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  1. When you create a AL, you do not mandatorily have to set an order for the usually 5 locations that you can add, you can just leave them to be visited in random order. If a sequence is set, the first point will be on the GC app map, but how is the location picked for an AL that has no set sequence ?
  2. Deleting the associated data didn't work, neither clearing cache data, nor 'all' data, the options that Android 10 offers. It was only uninstalling the app and re-installing it that did the trick. That's one poorly programmed app.
  3. I have no Other and therefore no options under this entry, so no possibility to pick AL And I have looked for AL's that I can see in the AL app and that I have never started.
  4. I have read, checked, applied all of the above but still have a problem. I am a Premium Member, I installed the most recent version of the GC app, 8.46.2, on both my tablet, a Samsung running Android 7.0, and my mobile phone, a Xiaomi running Android 10. On both I have the AL app 1.3.1 build 2062 installed. On both I have switched all filters on and off, logged out of the apps and back on again. I even switched the devices off and restarted them, but still nothing shows up, no icons on the map, no Other category in the filters. Does anyone have any sensible suggestion as to what else I could do to get this new feature working?
  5. I wish it were that simple. I checked by converting a set of coords and then do a digits frequency analysis of both sets. Not even close, so there must be more to it than just shuffling.
  6. As I see it, we're not doomed to anything, you can simply ignore AL's. Works for me
  7. To illustrate my earlier point about the lack of checking of AL's before they get published: Recently while walking to a geocache in a park, my cache buddy, who does like AL's, said: there are 2 different sets of 5 AL points in this park, created by different people. It looked like these two had not agreed on who would place points where, or maybe they had not had any contact whatsoever, as the points of both AL's were just randomly spread around the park. This required my buddy to switch from one AL to the other and back in the app a number of times, as she did not want to walk the same paths twice, once for every AL. It only confirmed my idea of the messiness that will emerge with increasing numbers of AL's.
  8. I am interested in the logic that is used for creating a (reverse) Wherigo, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. So I am not looking for an existing tool to create a cartridge or the cartridges themselves, just the maths behind it. Does anyone know how it works or a place where I could find an explanation? Thanks in advance! Merino
  9. If you just want to find out about archived caches, there is a way to do so... on project-gc.com Go to the Map Compare screen, fill in your own nickname both in Profile Name and in Compare With. Below that, add the area where you want to look: country, state, city ,... Next for Show, choose None (so neither you nor yourself logged it as Found ) In Add Filter, select Disabled/Archived and an extra line will show up. Mark Archived, hit the Filter button and hey presto! a map with the archived caches in the given area appears. Mind you: if you have placed any caches in that area yourself, they will show up too, as you have obviously never "found" them. It is quite a few years now that you can no longer "find" the caches you placed yourself.
  10. Interesting point, it has come up in discussions on AL in my personal GC circle: does GS want to go all virtual in the end? There are some advantages for them: no physical containers, so no more angry mails/phone calls from muggles who have problems with cachers littering "their" woods/parks/streets. Exit the Complaints Handling Lackey. You publish an AL all by yourself, no basic check if a listing/AL is evidently below standard, hence no reviewers are needed any more. Not a big saving for GS, but one more task they can discard of. Exit the Reviewer Management Lackey. As for the rapidly increasing numbers of AL: a while ago I published one in my little town (17K inhabitants) in the same week as someone else. Both are overlapping in part. This will happen more and more, as there is no need to know what else is already present in the area or on the verge of being published, unlike geocaches where you need to know where existing ones are, if only to respect the .1 mile rule. And the AL that are in the pipeline but as yet unpublished don't get stopped by a reviewer for being too close (in content).
  11. I have read (much of) the above and cannot help thinking about a sport you do not talk about here: strolling. Not a sport, you say? Indeed it has no element of competition, you do not get any points added to whatever, heck you don't even have the effort that is associated with trekking/hiking. You only walk to a place, maybe to another place, then in the end you return. That's it. Lots of people do it, only: they are not geocachers. The latter kind of animal seems to be motivated by a treat, a reward at the end of the effort. I don't know how many geocachers are aware of Groundspeak's proprietary version of strolling, but there can't be many, as GS decided to leave out of the new dashboard the link that has been present in the old one for as long as I can remember. My guess is that hardly anybody clicked it to go visit the Waymarking.com website in the last so many years. Like AL, Waymarking has a separate website and isn't really connected to geocaching. And of course the animals don't get a treat to lure them there. As I see it, AL is the new flavour of strolling and this time, GS decided to include the reward. That's how I interpret the fact that you can increase your counter really fast with it. For the record: I don't particularly like AL, but I don't fulminate against it, I just choose to ignore it. Those who like AL should go strolling. Live and let live.
