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  1. I agree that D/Ts should stick in your stats for when you found the cache, and the CO given the freedom (which they have, but at the risk of nastygrams) to change the D/T rating to stay current. I remember flying down to DFW and, before I arrived, checking for Jasmer fillers in the area. Well, there was a 1/1 cache from a month in 2001 or so that I didn't have! So I got off the plane, got my car, and drove to this park where I expected to find this easy 1/1 cache. But over the 20 or so years since it was placed, that 1/1 became a much higher terrain rating - it was an absolute jungle of vegetation and I was not in appropriate clothing for it! I didn't go for the cache during that trip, and I don't think I've been back since.
  2. This geocoin Kickstarter campaign is just about 55% funded with just under two weeks remaining in the fundraising campaign. Please consider contributing! Here is the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geoelmo/the-geo-elmo-geocaching-trackable-geocoin Some highlight reminders: This Kickstarter is being used to raise the funds to create the coin; I've had samples made already, which can be seen through the link above With Kickstarter, you (hopefully, as a backer) pledge money to contribute to the campaign, and choose your reward, which is a geocoin or geocoins once they're produced; it's sort of like a pre-sale If the fundraising goal is met by the deadline, pledges are collected from backers, I have the coins produced, and then send them to those that backed the campaign If the fundraising goal is NOT met by the deadline, no pledges are collected from backers, and the coin isn't produced If the goal is met early, the campaign continues until the deadline, as more people can get in on the campaign Please consider participating, and please share the link with anyone you think would be interested! Thank you!
  3. During the beginning of the pandemic, I hosted some live interviews with some geocachers, one being Mondou2, the geocacher you are referring to. He currently has 222k finds. There is some controversy to his numbers because in the interview (around the 57 minute mark) he does mention working in teams that split up and claim finds as a group. I don't believe that's a big number of caches and it's done as part of these multi-geocacher adventures he's part of. But if you're interested, here's the interview I did. I also interviewed MissJenn and Bl4ckh4wkGER of Geocaching HQ, and Chris Mackey, a geocoin designer who I wound up using this year to design a geocoin I'm currently working on. I enjoyed each of the interviews.
  4. Logs have a way of becoming less interesting over time on caches. In the beginning you'll get excited cachers who found the cache and have some story to tell, and over time you get people writing quick "found it" logs (or worse). When you hide a cache, the logs are out of your control, and you have to accept that. People write logs the way they write logs. You get what you get and you don't get upset. If the cacher is upset because he isn't getting enough recognition in his logs for being such a great cache hider (and I've seen that before), that's a different issue.
  5. Some years I pay $30 and some years I pay $0. Of course with the amount of work I have to do to get the $0 annual premium fee, which includes writing, filming, editing, and submitting a Geocaching International Film Festival entry AND having it selected as a finalist, it might be easier to just charge the $30 to my credit card. But my way is more fun.
  6. Hi all, For those of you interested, I've launched my first ever Geo Elmo Geocaching trackable geocoin campaign today. There are three different versions available: regular, glitter, and glow in the dark. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geoelmo/the-geo-elmo-geocaching-trackable-geocoin Some information: * The link has a lots of information, including describing the coin, the project timeline, etc. * I'm running this as a Kickstarter campaign, which will run from today (Oct 10th) for three weeks (Oct 31st) * I've been working with designer Chris Mackey and coin production company Oakcoins on this project * Kickstarter is a fundraising campaign where backers pledge money to bring a project to life, and choose their rewards * If the fundraising goal is met at the deadline, pledges are collected, I have the coins produced, and ship the rewards to those that backed the campaign * If the fundraising goal is not met at the deadline, no pledges are collected, and I don't produce any coins Please click the link for information, and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
  7. I can't imagine people looking at logs for anything other than the default reverse chronological order. Did someone find it recently? Were there any issues? Any clues I can glean from recent logs? The sky will still be where it's supposed to be tomorrow.
  8. Handheld GPS units and smartphones have the same accuracy these days. Here's a discussion that was held recently on this topic in the forums. I never heard of a gopher tortoise until I visited Melbourne Florida. I loved this sign (near a cache I found).
  9. It's just a respect thing. Someone creates a cache in honor of a cacher - "This cache honors Hynz for their longstanding dedication to the local geocaching community with great mentoring of new cachers, fun hides, and bringing the community together with some great events" - and others see that and step back and let the one being honored find the cache first. It's not about giving the one being honored the thrill of the FTF, it's like letting the one whose birthday it is get the first piece of cake.
  10. In my area, among experienced cachers, we hold back on any FTF attempt until the one being honored with the cache has a chance to go for FTF. There was one created for me once and I posted that I wouldn't be able to find it for a while so have it FTF seekers.
  11. Remember that you can use a cell phone as a GPS unit without a cell signal if you pre-load the geocaches. When I was out of the country I downloaded both every cache in the area I was visiting and also Google Maps for the area I was visiting, put my phone on airplane mode, and didn't need cell service my entire trip. GPS works in airplane mode just fine.
