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  1. I noticed today, that creating a draft for locationless cache (e.g. GC8NEAT) results with creating this draft at the end, like it's not taking order or time into consideration. So even though, I created 10 more drafts later that day, the locationless is still at the last spot on the list. Anyone else noticed that? I guess it may be a bug.
  2. Could someone clarify for me, pretty please, what happened to the cache logging page? Nearly nothing changed, but the possibility to opt-out disappeared. Why can't I find any information of disabling the old logging page? Thanks for help
  3. Jeśli nie jest włączona wymuszona kolejność to nie. Jedynym miejscem gdzie autor mógł wspomnieć o zalecanej kolejności, to opis.
  4. I've run into this waymark WM14BWC which seems to be a self-advertisement. This waymark doesn't even have a proper photo of the place. But this didn't bother the leader, who approved it. My question is, can something be done about it, because it seems to me that it should?
  5. I honestly like the idea, but there will be a ton of exclusions. First that came into my mind: Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings Pedestrian Suspension Bridges + all other bridges of course. A nice list of not allowed structures will be needed. I think this part is going to be hard. Defining what is too common or uninteresting is very subjective.
  6. Of course there is a need to draw the line. So trying answering your questions I would say, in my opinion, as long as the word love or heart symbol is the only or the main concept of the object it should fit (the word love or the equivalent in the native language of the region). Example of an acceptable Welcome Sign: Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/wMiLAStshxWQ5yov5 The sign / inscription can also be artistic and should be accepted, as long as the love is the core of it. These creations are artistic but LOVE is still the main concept: Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/8oJTC3Vx2M49FbXU6, https://images.app.goo.gl/ms12PURiL5LEF5RS7 The same goes with sculptures. If the sculpture is only a part of the sign / inscription, it would be okay I guess. These days the sculptures can be so different and unusual, that I would say: post it there where it fits the most. Edge cases will be voted. Some more examples: - The "Love" sculptures (#1 and #2) linked by Alfouine would also be accepted, for the same reasons as above. - If there is a sculpture of a girl holding a book, and the book has "I love *something*" written on it, this won't be accepted, because the love is not the main creation of the sculpture. - I also saw creations where there is a town name and one letter is switched to be a heart (I could provide an example later), or the heart is the point of the " i " letter. Like: Lond♥n, instead of London - acceptable. If you have some cases you want to discuss, please post them. As I said before, I think that the concept of the SPAS category is different than of this conceptual category, but I'm not an officer there. I think all the examples I listed are already providing some view, and most of them wouldn't fit, or at least shouldn't in my opinion. Your example of # I Love NICE is suitable to this potential category. On the other hand this waymark got accepted two days ago in SPAS, when in my opinion it's not exactly right there. I think it got accepted as there is currently no other category for something similar (and even if we create this one, it still will only be for love related stuff) - from 2012 SPAS category is accepting text art pieces. Should we allow or disallow cross-Waymarking in the future? As example #3 from Alfouine clearly fits into both categories: https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm11Z3Q_LOVEwork_at_Virginia_Welcome_Center_Bristol_Virginia_USA I created a group https://www.Waymarking.com/groups/details.aspx?f=1&guid=0c9f0b07-094d-4b31-8c94-4f750bf4c01c. If someone feels he would like to be an officer, or want to help out with the requirements, please let me know. Over time, we will try to prepare a category description. If you have more examples that can be used as examples or to discuss edge cases, I would be glad to see them. I personally will be able to provide two examples from my region, one of this one: Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/MiYTZwSuT3MkjTmt9 Greetings
  7. You are right about that there should be a setting for that, but if you need the 528ft / 161m "circles", you can use 3rd party apps like Cachly on iOS or GCDroid on Android (and i guess Geooh GO also has this). The caches are remaining in the desired positions there.
