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Who was FTF on Dave Ulmer's first stash?


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I'm a little confused. I have been going back through the history of Geocaching and one thing kinds of bothers me. I have found that Dave Ulmer's (and the worlds) very first cache/stash was hidden on May 3, 2000. Then there is some confusing info. In several spots it refers to Mike Teague as the first finder, but if you view the video of Dave when he was at the placement of the Original location plaque, he refers to a man seen in the video as "Don guinea Pig Finder". Who is Don?

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2 hours ago, GeoElmo6000 said:

Mike Teague, May 6th, 2000.  I did a puzzle about the FTF of the FTH.


Did you read the question? The video clearly shows Dave introducing a gentleman named Don who he calls "the first finder, or guinea pig finder." Don then adds "I was the guinea pig finder."

I did not know about the existence of this video (I knew the story of Dave Ulmer, of course) so I, too, want to know "Who is Don?" Presumably the first beta tester, as JL_HSTRE suggests, should have his own place in the history of this game.

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49 minutes ago, Michaelcycle said:

Did you read the question?


I did.  In actuality there were two questions asked.  The first is from the thread title: "Who was FTF on Dave Ulmer's first stash?".  I answered that question:  Mike Teague.  Later there's a second question: "Who is Don?".  "Don was the first finder, or guinea pig finder".   We still have guinea pig finders, and they aren't considered FTF, as they generally have more knowledge or advanced information than the general geocaching community.  Maybe the thread title should be "Who is Don from Dave Ulmer's video?" :)

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