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Hidden Creatures


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20 minutes ago, acachebox said:

There is a new challenge called Hidden Creatures. To see my progress it tells me to go to my profile and select Hidden Creatures. I can't find that link. Please advise.

The Hidden Creatures link is not on your profile page: https://www.geocaching.com/p/


The Hidden Creatures link is on your dashboard page: https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard


The Hidden Creatures link goes to the URL Team Christiansen provided: https://www.geocaching.com/play/souvenircampaign/hiddencreatures

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1 hour ago, arisoft said:

For me the promotion email said that I should  find them all as fast as I can. I was wondering why?



Maybe you saw a blog post like this:

"Each week a new habitat will be introduced, beginning with Hidden Creatures of the forest and ending with a magical creature who lives among the stars. See how fast you can witness all of the creatures or take your time to find each one over all four weeks, the challenge is up to you!"


It has now been restated this way:

"For the next four weeks we will be highlighting the different habitats these Hidden Creatures call home. If you find 100 caches in the first week you will earn all of the souvenirs at that time. You can take your time and cache over all four weeks or challenge yourself to find them all as fast as you can!"


There was a question whether or not these could be found as each week ends.  So it is answered again here.  "Find them at whatever pace you wish":




My question was based on those quotes, but a slightly different question.  That is, how "Each week a new habitat will be introduced" fits into the challenge.  I'm still not quite certain, because as far as I can tell all the creatures are published already, before "each week" has even begun, before the promotion started.  It's fine to introduce things each week for fun.  But it's annoying to be told later, when the challenge is almost over, that I missed out on the "Special Weekly [???]" because I didn't know what they were exactly.  So nobody tell me later. B)



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I'm new to these sorts of things!


Just wanted to ask - is this just a sort of game / initiative to reward you for finding a certain amount of caches in a certain timeframe, or is there more to it than that?


I started geocaching in the middle of the Planetary Pursuit thing and didn't really know what was going on at the time :D

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15 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

Click on the link above for an explanation.

in a nutshell: yes, you get souvenirs for finding caches and reaching the different levels. One month is the time frame.


Thanks - yes I did click on it and read through it but thought it looked fairly straightforward and wondered if I was missing something :D


Okay - thank you.

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8 minutes ago, Jayeffel said:

I have found 6 caches June 28, and 29; have received four souvenirs. Is there a limit to how many per day?


There's no limit.


According to your profile, you've found 7 caches. Looking at the chart, that's 4 souvenirs, so you're all caught up. :)

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13 minutes ago, Jayeffel said:

Isn't each cache found part of the souvenir count? 1 per souvenir? seven caches- seven souvenirs? No biggy either way. Won't stop me from caching.


There are 13 souvenirs.  Here's the chart.  Not only does it show how many total caches you need for each souvenir, it shows how far along you are to the next.


Believe it or not, I'd like to find enough to get the dragon, 50 caches.  But on my best 30-day span ever, I found 47.  That was in 2009. B)


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