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  1. Those came out nicely! Maybe I'll see one on the road somewhere.
  2. fendmar

    Code Prefixes

    I have noticed that certain tracking codes have the vendor/designer as the first two letters. Is there a comprehensive list of these prefixes?
  3. Since the owner's crevasse may have washed away in your example, yep, NM.
  4. It might depend on the particular circumstances, but I'm pretty sure that warrants a NM right there.
  5. A minor issue. I would rather GS spend their time on more important things.
  6. I was using hand sanitizer before all the cool kids started using it. I decided the alcohol might cut the oil and help clean the area before the rash could take hold. Started carrying it in my backpack and cleaning up everything that I suspected might have touched any poison ivy including anything I might have been wearing or carrying. Then cleaning up with orange clean and dishwashing liquid as soon as I could. That seems to have kept me from getting a bad case in some time. At least when I knew that I had come into contact with it. Recently had a round of poison ivy that I don't even know where it came from. I think it was the cat. Or a bench at the park. When I was caching heavier I was making the calamine lotion manufacturers rich. I am not a doctor. Try hitting the affected area with a hair dryer or hot water to relieve the itch for several hours. After doing that you might go looking to get a small case of poison ivy. Just for fun. LOL!
  7. The geocaching volunteers that have helped me the most and are the most often overlooked are all the volunteer hiders in the game, without them we got nuthin'.
  8. You might say they're outta' this world! (kinda cheated on this post, but meh)
  9. Here's another cool item in the geocaching shop. Mars Rover Trackable Brick Set (geocaching.com)
  10. Many here have probably already seen these items in the shop.geocaching.com store, but if you haven't here's a nice way to commemorate the event. https://shop.geocaching.com/default/new-items/mars-mission-perseverance-rover
  11. I think it would be a great feature if the search bar on the main page worked for trackables.
  12. I prefer it when the art is "drawn" with traditionals rather than mystery caches. It just seems better when you actually draw the pictures with your steps. Definitely more of a challenge to create.
  13. Hand sanitizer (assuming that's what you meant by hand sanatzer ) and hand cleaning in general had been brought up a few times previously in the thread. Also, not what's in hand sanitizer in general, but what was in that particular brand of "hand sanitizer" (I rate a 3/10). Did you read the thread or the post you quoted? Welcome to the forums!
  14. I don't know which questions you keep persisting about. It seems pretty clear that horseshoes and hand grenades is not enough. If you don't personally climb the tree then you may as well be sitting at home in front of the live-stream.
  15. It apparently existed enough that GS felt the need to reiterate their thoughts on the subject at least as far as events was concerned.
  16. See the one up there on top find the rest assist stat unless they actually did the climbing up there part too. I would have used a ladder or just climbed the pole.
  17. It could be setup like an event, since most of this requires planning and forethought anyway.
  18. Eureka! GS should change the system to allow the actual finder to tag the people that assisted and didn't actually do the cache and give them a +1 as an assist stat on their profile. Problem solved and now the people that sit at home in front of the live-stream and assisted can get something, too.
  19. could be telling some don't see the similarities
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