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30,000 published Waymarks

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Hi friends,


few minutes ago I published Waymark 30,000, not to mention all the declined ones. The next days I will go through all my categories and I will add new officers. I want to give others the possibility to review Waymarks, it's a great way to interact with other Waymarkers/Geocachers worldwide, if you are not a native english speaker your english will be improved pretty fast 'cause you will interact daily in english.




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A really great milestone! Thank you for all your work and commitment! You are truly one of the most important supporters of this hobby.


I saw your remark in the approval comment this morning, and I am very happy that this milestone was my waymark. But it was not only one of my waymarks as most of the others. It was also a waymark in a category I founded and that is quite rare, and even more it is the 50th waymark in this category and it also covers a quite weird and little known piece of local history.


And that is not enough. It was also the waymark I have suffered most so far to get it. It was a really unpleasant and stressful adventure and I swore and cursed and only hoped to get back up again, no matter how bruised and dirty. As much as I enjoy visits to my waymarks, whenever you are in that area, I can only advise to not go there: http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMRDVD_Tripoint_of_Aargau_Basel_Landschaft_and_Solothurn_Anwil_BL_Switzerland.


Only too bad that it was three short of my #4444. This would really have been the top. B)

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Fantastic job.


The Waymarking email system continues to balk at times. I found that I was a new officer in two categories before I saw emails about it; and even then I only got notified of the second category after I had already seen waymarks to approve. Funny way to find out.


Keep it up lumbricus. You continue to be an inspiration to the community.

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