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  1. I now waymark as an adjunct to geocaching out of town. I have saturated local areas and don't expect visits because there is no one else around. That also makes it hard for me to get visits. The thing that lets us geocache is challenges set up by the Tioga County tourist group and the Central NY State Parks. Maybe we could partner with groups that would set up challenges. Geocache challenges give out coins. We need an icon for challenges?
  2. Your link said it sent something, but we didn't see it win Ripraff's mail. Still behaving the same way.
  3. If someone would create a new profile, they will probably be asked to validate. This would show whether it something to do with me or a way marking software bug.
  4. Tried safari and foxfire, not blocking cookies or pop-ups, deleted cache. validate still goes to empty screen, with or without logging in.
  5. This started last night, but is still a problem. Obviously I can't create way marks or visits. I can view way marks.
  6. It says I should validate but when I click the link, nothing. I am obviously logged on to Geocaching as Ripraff.
  7. Is anyone else having trouble logging in? Geocaching is fine but Waymarking won't let me in.
  8. It would all depend on the officers tp keep it clean. Rejected way marks may be due to limitations of the category, not the waymark. There are many potential way marks that are interesting that don't have a category and may never because there might not be enough of them or they are too restricted in area. Some of the limitations in categories are really arbitrary. Religious multifarious turned out to be a really good category sweeping in the Mormans, Unitarians, and a lot of small groups. It also generated discussions where additional groups were included in existing categories. Maybe this will likewise lead to category expansion and new categories. Be brave.
  9. Is there a template to use to start the category write-up?
  10. I sometimes wait to have a waymark approved in a category where I could approve. When I see that the category needs something I assume it is my waymark. I eventually checked and it was someone else. I suppose if I approved my own waymark I wouldn't have this problem.
  11. I wish there were a way to force a vote by the way marker. This might correct an officer making a strange judgement.
  12. Sometimes when traveling I will take an extra photo of something that catches my eye or I will take it for one category then realize it also fits in another while researching. It is too late to take that extra photo for the new category. It can take awhile before getting back to a location that is not close. I try to take multiple photos but sometimes miss special requirements. I finally remember the tombstone requirement for churchyard cemeteries. I use the GPS feature on the camera but sometimes Google maps is better. Sometimes the camera isn't on long enough for a fix since I turn it off to save batteries, I hate running out of battery on a trip. I have started packing the charger. I have used the Google street feature to find that sign. It can sometimes take awhile to redrive the road.
  13. Rejection should indicate whether it is fixable, more photos or description or if it just isn't interesting enough (feet?)
  14. My inspiration for this category was having a college chapel rejected from religious multifarious because they might have a concert or lecture there. It is a very good-looking chapel on a peaceful pond. And then there was that rejected bandstand and the rejected amphitheater.
  15. Interesting is one reason voting is needed. It is always subjective. This way it would rely on community opinion. It would be good to have many officers so someone would always be there to vote. This could be the most interesting category of all. It would fit under Waymarking Multifarious. It would be hoped that some way marks would make it through the gauntlet. Go through those rejected way marks, maybe this time...
  16. Fields could list 1-3 categories rejected from and suggested categories to list where it would belong if the category existed. The rejected category might suggest ways they are too restrictive. Suggested categories would point the way to possible new categories. Having always voting would get past that one officer who was plain wrong in rejecting your great waymark.
  17. Waymarks usually have to be permanently fixed and have coordinates. I would guess your feet were made for walking.
  18. One way to limit prevalence other than judgement would be to have a number per town or state or country. How do you measure prevalence? One on every street corner? Twenty per town? Five per town? Too prevalent would be rejected but UNIQUE would be perfect. Unique would never have its own category but would fit here.
  19. No general, must have short and long descriptions (3 lines if you want). Must have 2 photos, close and far. The requirements could include some of the current rules for categories, but not all. It can't be allowed into an existing category, but if the officers think it should have been they can negotiate. It doesn't have to be worldwide, anyone can submit a multifarious Multifarious, but some of them can be unique to an area. Can not be too prevalent (share car drop offs). Has to be interesting (this is the wildcard that will depend on the officers). This could contain categories that haven't gotten off the ground like Union Meeting Halls and permanent outdoor theaters. May exclude retail businesses including new restaurants (if this is an area deemed not waymark able). Voting has a time limit? This should have so it doesn't get stuck. How does voting work, majority of those who reply? This is a chance to waymark that item, "gee if only there were a category". It has to be well written enough to pass voting. This could be a first step in proposing a new category. If a waymark passes Multifarious Multifarious and is worldwide then maybe it could be a waymark if prevalent enough. Voting would take care of the problem of not being able to define the unique.
  20. I like this idea. I have had buildings rejected by bandshells for not having complete 3 sides (only partial). Also have had amphitheater rejection. These are very restricted categories. There is a local stage constructed in a park where they have been doing Shakespeare in the Park for a number of years. It would not fit in either amphitheater or bandshell. Multifarious Multifarious would accept outdoor stages not accepted into bandshells or amphitheaters.
  21. Multifarious Multifarious! My new category idea would accept union meeting halls.
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