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26 minutes ago, RobinsonClan56 said:

does it allow me to access cache information when I don't have cell service?

When you download the list for offline use, Yes you can get the information when you don't have cell service. I often don't have cell service while geocaching in rural areas near me. The trick is to remember to download to offline while I have free wifi, before I head out.


Edit: By the way, downloading a list for offline use, on the app, is a one-click feature.

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25 minutes ago, RobinsonClan56 said:

What is the benefit/purpose of a PQ?  Is it something I only need if I am using a GPS as opposed to my iPhone?  Or if I ever manager to plan ahead for an adventure does it allow me to access cache information when I don't have cell service?


It allows you to set some pre-determined criteria you want met when searching for caches to attempt.  Not everything can be set to optimize your preferences but it will sort out a lot of the stuff you don't want.  For example, I typically avoid all 1.5/1.5 caches (not always but much of the time).  I can select my PQ to only provide me with caches that are 2/2 or higher (or just a single D/T combination if I desire).


As to what device you can use them on, although I don't use the official app, it's my understanding that you can download the PQ and store it on your phone for offline use, which would allow you to access ONLY those caches within the PQ (or any other you've opted to store offline).  As to using them with a GPS, it's just a little bit more work but you can put the PQ on the GPS as well, which is how almost all GPS units get their caches loaded since they don't have cell service to connect to the internet.  The Monterra (Garmin unit) does have wi-fi access and Android app capabilities but I think it's the only one.

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If you run a PQ, your phone will see it as a list for a week.  I try to remember to download offline data, including maps, so the phone is loaded and can run in airplane mode. Even if I have a good cell connection, this saves the phone battery. 

I can share data from my phone to my gps - Garmin GSPMap 66.   There are a handful of gps models that will link to phones.

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PQs also allow you to examine caches at locations other than where you are, and do it on your computer instead of on a smartphone screen.   Suppose that next week (Covid-19 notwithstanding) you are planning to drive to another state to visit relatives for a week or two and would like to do some caching while you are there.  You  can download, not only a PQ of the area you will be visiting, but also get caches along the route that you can look through to see if any pique your interest.  There are a number of good software programs such as GSAK that allow you to do this with ease---far easier than scrolling around a map of icons on your smartphone.


Since local law enforcement takes a dim view of you staring at your smartphone while you drive, it might be to your advantage to make note of particular caches you'd like to visit along the way and so be better prepared---perhaps by pre-loading coordinates into your vehicle's navigation system.


Further, if you are "into" such things as puzzle caches, where the posted coordinates may be up to two miles away from the real cache location, you might find it advantageous to download a PQ of such caches so you can work through them in an orderly fashion.



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I use PQ's mainly to keep my GSAK databases up-to-date (in combination with the API). They allow me to have 1000's of caches ready for review, solve mysteries.....

PQ's allow you to make a (simple) selection of caches and getting them to your computer or app in bulk. Since PQ's are limited to 1000/PQ you might need several if you want to prepare trips. It all depends on you needs. A casual cacher who just downloads a few caches will not have a big advantage running PQs compared to downloading "at the spot".

On the other hand, you can just as well make lists and add caches to them and create PQs from these lists. That will give you a better selection than PQ filtering.


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18 hours ago, MNTA said:

PQ is the only way I know of to search for attributes.




A pocket query consists of three parts.   There's the search form (which includes filtering with attributes) for creating a query,  the ability to save/replay the query, and the results encapsulated as a GPX file.  It has to have all three parts to be a PQ.

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