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  1. @Moun10Bike I have to agree with others that the wording of this text needs improvement. I read it as Navigate to the geocache location Look for the hidden container If stuck, read the details Via the website, the cache description comes up when you open the cache page, but with the app, the description is one more click away. Please just take this as feedback from the user community that the wording needs some rework. I would say Read the cache description Navigate to the geocache location Look for the hidden container If stuck, read the hint (if provided by the cache owner)
  2. That's what I have. Except I haven't created the AL account yet lol
  3. I found some spectacular geocaches which made "regular" geocaching not as much fun. These days I find 50-100 caches per year (and I'm in a relatively dense geocaching area), as I just look for more interesting caches in my area and skip the ones that don't pull me. I think I have 8 lab cache finds to my name as I truly believe Adventures to be a game similar to geocaching and run by the same company, but a different game. I don't think they're bad but I would really like to see their finds counted separately than geocaches.
  4. I've told this story before, but it was a big pivot of mine in geocaching. One time I was maintaining a cache that isn't found often and I swapped out the log sheet. I decided to audit the log since it wouldn't be that difficult, and I couldn't match two online logs to physical logs. One was from a person I knew so I messaged that person first and asked about it. What I received back was a swear filled tirade about how they always sign the log and how dare I insult them about something like this. It was shocking as I'd never had that level of vitriol directed at me before. I saved that email to a save folder so I could always remind myself of the unexpected things I could encounter with geocachers, especially ones I thought I knew. I never audit logs anymore, it's just a game and unless someone is obviously faking something, I don't really care who logs what. If people want to cheat themselves, that's on them. This person and I are fine now but it took a lot of work on my part to rebuild that peace.
  5. I generally find less than 100 per year but I like the idea of having goals. Mine will be Find The Spot (GC39) and State Game Lands #109 (GC184), both year 2000 caches that would fill in two Jasmer months. I could do a road trip to find these though it'll require probably one overnight stay somewhere. Enter (and hopefully have accepted) a film for the 2023 GIFF. I have a really good idea for the next GIFF, probably my favorite idea so far. I've had 3 in so far and it's how I got started with my filmmaking hobby. Stretch goal: fly down to Georgia to find the three final Jasmer months I need, which are all around Atlanta If I find 5 caches next year but they're all really interesting caches, then I'll be satisfied. I'm sure I'll find some others along the way as well.
  6. Any virtual cache is sort of a tangent from where the game started, which was finding a physical cache, signing the log, and replacing the cache. Virtuals, earthcaches, webcams, and adventure labs fit this category. As for webcams, I agree with what's already stated about them having problems. I found one in Florida where you were supposed to be on the beach on the east coast as the sun rose over the ocean behind you (I think it was called "Rise and Shine"), but people were finding it whenever, and CO was deleting logs, and people were complaining, so the CO archived the cache. I guess they can be a problem. Sounds like virtuals were a problem at one point which is why they stopped publishing those, until recently and just in controlled batches.
  7. The thing that "ruined" the game for me wasn't bad caches, it was extraordinary geocaches. My top two game ruining geocaches are The Bridges and Arches of Central Park (GC17MX1) Into The Abyss (GC3RFQR) Both geocaches were so amazing that finding "regular" geocaches isn't as much fun. You can see by my numbers (I find less than 100 annually) that I've gone to being more selective in my geocaching instead of just finding every cache around me. I'm also into more hobbies these days than just geocaching.
  8. We're more modest in the US and make sure we cover our nuts. With a skirt. We are talking about lamp posts, right?
  9. I think just as importantly as having climbing gear are two things: 1) knowing how to safely use the climbing gear 2) having someone who will go with you who also knows how to safely use climbing gear
  10. You have a few nearby to find, including a couple Wherigos! Those are fun. My issue is that I have lots of caches nearby to find, but none that are interesting. I only have around 25 finds this year because the caches nearby don't pull me out to find them like they used to. Before the pandemic I used to travel for work a lot and I did most of my geocaching on business trips, discovering new areas and new geocaches. I'm fine with finding a lamp post cache in a new state but a lamp post cache near my house won't get me searching for it. I have too many other hobbies competing for my time now, including learning a foreign language, video production, etc.
  11. I signed in with my basic member account to check. What you need to do is go to the main geocaching.com page, and click on Filters to the right of the search bar. Scroll down to the cache types, select Letterbox, and hit Apply. This will give you a list of Letterbox caches near you. Remember that you, as a basic member, won't be able to see Letterbox caches via the geocaching app (the app restricts most cache types from basic members). So make sure to get the coordinates via the website. If you want to use a phone to find the cache, plug the coordinates into Google Maps or some other GPS app. Of course, if you have a GPS receiver, use that. I hope this helps.
