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Going to the Southern oregon coast the weekend of 7-25. Can anyone recommend some "must do" caches in that area. I have to be picky because my traveling partner isn't into caching like I am. Good hikes and scenery, or interesting areas works best to keep her interested. Thanks

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I grew up about 10 miles from Bandon. Will be going back to visit next month.


Will be fun to hit a few caches while I am there.



I have never been lost. Been awful confused for a few days, but never lost!

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Living near the border of California and Oregon, I can give you a list:


Steak's Malicious Micro #1: It is a good, fast urban (we placed it);


Cape Ferrelo: a nice beach cache;


Indian Sands: another great beach cache... watch your step!


Arch Rock Viewpoint: the original Brookings/Gold Beach cache. Great views, easy cache, small container;


Strike Gold: a nice park, neat place to have lunch and spot deer;


Santa's Toy Bag: easy rest area cache with lots of goodies for good girls and boys;


Siskiyou Ridge Runner: a nice afternoon diversion. A little bit away from the highway, but a nice drive;


Our Spot: nice place to stop south of Port Aweful;


Landz End: there is a bunch of caches near here. Port Orford is a great place to cache. When you visit this URL you can look for the other caches in the area.


Good luck, have fun and if you decide to come further south (like into Crescent City) let us know... there some great caches here, too!


Lori aka: RedwoodRed of the GeoGadgets Team


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More enjoyable caches, which we discovered on our honeymoon -


A Wee Bit of Ireland - hit this one along with Blanco View.


Cape Blanco from the Headlands - same stop as Landz End, different trail.


Old Highway 101 Trail - very nice walk up the original road bed, with an excellent view near the cache. Great picnic spot.


The honeymooners - beautiful views at the end of the coast road. Be sure to visit Simpson Reef Overlook on the way past if you like seals and sea lions.


There's also two caches listed at Arago Cliffs, which itself is well worth a visit. The first is MIA, though not yet archived, the new one is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCGDAJ






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