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BUG: DNF drafts converting into founds


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From our friends at Wikipedia:


Regression testing is re-running functional and non-functional tests to ensure that previously developed and tested software still performs after a change.[2] If not, that would be called a regression. Changes that may require regression testing include bug fixes, software enhancements, configuration changes, and even substitution of electronic components.[3] As regression test suites tend to grow with each found defect, test automation is frequently involved. Sometimes a change impact analysis is performed to determine an appropriate subset of tests.


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This is wild. It's literally causing people to post FOUND IT logs when the cache was NOT FOUND. It goes entirely against the goal of encouraging accurate logging, and can easily be misleading to people to check recent find history. 

How is this still not resolved?

Could we at least get some kind of confirmation that it's actively being worked on? (not just 'seen' by the hovering PTB watching the thread ;P)

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