  12. Oh, I just saw this! Sorry for the late reply. For a few months I've been back and forth with the coin company I'm working with, but this past Monday I received my final sample coins and... they're awesome! Seriously, I love it. Hopefully others do as well but I definitely do. The plan is to launch a kickoff campaign for the coin probably early October. There will be three variations of the coin for sale. I'll post something in this forum about it when it goes live. Stay tuned!
  13. Using the instructions that @thebruce0provided to show archived caches... There are only four current / archived caches: https://coord.info/GC32X7N - archived 2011 https://coord.info/GCN95K - archived 2013 https://coord.info/GC464YA - archived 2015 https://coord.info/GC7FNAB - active As I mentioned above, my guess if that you completed the active multicache, which has 7 stages which takes you all over that park.
  14. Looks like there is a 7 or 8 stage multicache there that takes you all over that park. You didn't log that cache on 31 July. Is that the cache? GC7FNAB There's a way to show archived caches in project-GC but I'm not great with that tool.
  15. I want to help you but I don't know what you mean by a list description. You can add HTML and links to cache page descriptions. If you use the cache page's WYSIWYG editor there's a link button you can click on to add display text / link information, or if you use the cache page's HTML editor you can use standard HTML link tags like <a href="">Your text here</a>
  16. I think an update to the message center to be able to message multiple people at once is a great idea. I've set up geo-teams for certain geo-adventures or coordinating with GIFF projects and using x number of messages to coordinate can be rough. As a comparison to texting on my cell phone: I have some single person text threads and some group text threads. If I need to message just my wife then I just text her. If I want to message my wife and kids I use that group thread. It's very useful to be able to do that. I agree that the message center is meant to be a center for messaging, and messaging multiple geocachers has its uses.
  17. In my opinion your issue is with the event owners, not HQ. Never have I seen an event that is allowed to span multiple days, so their claim that it's a two day event (from the cache page: "Fri & Sat, August 13 & 14, 2021") is untrue. The event was Saturday, August 14th per the cache page. If there was something going on Friday then it should have been another event. I just did a "busy day" with 12 cache types at a mega event on August 7th, but I couldn't get "community celebration" because it was the day before. So I concentrated all my effort on the day of the mega event and got 12 cache / event types.
  18. I could see it as being part of the mystery of the cache (if it's a mystery cache of course!). With mystery caches, often times the a-ha moment is the best part of the geocache experience. I found a cache where the special tool was a smartphone, which apparently 85% of Americans and Europeans have. Figuring out the special tool and how to use it was a fun a-ha moment. But for those geocachers without one, one could say it's not fair that they can't participate. Well, then again, not every geocacher has a chirp capable device either (I do and still can't get those chirp caches to work!). In both cases one can always get a geo-friend to help out. I had a special tool required cache that was a magnetic container at the top of a 15' lamp post. The photos posted were great as people crafted their own special tools! Scaffolding, tops of commercial vans, extension ladders! I used a grabber on a painting extension pole to hide it and retrieve it.
  19. Good info, and I never knew that. My mouse wheel says thank you!
  20. I remember when this was a thing. An event page or something would have multiple logs from a single user for these temporary caches hidden just for the event, caches that weren't listed on the site. At the same time, the statistics page of the profile would also state "X number of finds on Y number of different caches", something to that effect.
  21. This doesn't answer your question but may be helpful as an option... Besides using my GPSr, I often use my iPhone with the Cachly app for geocaching. When I went to Bermuda a few years ago, as well as when I went to England a couple years ago, I was able to download all geocaches in the areas that I was visiting into my Cachly app in an offline list. I was also able to download the maps using Google Maps for the areas I was visiting into my phone as well. Not wanting to pay for an international data plan, I was able to use my phone in airplane mode in each country to find caches. I was able to geocache in each country using no data but using my phone as a GPS receiver. I could also navigate with walking directions using the offline Google Maps. Some people don't realize that GPS signals can still be used by smartphones when in airplane mode.
  22. If I host an event and end up with physical trackables left behind, I log that I took them from the event, and move them along to a cache. If, after hosting an event, a trackable that was dropped in my event and taken by a cacher but not logged as so (i.e. it still shows up as being in the event but it was actually taken by a cacher), I'll send an announcement or two about logging the trackables (like "hey, whoever took trackable X, would you please log that you took it?"). If there are still trackables logged as being at my event when it's time to archive my event, I mark them missing. I mark them missing because a) I don't know where they actually are (i.e. they're missing, at least to me as the event owner), and b) marking them missing isn't like archiving a cache, it just means its whereabouts are currently unknown, and whenever someone gets around to logging it, it'll be updated.
  23. I agree with what you said, but in my opinion, not clamping down on the mention of other location based games would just show the strength of and confidence in the geocaching hobby.
  24. I've had a cache declined that was Pokemon Go themed but I've seen Pokemon caches, with the former being the location based game and the latter being the domain in general. IMO I wouldn't characterize PG as a competing game just because it's location-based, but that's just an opinion. Unlike choosing a single airline to get you from one destination to another for a specific trip, people can be involved in multiple location based games at the same time.
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