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High reach TOTT Caches

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On 8/19/2020 at 3:39 PM, valliantknight said:

Does anyone know wether there is a list produced highlighting those caches requiring a long reach TOTT.

It would be nice to go armed for these specific caches as its not practical to carry the  item around as a matter of course.


D/T is sometimes a clue, but all we've ever been able to do is  read logs for that info.

Something that might be of some help is when the "climbing gear required" or tree climbing required" attributes are present, that means you need to climb.   :)

We're surprised by the many caches needing maintenance because someone plucked a cache that was secured to a tree with a "pole", and now no way to replace it.

When a "specials tools required" attribute is present, it could mean anything.  Hopefully it's explained somewhere in the description.

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There has been a bit of s trend for setting series of these types of caches in the South of the UK recently, and many (though not all) have the "Special Equipment Required"  AND the "No tree climbing required" attributes set. I just did a search for both those attributes and found another series that I didn't know about.


If the OP is interested then these are caches on 4 series of Pole caches (as I call them), you could start your own bookmark list...









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I would recommend a wire coat hanger .  When unwound, they can extend quite high, and using a multitool you can fashion the end in many different configurations for cache grabbing.  I also once did a power trail in Los Angeles where each cache was a plastic DNA tube stuck into the holes of a street sign.  Many were too high to reach, but I was able to fashion a true MacGyvered TOTT to reach them.  First, I found a piece of wire left in another street sign ( a fairly commonplace item found in such spots) and bent the tip to just the right shape to grab the lid rim of these nanos and pull them down.  They also worked to place the caches back as well.

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Was at one cache that was a mag key holder about 15 feet  up a baseball field light standard. Was going to pass on it when other cachers I knew showed up.  They said "we have a tool for that". They went in their truck and got out PVC pipe that they connected together tp the required height.  At the end was a T-connection that had a small ( few inches)  piece of PVC on it. Reached ip and dragged it down the pole to a reachable height. After signing, he pushed it up to the original location the sane way.

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