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Archived cache id

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Is there anyway to search to find the name and cache number of an archived cache? A cacher has a spot for a new cache but may be having problems with a reviewer concerned about newness to a school. The new cache is maybe 30 yards closer than the older one. If we can get the info maybe the reviewer can have more info to work with. The archived cache is one I did find. I cannot really any part of the name. 

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If you found it, it will appear in your list of finds still - scroll back through your logs..... if you didn't find it, you can do the same with others log lists, or if you know who the CO was. You can also use Project-GC to check a map for archived caches....


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Pardon, but what does "newness to a school" mean? I can use any translator to translate this for me but it doesn't make any sense to me?


Is the planned cache near a school? If so, perhaps the reviewer is right and that's not a very good spot?

As soon as you have found the archived listing (*) you should check why the old cache has been archived. Perhaps there were problems with the school, maybe some pupils finding and taking the cache away? If so that's not a place where to hide the cache!?


(*) Do you know anything about the old cache?

- cache type?

- found date, found month, found year?

- difficulty, terrain?

You can sort your found caches list by those and if you know that it was terrain 1 or 1.5 you might sort them by terrain and quickly find the cache. You surely know that archived caches are highlighted red and are crossed out: cache name in red


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1. It's not even your cache.  Let the owner deal with the review process.

2. It's the holiday season.  Allow me to take a few extra days to review a cache that has a guidelines issue. 

3.  Yes, I know about the old cache that is now archived.  It was published prior to when the "no caches near schools" guideline was a thing.

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If you just want to find out about archived caches, there is a way to do so... on project-gc.com


Go to the Map Compare screen, fill in your own nickname both in Profile Name and in Compare With. Below that, add the area where you want to look: country, state, city ,...

Next for Show, choose None (so neither you nor yourself logged it as Found :))

In Add Filter, select Disabled/Archived and an extra line will show up. Mark Archived, hit the Filter button and hey presto! a map with the archived caches in the given area appears.


Mind you: if you have placed any caches in that area yourself, they will show up too, as you have obviously never "found" them. It is quite a few years now that you can no longer "find" the caches you placed yourself.


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1 hour ago, Unit473L said:


I might need to test that, I have a cache that I adopted which I hadn't found and it still comes up as a dnf even though I've done maintenance and dropped in TB's. :D

You can always pass the cache for a second to someone else and log a found there ;)

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