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  1. We have a lot of cattle underpasses around elevated-grade RR tracks in Texas. These are not marked as cattle crossings, and they look like large box culverts under RRs, just without a creek. Will these be accepted?
  2. Will Historic animal crossings be allowed? There are several bridges in Texas that were built in the 1870s for cattle drives to cross rivers. Many charged a nickel per cow, and humans were free
  3. I’m going to need a lot of convincing. Are these interesting? Can you get a photo of them from a public place you did NOT have to buy an admission ticket for? Will these be permanently installed and able to be visited all the time, or are they just seasonal? Why are these stages not redundant with the other outdoor stages we already have, Bandshells and Outdoor ampitheatres? Has any category officer from Bandshells or Outdoor Ampitheatres been consulted to see if these can be accepted in their existing category? I am not usually a fan of categories that need a lot of exclusions.
  4. I thought we had discussed this exhaustively several times over the years on the forum, and the consensus was that the roundabout arts are 100% redundant with all the existing art categories, and therefore can all be waymarked there.
  5. Wikipedia isn’t a great measuring stick for prominence or significance. There needs to be a more defined idea of this category to keep it from being one where celebrities are on an equal footing with heads of state or major scientific prize winners.
  6. No no no no NO! People taking photos of a battered women’s shelter will TERRIFY the women inside, draw the strong and immediate attention of law enforcement, and by publicizing the locations, will destroy the shelter’s ability to help future victims of violence by requiring a new location. Waymarking such shelters is guaranteed to draw violent attackers to the shelters, which are filled with women and children. I would not even waymark our women’s shelter’s PUBLIC office, which is hardened with bulletproof glass and solid doors, security cameras, and staffed with a full time armed guard. That shelter has had 2 women clients killed by their abusive partners in separate incidents, so if they’re damned determined it won’t happen again, who can blame them and why work against that? Let folks heal in peace.
  7. I would NEVER support a category for women’s shelters - in the US many such shelter addresses are secret because the women admitted to them are fleeing violent relationships. Waymarking these could get people hurt, or worse.
  8. Rolling my eyes that the most famous woman in the world is Princess Diana, when we’re all here because of Eve (no disrespect to Lady Diana, but don’t get me started on princesses and how they get pushed on little girls in the USA). I think a category to waymark sites related to significant women worldwide would be a wonderful addition to the hobby.
  9. I was having problems yesterday evening both uploading photos into new waymarks AND seeing waymark images already uploaded to waymarks.
  10. Will this be a catch-all awards category? I’m having trouble wrapping my head around what I can and cannot waymark here.
  11. No disrespect to the proud Franco-Ontarians, but this category is not global, and it is redundant with many other categories, for a start.
  12. Most of mine showed up instantly, but Pluto and the Mega souvenirs have not shown up yet, even though they have already been earned this afternoon.
  13. I just earned my 527th point for Planetary Pursuit, but I was not awarded either the Pluto or Meta souvenir. Anyone else seeing this?
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