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Oregon geocoin - The Return

Nurse Dave

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So I have been pursing this issue since we got rejected in using Moun10bike's design and were told there was going to be an approved design for all geocaching coins due to trademark issues. The time is comming!


I just got off the phone with Bryan from Groundspeak and there is an approved die that is available. Quickly there are a few positives and negatives. This is with the company that makes the Canadian and Texas coins currently. I happened to like the coins that moun10bike did better, but I know some of you like this type of coin better. The minimum is 250 which is a lot higher we had before, but also the cost per coin will be a lot less. Somewhere around $1.50 - $2 a coin. I'm guessing since I will need to get quotes on making our die and shipping.


I'm looking to start the email list all over since it's been a while. If you are interested in getting together to buy/design some of these let me know. I'm also curious if there are enough Portlanders that are interested in pursing a Portland Geocoin.


Once I get a good list of interested people and some more details I'll shoot you all back the info. Also Bryan will be posting a message in a week or two with this info.




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You can put us down for buying 10 for sure, maybe a few more...one to keep, others for a 'special cache' item. Read: we committ to at least 10 Oregon coins.


A Portland 'Rose City' Geocaching coin would be rather cool. True, though we at times travel a out of area or to WA for a cache, *our* home base is Portland and--outside of a few things--we are very proud of our city. A PDX geocoin should only be considered in addition to the Oregon geocoin if cacher demand warrants it.



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I just got off the phone with Alan from Pressed Metal (the company that does the coins). I'll wait a few more days to see how many people I can get on the e-mail list and then send you all the info I have so everybody has a better price idea and we can start designing the coin.


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We are also interested in some of the coins depending on whether they are Oregon (not Oregone) coins or even posssibly the Rose City/Portland geocoin. We would use these on our out of state caching trips. Could possibly be looking at about a hundred coins depending on what they look like. icon_cool.gif


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We agree with the Oregon map with the name Oregon and the "Birthplace of Geocaching" motto. Also not sure what the other side is supposed to look like? If we follow the Texas and Canada examples, it would have the Geocaching logo and would need a symbol in the lower right quadrant - maybe a covered wagon for the Oregon Trail? or a beaver?


And the serial number makes sense - but we need a way to track them? Who will build the website? Texas has a great site for their coins! End quote.


I agree with the basic design above.


I don't think using serial numbers will allow the price to be reasonable and you can always attach a regular TB to one if desired as with this one:




I also expect that cachers would want to keep them anyway and so having them "trackable" may end up being disappoint-able. I would prefer to have them for trading only to leave in other states as well as scattered around Oregon.


If other states get on the band wagon, we might end up with a collectable series simular to the state quarters, only better! icon_cool.gif

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I'll volunteer to set up a free tracking site for oregon geocoins, if they have serial numbers. Of course, there is the logistical problem of 'activation'... not a problem if its just going to be informal tracking. If you use a randomized (yet unique) tracking number rather than a serial number, that would help prevent false logs to some extent.


Somebody e-mail me if nobody else wants the job and I'll do it. icon_smile.gif


The only domain name I have handy which is related to geocaching is cogeo.org, which is just for central oregon... so not sure what site name you'd want to imprint on the coins, if any...


It doesn't look like oregongeo.org is registered, nor oregoncaching.org (oregongeo might fit better on a coin).




A method of numbering that might be considered is hand-stamping, if the metal is malleable enough and quantities are sufficiently low (a few hundred, I'd guess)...


[This message was edited by Mr. Snazz on February 26, 2003 at 02:42 PM.]

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Getting them numbered from the factory will add .26 per coin. I think I'm also of the opinion that these most likely won't be traveling around much. I would think anyone who found one would hold on to it unless they had bought a bunch also. But, I'll go with the majority.


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Well the cost is not really prohibitive so we say lets get serial numbers on them. We also agree that most folks will just hoard them like Tungsten Jihad silver dollars.


But if we have a website to track them (thanks Mr. Snazz!) we could register all of the coins that we bought and then see who has them. Even if they never made their way around the world but just stay on someone's dresser, it would be neat to see where all of 'our' coins end up.


And the folks who already have one will probably move the second one along anyway so we will be able to track some movement. Lets go for it!

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I like the serial numbers. If for nothing else it makes each unique. I really do not feel the extra cost is too much. Heck if you can afford to spend $250 (100 coins @ $2.50 each) on these in the first place, what is another $26? Of course I myself have a much tigher budget and can only justify buying 10 or so. I am not looking for a sig item here, if mutliple folks have 100s of them it seems silly to try and call it a sig item icon_wink.gif, I think these fall more in the category of really cool trade items to be left in really cool, most likely out of state, caches.


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