  12. Premium membership is a requirement for geocachers to access to all basic member level caches using the app, when at the same time basic members have access to all basic member level caches using the website. The app limits basic members to half the caches they can access using the website, forcing them to become premium members to see those basic level caches via the app. I just published a video explaining to basic member app users how to use the website from their phones to get access to all basic member geocaches. --> https://youtu.be/92bszykv0P8
  13. The OP said it went live today and got 3 visitors. Sorry for the cache's loss, it looked like a nice effort you made for a great long-lasting fun geocache.
  14. I used to have a ziploc bag filled with the logs I swapped out of caches, then I realized I never once looked at them, so now I just throw the logs out. And I threw out the logs in the ziplog bag. I have a notebook that's my logbook for all my events for the last many years which is fun to keep.
  15. I find caches when I feel like it and the souvenir promotions don't change my behavior. I only got the intro souvenir for each labyrinth and I only know that because I filled in the survey and it asked which labyrinth souvenirs I found. When I first started geocaching souvenirs were more rare and meaningful and I would go out of my way to earn them, especially in August when the only souvenir challenge of the year would happen. But one year they had a souvenir for each day of August and that's when I stopped trying and caring about them. I wasn't going to go caching for 31 days in a row just to earn souvenirs. But for some people, that was the start of their 366 day or more streak. I enjoy earning location based souvenirs (states / provinces / countries) and the occasional single day souvenir (International Geocaching Day for example).
  16. I've had groups of new accounts find my caches, often times a group of kids who discovered the geocaching app. I welcome all finders and I'm happy when a cache of mine gets attention like that. I don't believe those are bot accounts you're talking about, they're just app users who never logged into the website. I have this premium member account but I also have at least one other basic account with zero finds because sometimes I want to be able to see what a basic member can see. I'm actually working on a video for my geocaching YouTube channel which will help basic-level app-only users, so it's good to have that account. But it's not a bot account.
  17. First, thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my videos! I need to get moving on creating some more, I have one in the works but I've been distracted with video games and life and learning a foreign language I'm not sure what you're asking, so if I don't answer you correctly, please let me know. When you purchase or receive a trackable, you go to the trackable page from the main geocaching site and activate it. You'll need the unique 6 character code on the trackable plus an activation code that comes with it in the package. Then when you visit caches you can mark the trackable as "visited" the cache if you want to keep it, otherwise you can drop it in the cache and mark it as such as part of the log (there's an option on how to handle each trackable in your possession). For the one I mentioned above, I just mark it as "Visited". I have a geocaching YT channel business card that has a trackable code on it, and since there are hundreds floating around out there, I made the code "discover only", since it doesn't make sense that lots of people can pick it up and move it around. That has to do with moving it to your collection. I have four of those, one is my business card, and three that are trackable videos (where you watch the video to find the code hidden in the video, then log it as discovered online). When you buy bulk codes you need to buy 50 minimum and they're $1.50 each, so that's $75 min. I suggest purchasing one trackable dog tag set and starting with that before you buy a lot. All my trackables in the wild have gone missing so I don't send them out anymore.
  18. As a society we give awards for trying, not for actually doing.
  19. That's an interesting idea requesting people mail back your trackables. I'm glad you got 9 back! My list (23 total): Went missing: 5 (of 5) Keep with me: 13 Virtual discover only (YT video / business card): 4 Lives at HQ: 1
  20. Every trackable I've sent out has gone missing. Therefore I don't send out trackables anymore.
  21. As of right now, 923 people are going to be spammed like crazy on August 17th when people start logging this.
  22. I did that once. I once made a seven puzzle series where the finders had to find the first six puzzle cache finals to get the seventh. The final puzzle required the six final coordinates plus use of each of six values found in the final cache containers. Link is here: https://coord.info/GC62D9P
  23. If you think using a boat shouldn't be T5, I'll tell you about one of my old caches. It was a magnetic container on the top of a light pole, and the reviewer made me rate it T5 because you had to use some sort of tool to get it. There was no intention for anyone to scale the light pole, though one person did (and sent me video which was impressive). I hid it by duct taping a grabber to a painter's extension pole, running a rope through the handle of the grabber, and then placing the cache, which was about 15 feet up. My intention was for people to keep their feet on the ground and my original terrain rating was 1.5 with a high difficulty. Reviewer made me switch it up to a low difficulty but terrain 5. I loved and encouraged the spoiler photos posted of people's creative methods to retrieve the cache.
  24. I'd be interested to see examples of what a high difficulty virtual is. High terrain I get, but high difficulty? I'm guessing that would mean the information required to count the virtual as a find would be difficult to retrieve. And if that's the case, why? Just for the D/T rating? I just had my VR 3.0 published. It's a 1/1 on a bridge between two US states, with beautiful views of the area.
  25. My best long lasting and maintenance free cache is inside a library. And it's not a book cache, it's something pretty special that I set up with the library staff. I have a puzzle in a magnetic keyholder outside the library that points to where the cache is in the library, as you need an outdoor component to geocaches. I admit the keyholder goes missing sometimes, but not the cache. With 68 favorite points (70%) it's pretty well received as well.
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