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  1. I am going to be wandering around Alaska from the 20th to the 28th of June. If the weather is good I will go to Denali, if not I plan to tour Homer, Kenai and maybe out to Kennecott. Looking for advice for some easy stroll or drive caches that are worth visiting. Since I will be in a rented motorhome they won't let me travel on gravel. Also interested in places of interest that aren't in the travel guides such as museums, and displays. Good "dive" bars would be fun too. Local cachers know whats best Thanks
  2. Well actually Big Eddy posted a graph he created on March 29 which was early in this Control Point's life. Click on his March 29th log to see the results. Hopefully he would consider adding the other postings.
  3. Congrats..this guy goes for it. Read his log for North Fork Crooked River cache to see what lengths he will go to.
  4. Here is a link to the B & B Complex website. Fire perimeter maps are updated everyday. http://www.pnw3.com/bandbcomplex/
  5. Thanks for the tips. Didn't do as many as I wanted but enjoyed the weekend anyways.
  6. Thanks for the heads up; My reason for making this a virtual: 1. The plaque itself is unique. It is not located on any maps and isn't on the local historical register. If people wander this far off paved roads the "treasure" is the plaque and the area itself. Personally I cache because of the interesting places it takes me. This is one of the places. (In my mind) 2. The area is only accesible from mid July till the snow flys. Cache maintenance is an issue for me since I check all of my caches at least once every three months. My fear is that a physical cache could be in an unacceptable state and i wouldn't have the oppourtunity to correct it. The cache is only 25 miles from my house but the drive is about an hour and a half over some rough F.S. roads. 3. The cache is located off an old spur road but the surrounding area is alpine and sub-alpine where soils and vegetation and subject to easy damage with too much foot traffic. The Forest Service has closed old trails in that area for this reason. 4. There is a different physical cache close by although located in an area that is better suited for foot traffic. Thanks Steve
  7. I have done a lot or research about some of the pioneers in the Central Oregon area and have created a virtual cache about one of them. The cache reviewer had a difficult time with this one but after some nice e-mails back and forth they have agreed to having a vote taken. The reviewer wanted this one to be a regular, micro and or multi cache. The find is a large metal plaque that tells the story. This plaque is located in the Broken Top Crater area. You decide and I will live with the results. Thanks [This message was edited by sskamp on July 22, 2003 at 03:42 PM.]
  8. Redmond Oregon or Redmond Washington???
  9. Going to the Southern oregon coast the weekend of 7-25. Can anyone recommend some "must do" caches in that area. I have to be picky because my traveling partner isn't into caching like I am. Good hikes and scenery, or interesting areas works best to keep her interested. Thanks
  10. Has anyone seen Brett Farve (broken leg and all) He was last located at KD7HOD 2 Too Much Fun. Salt Lake City Area. Just curious.
  11. sskamp

    Hey Bend!!

    Me thinks I've been slapped in the face with a leather glove....bring it!!!!
  12. sskamp

    Hey Bend!!

    A trip to Bend wouldn't be complete without attempting Skull Hollow or Walkabout in the Badlands. These are my two favorites in the area. It would be interesting to see how caches on the dry side compare to the wetlands.
  13. Logscaler hit # 600 by being the first to find "Crooked River North Fork" His log is worth reading. What was that Seinfeld episode about......
  14. Been there did one of them.(Pickett) Seven hours from home and back. Now to the hot tub. One done...two to go.
  15. Your trip would be incomplete if you didn't have breakfast at the D & D on Bond St. in Downtown. One of the better dive bars around. For something tamer you might try Pilot Butte Drive Inn, which is on Highway 20 (Greenwood) just West of Pilot Butte. Don't bother with either if cholesteral is a problem.
  16. On the way over west of Burns you might try; RestArea do Dry Lakes Make You Harney? Millican Valley Cache Prehistoric River Coin Exchange When you get in Bend several easy caches Antenna Forest Third Butte Tight Fit (close by is Ho Hum JUst another Cache...but it ain't easy) My favorites so far or favorite areas Walkabout..great tour of the Badlands allow 3 hours Nature in Balance...you won't see anything quite like these. Legend of Skull Hollow..I'm halfway throught this one but its been fun. allow 3 hours. Tumalo State Park or the KOA north of town has camp sites available.
  17. Great idea, gunna play that one on my way south come spring time.
  18. Perhaps you should wait until you see some of the logs from people who have visited some of the caches before you rush an opinion. Not everthing has to be SWAG related. I have created three virtual caches because of something unique and not because I get to collect signatures. I have yet to have a post on a virtual cache that was negative or remotely so. PS I am not lazy
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