  12. Going to this link in a new account automatically takes you to the new dashboard page, I had already checked that. I'm guessing the allowed dashboard pages are either hidden in the profile, based on account creation date maybe, or in a cookie. In the latter case, it would be conceivable to modify it, hence my initial post.
  13. It might be of course, that the reason new users don't complain is bcs they never got the choice, even have no idea that an alternative exist(s/ed). To build on what Hynz said, I wonder what the percentages would be if both old and new customers (that is basically what we geocachers are) were allowed to choose. That being said, I have worked in the IT industry for longer than I care to remember and I know from experience, that service providers often modify things for their own benefits - be it less cumbersome for maintenance or taking up less processor time or disk space or ... - and "sell" that to their customers as "improved". Been there, done that, didn't buy the T-shirt however.
  14. This is not about the new cache owner dashboard, but about the general user dashboard. I started out some years ago with the old user dashboard. At some point a new version of it was proposed, so I switched to have a look, decided I missed the compact single page overview and went back to the old version. I haven't considered the new version since. Now a friend came along on one of my caching trips, liked it and created himself a profile. That profile however has as a standard the new version dashboard. He has seen my old version and would like to switch to it, only: there seems to be no such feature available. Is there anyone who can say if and how it can be switched ? Maybe an undocumented cookie ? I am not interested in your opinion as to why he should work with the new version, please react only if you know how to execute the switch.
  15. Hier is nog geen antwoord, maar er is (sinds gisteren 30/6) al een tiental nieuwe events goedgekeurd in Nederland.
  16. My bad, bovenstaande "Update Events" staat in meer dan 1 topic. Mijn post is bedoeld voor de reviewers en staat in
  17. Dit is van toepassing op Nederland, maar in het Nederlandstalig forum zitten ook Vlamingen. Vlaanderen hoort bij België, waar de regels niet dezelfde zijn als in Nederland. Zo mag je bijvoorbeeld vandaag al in België een evenement voor max. 100 personen organiseren, vanaf 1 juli tot 200 personen. Je moet alleen rekening houden met de anderhalvemeterregel. Er zijn erg weinig GC-events in België die meer dan 100 aanwezigen halen (en die geen Mega zijn). Bovendien zou je voor een event perfect kunnen werken met "cirkels" van 10 - in België mag je nu al elke week met 10 personen van buiten je gezinsbubbel contact hebben. Die 10 mogen elke week andere zijn. Het weer is goed genoeg om iets in open lucht op poten te zetten, je kunt op de grond posities markeren in een cirkel voor 5 à 10 personen, met telkens 1,5 à 2 meter tussen, zodat je elkaar voldoende goed kunt horen. Eventuele volgende cirkels kun je dan telkens een tiental meter verder voorzien. Verder beperk je het event tot het minimum van 30 minuten. Is het bovenstaande aanvaardbaar? Een event indienen moet 3 weken vooraf, dus sowieso pas voor na 1 juli. EDIT 24/06/2020 > Niemand van de reviewers heeft tot nu toe gereageerd op dit bericht, daarom eerder een aanpassing dan een nieuw bericht. We zijn een week later en de volgende fase is zojuist aangekondigd door de Belgische regering: * Vanaf 1 juli wordt de "contactbubbel" (= buiten je gezinsbubbel) uitgebreid van 10 naar 15 personen per bubbel en per week. Dit mogen elke week 15 andere personen zijn * Voor evenementen geldt vanaf diezelfde datum: maximum 200 personen voor een evenement binnen, 400 voor buiten
  18. I have a similar issue. I'm working on an AL that I was awarded and I created a test version to see what it looked like in the app on my mobile phone. There was room for improvement, so I deleted the test version, modified the AL and generated a second test version, even a third. All these test versions remain individually visible in the app as separate adventures. even though these test versions have all been deleted online, I find no way of removing them. On top of that, on the map I too see 2 orange circles with a key, the remains of 2 (why only 2 ?) of the test versions. I am inclined to think that the app is not really mature enough. Or that I'm stupid. In any case I can find no solution, nor a relevant discussion on this forum
  19. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. I am working on creating a AL and have made several test versions. Although each time I delete the then current test version, all of them keep showing up in the app on my mobile phone. If it is not possible to delete them, this may well be be my first and at the same time last AL.
  20. Ik ben nu zowat een jaar in mijn eentje aan het cachen en wil graag af en toe samen met een andere cacher eropuit trekken. En omdat ik nogal van Mystery's hou - ik heb er zelf enkele gelegd - kan het ook leuk zijn om samen na te denken, want twee weten sowieso meer dan één. Erwin (60, maar mentaal en fysiek zou je me niet meer geven dan 59 :-)
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