans le monde GC. Cecticide te donne la solution la plus simple. Visionner les caches son ton smartphone,télécharger les caches, les enregistrer sur des listes et les consulter hors ligne, quand tu en as besoin, ça marche super! Une précision complémentaire, il faut ouvrir GC.com et le laisser ouvert avant de quitter la zone de couverture. Sinon, quand tu seras en pleine brousse et que tu voudras consulter tes listes sauvegardées tu ne pourras pas le faire car tu ne pourras pas te connecter avec GC.com hors couverture.Un souci: la charge du smartphone qui baisse rapidement quand on utilise le GPS intégré (j'ai acheté une batterie que j'emmène avec moi et qui permet de recharger son smartphone en nomade). Il faut être économe et quand on commence on a tendance à trop tirer sur la batterie, j'en sais qqchose. Vrai que le GPS devient vite nécessaire, hors 3G ou 4G. Bonne chasse
  12. Bonjour à tous, Mon tableau de statistiques est sous la forme d'origine. Certains membres ont des tableaux très détaillés, par exemple par départements sous l'onglet "maps". Comment faire évoluer mon profil afin d'avoir plus de détail ? Merci de votre aide. R2B
  13. Bonjour, I had the same difficulty with IE, communicator would not work, always asking me to download the last updates without any result. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and everything immediately worked perfect. I now only use Firefox for Geocaching. Another way to solve the issue. Have a good day
  14. Hello "NOSNOW", Thanks a lot for your reply. Things are clear for me now. Have a good day, Geodially yours, R2B
  15. Bonjour, I am a new french geocacher with only 40 caches found and really fan of it. My question is that most of my findings were done around my home and most of them hidden by the same member. When I check the profile of this member, I have found quite a bit of his caches (around 30%) but I do not find my findings in the statistics even if, according to the quantity of findings, I should be in the middle of the list. Does anybody knows how this is updated ? Thanks for your help. R2B
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