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  1. Lots of room for error on a projection that long. Take a warm jacket. An online great circle calculator can be found here.
  2. ^Thank you! Hadn't read back far enough.
  3. Anybody know when this game resets?
  4. This thing. (link) It's inspired competition, comradery and many great caches in the Houston area.
  5. My old garmin gpsmap60 will do projections. Have you checked the menus on your device?
  6. Unfortunately, I wouldn't think so because... Sorry.
  7. Why not just start a new trackable?
  8. Sadly, for the most part you're out of luck. Trackables can disappear, that's the way of things. You can reuse the trackable numbers for your missing items on something else and try again. GS does frown upon multiple trackables in play on the same number at the same time.
  9. In your first picture the location for your cache seems to be pretty open and within sight of at least two houses. Strangers and strange activity are sure to draw attention. You might consider a more hidden location for your future hides.
  10. ^ You could do this too, but spaces are way less $$.
  11. Just put some spaces in the link somewhere.
  12. You can reuse the number. The main concern is multiple travelers with the same number.
  13. Not a problem. I usually ask them if they want a nudge or a shove.
  14. This is how I've always dated my computer files. I expect over time this format will become more prevalent because of this.
  15. I noticed Signal got a pet, Tracker. 2021 Geocaching HQ Holiday Geocoin
  16. ^It's cool that it appears you inspired your own spike.
  17. Those came out nicely! Maybe I'll see one on the road somewhere.
  18. I have noticed that certain tracking codes have the vendor/designer as the first two letters. Is there a comprehensive list of these prefixes?
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