  8. Wystarczy, że podmienisz współrzędne konkretnej skrzynki w tym miejscu: Po kliknięciu ołówka wyświetli Ci się okno do podmiany: Pod podmianie skrzynka będzie wyświetlała się w nowym miejscu z ikoną "puzzla" widoczną na screenie nr 2
  9. Good point, but I have to say the examples you've provided, are a little different from what I think the love category's main aim may be. You are right that there are love signs which are already in a different category. <cut out part> Examples #1 and #2 are art, so that obviously works there more than in the love category (edit: don't get me wrong, they would be fine here too, but they are an unique example). It's a very known sculpture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_(sculpture) I was even able to find a remade Polish version of it Plaque from #2 confirmes: Example #3 fits easily into SPAS, as it's clearly cut out of metal and that's what the category is mainly aiming at. It would also nicely work in this potential category. Cross-Waymarking could be prohibited or allowed, it depends. Example #4 Nice entry sign, artistic in a way I think the Silhouette Public Art Sculptures category has a different aim, than the idea I brought up. From my examples, the third one would be unacceptable, as it's made out of hedges. Also not all "I love something" or "love" signs would be as artistic to fit (to fit, not to be accepted) into the mentioned SPAS category. There are many easy ones, where the author is unknown, and it was made only to please the eye. But aside of the above, I think that the concept of "I ❤️ something" (or anything with a heart, or love word) is strong, and it's unique in a way. You surely know logos like this ( btw. what a potential to have a similar, cool category icon!) : Source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Love_New_York Of course you may disagree that it needs a separate category, but maybe it's not a bad idea to make a different section for this kind of stuff. If more people has a different perspective from mine, Keith and someone else who PM'ed me about this, just let me know. It's better to know now than after a denied Peer review I did some editing in this post, I've expressed myself differently than I wanted
  10. In the last two days I've run into this at least five times. Very annoying.
  11. I've had the opportunity to come across a few I LOVE signs recently. They seem to be more and more popular. They are placed in courtyards, squares, or at the entrances to cities, and relate to a particular region, attraction, city, or neighborhood. They are created as a permanent construction of hedges, metal connectors and whatever the creator had in mind. They can be treated as a tourist attraction, like this sign from Uzbekistan: source: https://images.app.goo.gl/WMfUtZcdi4urbrvb6 source:https://images.app.goo.gl/KKCCN9EEJnTL9A3CA Some of them are decorated for the period of christmas time: source: https://gazetazoliborza.pl/2019/12/06/na-zoliborzu-juz-czuc-swieta-choinka-rozswietlona/ The only problem may be determining the permanence of such signs. All the ones I've seen in my area are made to be permanent, sometimes decorated as in the example above for a limited time. I thought this might be a good category. The question is, do you think this is a good idea? Would you find that interesting? More examples: https://goo.gl/maps/JrvDrsmt8pyVvU5m9
  12. Could someone help me out. Where can I fit Tram cars? The closest I can get is "Static Train Cars" or "Permanent Car Displays", but neither of those seems to fit trams exactly. Is this a category gap? Examples: 1) Serves currently as a tourist shop, but it is also a memorial that 100 years ago there were trams in this city (there is a plaque not far away) 2) Permanent display of a small, private collection of tram cars. Really cool by the way.
  13. Some time passed, I've done some thinking, and I faced an issue. There are places, with permanent structures designed for some specific games like Table Tennis, see below. I Think there is no reason not to accept such places. Of course when there are multiple tables at the same location, one waymark should be added only. But what about tables designed to play chess which are next to it? These are tables with chessboards on them. It's also a game, chess is considered to be a sport, but should it be part of this category, what do you think? I personally wouldn't accept chess tables, as they are too common in some places - I mean like 5 or 6 in one location, practically never used to play chess, as this is a game mostly played inside (I think?). But I could say the same about table tennis. I don't really know what to think, so some feedback would be appreciated. Also, if anyone feels like adding something to the bigger post I made above (April 12), I'm all ears. Thanks
  14. I feel that you are trying to argument something, which would deny the current state. I understand the easy association: multi-cache - > multiple stages - > can't have a checker (still could, but I understand some people may be confused), but we could easily do the same with mysteries. Mystery Caches have checkers - fact. There are no-stage, one-stage, multi-stage mysteries - fact. Other cache types don't have checkers - fact. There are no-stage, one-stage, multi-stage letterboxes - fact. Do you see what I mean? I don't think it makes much sense to find a logic in here. There is some reasoning for sure, which I don't know, and that is what I would love to hear from the HQ, or someone who has a different idea maybe? Edit: I don't understand, I just checked and they don't? Am I not seeing something?
