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  1. I think a Nordic Heritage category would be awesome -- will it also encompass monuments or registered heritage properties in places outside of those countries, as long as those places and registered properties reflect Nordic culture from immigration, for example?
  2. Would this include city name giant letter installations with an interactive component (where you would put yourself in the structure to be a letter or part of a phrase). Will this category accept common nicknames for cities, such as "Big D" for Dallas? In these installations, you make the I - so that's why I asked)
  3. We have this cat tree for the Beeper, and she does the same dance with squirrels - although they don't get as close as that deer did!
  4. As a benchmark hunter who is One of THOSE kinds of hunters, I also rain on a lot of Found it! Cachers who did not find a benchmark because it’s gone. The infamous “Note to All “Finders” log happens A LOT from us. That having been said: we have also Found marked others had marked destroyed - usually benchmarks set in footings of municipal tanks where the tank is gone but the footings remain. we always report those to the NGS. We also delight in finding benchmarks that the US Power Squadron couldn’t find - a USGS pipe cap at the McLennan county courthouse comes to mind, as does a chiseled square on the highway bridge over the Nolan River in Johnson County. 😇
  5. Sorry - I agree that this is over prevalent and redundant. If I can waymark every Texas flag I find in Texas - that’s WAYYYY too over prevalent. In Texas, it’s a thang to have our flag EVERYWHERE.
  6. I am absolutely sick about this. Benchmarking got us into Geocaching, and into Waymarking as well. My husband is a civil engineer, and in the years when we had little bitties who were not reliably on the potty, we could not do a whole lot of geocaching because he preferred interesting caches you had to hike way out in the woods for. Little bitties do not travel light, do not deal with mosquitoes well, do not enjoy being hot and sticky, do not understand why they can't have everything in the cache, do not keep the things we did let them have from the cache out of their mouths etc. So for us, benchmark hunting was something that we could do in the city, and that little bitties could manage and have fun doing, because finding a benchmark cemented on the courthouse that you can't take with you eliminates ALL the frustration from leaving behind the moldy toys in an ammo can. My avatar is of the very first benchmark we found: CS1784 M 246 Reset. It's attached to the old Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad depot subway that was filled in 50 years ago, but its purpose and history is preserved on the data sheet that we found ourselves using the NGS website. That started us on a super fun exploration hobby that has not waned over time. https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=CS1784 I am deeply disappointed that HQ is going to do away with all the logs posted by benchmark hunters -- all the photos and all the stories of the finds. I remember finding a benchmark on the top of a hill on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in March. The benchmark was under heavy iron cover and we flipped it over, the smallest black widow I've ever seen came flying over with it. I, of course, had a cow. That is been a funny family story for 15 years now. https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=HW3334 On another trip I talked my way onto a secure chemical facility (with an escort) to look for Mason-Dixon stones, all of them NGS benchmarks. https://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=JU3851 But I think what hurts the most is that geocaching HQ seems to not understand the value of all the work that benchmark hunters have done on this database since 2005. As one of the few benchmarkers who actually reports the finds to the NGS, Deb Brown mentioned that the NGS frequently uses geocacher reports and geocaching's BM database for pictures of marks and other information, since many of these marks were monumented in the 1930s and had not been seen for the next 70+ years. I'll always have my memories, but geocaching is losing so much knowledge about our world with this decision. I hope at least the benchmarking forum will remain. There is so much amazing wisdom there from wonderful benchmark hunters who have sadly passed on. You can't recapture that once a Groundspeak lackey hits DELETE. Until then -- I invite all benchmark hunters to come see us over at Waymarking.com. It's a different game, but if you like finding benchmarks you can put all your finds in our US benchmark category. We also have categories for different countries benchmarks and a worldwide benchmarks category catch everything else. So we're ready for you, and we welcome you. Ernmark, I love you man - but I am not going to hit you with 5000 new waymarks of all my finds since 2005.
  7. FYI Shirley - when we went to Hoover Dam, we used John's logs to find some of the harder-to-locate marks, and now that tours don't operate like they used to, y'all may be the only ones to find the BMs inside the dam.
  8. We are absolutely crushed. Benchmarking for us has always been more fun than geocaching, and we faithfully report our BM finds to the NGS. When I was in contact with Deb Brown at the NGS, she told me she looked at the Geocaching website as she updated the NGS mark database. The logs on the GC website are extremely useful. We frequently use a benchmark we find in an area to locate nearby geocaches. Not sure what we will do, frankly. Will keep Waymarking and benchmark hunting, but caching has really dropped way off for us.
  9. Andreas, you have been so kind to me over the many MANY years I have been Waymarking. Words cannot express my debt of gratitude to you for your wisdom, guidance, help and support - not to mention ALL YOUR HEAVY LIFTING for this community!
  10. So glad you have some caching opportunities along the way I'll write up my part is this story today Would you mind writing up something about your adventure to add to the waymark? I can't wait to see your photos!
  11. OMG - this is Mama Blaster of the Benchmark Blasterz. I’m sending you a message - 24° 02.462E Is the target coord
  12. I’m shocked - SHOCKED I TELL YOU! that this word chick screwed up the math 😂🤣😂 thanks for catching that guys 💕
  13. soooo close and yet so far!! Looks pretty and also pretty muddy!!! That would be a hoot if your Where’s-In-a-Name coordinate was near me, and my coordinate was near you!! 😂
  14. Keith - Ping! I need a Finnish waymarker/cacher. My required E longitude lines: 24* 02.462 crosses the E4 south of Haparanda (I think). 25* 27.887 is in the town of Sinetta near the K-Mart Coordinates are: Benchmark = 23.6246275 = 24* 02.462 <-- Blasterz = 25.278379 = 25* 27.837
  15. Thant means you will be less than 20 miles from my chronogram -- wanna get a beer?
  16. This is an awesome tool - would be great of the category owner/officers added it to the description Took 2 seconds
  17. I sent 5 photos in 2 messages through the geocaching message site. Please check that you got those - if the files are too large drop your waymark into uncategorized waymarks and I can grab it and upload the photos, then put it back for you.
  18. We just found the spot in a parking lot next to Hoblitzelle Park along Alma Drive in Plano
  19. FamilieFrohne - we are headed out to get yours today! 1629 — DONE Thanks for being part of our Mother’s Day adventure!
  20. We'll give it a shot -- N 33* 04 543 I think that's between FW and Denton TX, and we are in Garland, so only 1 county over. According to Google Earth, that coord is on the SB I-35 shoulder. If GE is off, I hope it's off to the west because if it's not, that coord is in the highway lanes.
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