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  1. I have also noticed that now when I write an email in Thunderbird and attach a photo, it is showing at the bottom rather than the upper right corner where it used to. Suspect some setting in the computer somewhere got bumped or something.
  2. By the way, when I go to the "new" version of profile both laptop and desktop look the same. (but I prefer the old version). X above reading list? I don't see one. Where exactly would I find that?
  3. On my Windows desk top, my profile page "Dashboard" has all the stuff that should be to the right of "Recently viewed caches now way at the bottom left. It is normal on my Windows laptop. Anone know how to get it back to normal? Notice the first picture shows the margin to the right is blank and then in the 2nd it shows what should be there at the bottom.
  4. My buddy has a Montana 680t and he has a bunch of "Found" caches that he wants to get off the device. How do we clear those?
  5. I found it too. Now we just have to wait for them to unlock it.
  6. I'm a little confused. I have been going back through the history of Geocaching and one thing kinds of bothers me. I have found that Dave Ulmer's (and the worlds) very first cache/stash was hidden on May 3, 2000. Then there is some confusing info. In several spots it refers to Mike Teague as the first finder, but if you view the video of Dave when he was at the placement of the Original location plaque, he refers to a man seen in the video as "Don guinea Pig Finder". Who is Don?
  7. I have been having some issues sharing geocaches wirelessly from my Garmin 64s to any other Garmin. Sometimes it will work first time like a champ, then it won't work for a second one and I get error messages, or it will appear to be connected to another unit, but then connection is lost. Sometimes, just hitting the OK button will automatically start sequence again and it works, sometimes I still get the error. This is a brand new GPSMAP 64s and my old one was doing the exact same thing. I have tried sending and receiving from a Montana, a GPSMAP 64s (another one) & a GPSMAP 62s. Mu old 64s and the 62s used to work fine and I could send several one after another. Sometimes when I go to send, Share wirelessly>Send>Geocaches>it will tell me "No Results Found Try Adjusting Parameters" when I have a full database (and it eventually finds them if I keep trying). When I finally find the cache I want to send, I get a variety of answers. Sometimes it will go through quickly like it should. Other times it takes forever to find another unit and then fails. Sometimes it finds the other unit and connects but never sends. Sometimes it connects to another unit and starts to send and then looses connecting (even when I have them in the same hand). VERY frustrating and Garmin, although very nice) was not able to solve it. Anybody got any suggestions? Like I said this is a brand new unit, but my other one was doing the exact same thing.
  8. Has anyone had any luck fixing this? I have not and I have tried everything I can think of. Logged in, cleared caches, cleared memory, uninstalled, reinstalled both GE & KML and still all I get is a red dot over the file folder.
  9. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, signed in and still I get the red dot in the folder for the Geocaching Google earth Viewer file. And this is doing the exact same thing on my laptop as it is on my desk top.
  10. Tried that. Still have a red dot over the file and it will not show me any geocaches.
  11. We have checked Spam and there is nothing there, plus those other emails from GC.com never go to spam folder. Just checked trash and nothing there either.
  12. My friend set up an account a few years ago but never logged a find. Now they are trying to get back on and can not log on. We have even tried setting up a new account and we are told the email already exists, so we tried a different email and we are told the user name already exists, so we are pretty sure we are in there. So we tried the reset password link and it said it would send us a password reset link, but the email never arrives. We know it is the right email as she gets email from Geocaching.com fairly frequently. Any ideas?
  13. The last few days when I open Google Earth and go to a location to see if there are any geocaches nearby, it is not showing anything. I have tried both my desk top and my lap top and both are running Windows 10 and both are doing the same thing. I have tried clearing the caches and rebooting the computers and nothing is bringing up the caches. However, if I go to where I am looking, write down the coordinates and put them in the Geocaching search, it is showing caches near by.
  14. jpd43

    State Souvenirs

    Will there ever be a time when we will see the actual State Souvenir artwork without having to click on it? Seems like such a small thing, but there is some really good artwork there that is not being viewed.
  15. Will there ever be a time when we will see the actual State Souvenir without having to click on it?
  16. I would like to see the state artwork without having to click on the generic icon. Seems like it should be a fairly easy fix.
  17. Does anyone know if there is a fix for the Google Earth KML viewer?
  18. Hey Ron! Welcome back. Oddly enough, I was going to come here just to see if it was still in use and then I was notified of the message left by you. Although we have not met, I have fond memories of my beginning days in Geocaching and how much I liked your hides. Welcome back and I hope to meet you one day.
  19. I am curious as to why I have so many souvenirs with no artwork? I have to click on the souvenir to see the artwork for it. Also, I have cached in several countries and have not gotten their souvenirs, wonder why.
  20. I would like to nominate Deranja. Both members of the team are awesome! Very cute couple and very adventuresome, skydiving, rock-climbing, geocaching couple. These 2 are just an awesome pair. Oh did I mention they are real easy to look at? Check them out on facebook!Derk Grant Angie Sylvie-Grant
  21. Thanks, I found this work around as well. Thanks for the input.
  22. So I have been using Google Earth for quite a while and recently tried something new. I tried to open a geocache from Google earth. I was directed to the cache page for the appropriate cache and asked to sign in. However, when I typed in my credentials it just kept going back to the same sign in location and never logging me in. Any ideas? I know the log in is correct and I do have a cookie allowing me to log in automatically when I just normally go to geocaching.com.
  23. Typically the event is planned around a clean up. Like every year there is one up in Yosemite where the idea is to clean up a bunch of trash from the trails and area selected by the organizer.
  24. Well it is time to say good bye to 2010 and hello to 2011. Wishing everybody a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope to see you all at the Winter Formal.
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