  15. Exactly. As said, if the checker would be available, nobody forces the owner to use it. A bad multi can be bad with or without the checker, the checker may help. Exactly like with a Mystery Cache which is done in-field (yeah, they are a thing too!). Overall we have 3 other cache types that may require a checker: Multi-Cache, Wherigo, Letterbox. Let's say the first two are not a big deal. Wherigo is giving you the final zone (sometimes not the coordinates, but ok), and nobody wants a checker in a multi-cache (that is your wish ). But what about letterboxes? In the beginning they were supposed to involve a small riddle, lead you a path or something like this, but let's be honest times have changed. I see now multiple letterboxes which are done exactly like a Mystery Cache, but there can't be a HQ checker. But why really? Because I see here the exact same case as with Mystery Caches.
  16. Just saying, but my android app (GCDroid) supports the HQ checker. I guess on iOS Cachly is also making that move, or have already made. I wouldn't relate to the official app as the HQ itself says that there are features not available in their app, but available in Cachly for example (reactions to logs as an example). Of course you are right - we all can use 3rd party checkers, but the point of the in-built checker is: 100% availability, without having to depend on other sources, easy access, and of course the confirmation of the coordinates being in the system. Yeah I see your point Haven't actually thought about those, as in my area these multi-caches are pretty rare. More often it is an offset multi, with a virtual stage at the beginning. But as said by mustakorppi - there are already mystery caches with multiple physical stages. Nobody says that there needs to be a checker on those, but it is an option. But even without the possibility to check each stage, this would still be a good thing overall. Just to have it as an option. Because an additional option is always welcome, in the opposite to lack of some functionality. I think with time we will get the HQ checker in other geocaching apps too, not only the ones that I mentioned, and it would be very, very handy to have the checker in other cache types!
  17. Of course I'm talking about the final checker - the same as it is right now in Mystery Caches. Letterbox caches are pretty often the same as a Mystery and they have no checker, because... I don't know why? Confirming final coordinates which are in the system is very important the moment you try to hide something in a high dense area. It would just be useful to "be sure" - sometimes even a small difference is changing everything. The exact same work as with Mystery Caches I suppose?
  18. Hello, I just want to ask a question regarding the in-built solution checker. Are there any plans of letting people add these checker to other cache types than "Mysteries"? If yes, why it hasn't been done yet? If not, then what is the reasoning behind that decision? Thank you
  19. Brzmi jak niewyczyszczone filtry wyszukiwania. No ale tak jak kolega wyżej wspomniał, za mało szczegółów. Czy dotyczy to 'Search Map', czy 'Browse Map' może również być istotne.
  20. Are there any plans on implementing a list of own logs which were upvoted? I'm not talking about notifications like on the forums here, but maybe a list of logs which received votes. Without this I don't even know if someone liked my log or even read it.
  21. In case of websites in 2021, "old is always better"
  22. I found this white-screen bugs on at least 3 different pages: Unpublished caches, hide a new cache, map, lists. Half of the service is unavailable.
  23. 5 Smileys are not a big problem, they are just stats. The real problem is not to have a possibility of reporting any issue with an Adventure Lab. Sometimes the questions are out of date because the site has changed and you have no way to let the owner know.
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