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Great cache hider in your area in 2002 …

Skully & Mulder et al.

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This has probably been discussed before, but with 2003 here, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on 2002.


Sometimes lists are not fair so we are just going to name one hider that has had a major influence on our caching this year - BrianSnat. He has kept north Jersey cache-rich with everything from some easy virtuals to some challenging hunts. His “Bottom of Lake Passiac III” was our 100th find – and a very rewarding one at that. My favorite BrianSnat caches are “Turkey on Rye”, “Mountainside”, “Federal Hill” & “Osio Rock”

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tneigel has to be the king, just from a numbers standpoint. I haven't found any of his yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so.


As far as placing numerous and interesting caches, Team GWHO certainly deserves mention, as does The Artful Dodger (who gets extra credit for his cache pages). And the Skully & Mulder team are obviously Cum Laude graduates of the "quality over quantity" school of cache placers.


Actually anybody who places a cache deserves applause. Without the cache placers, there wouldn't be any for us to find!


Thanks for mentioning me. I'm glad that people have enjoyed my cache placements. I still have a dozen or so ammo boxes, so there are more to come. The question is where? Got to hit the topo maps again. I'm running out of green areas! I jut received a shipment of "earth magnets", so look for guardrail caches next!


"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues" - Abraham Lincoln

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I think this is a great topic. If it weren't for the folks out there hiding the caches we wouldn't have anything to hunt icon_smile.gif It's about time we thanked them.


In the maryland area one of if not the most prominent hider has to be klause von kuhn.

He's one of the rare bread of cachers that enjoys the hiding more than the finding!

He's had me frustrated with some great hides but I continue to enjoy hunting his. Thanks for all the great hides!



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I'll agree with a couple of earlier posters. He has put a ton of caches out there in south Jersey. We tried for one this summer while vacationing at Seaside. Unfourtunatly someone stole it before we got there but it was still a great walk in a nice park. We are planning on spending about a week at Seaside this summer and I'm thinking we will find about 10 or more of tneigel's caches then. We are looking forward to the hunts!!!


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I've been thinking about this subject and I think I should add these people too.


Not in any particular order


Team Gwho


And don't forget Cache_Ninja (who seems to be back in town)


These people also are more interested in

placing quality caches rather than finding. Between the three mentioned above and include Brians hides (Who I mentioned earlier) they have placed over 150 caches in the northern NJ/NY area. That's pretty freakin' impressive!!


To all of you my thanks.

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I have to give a thumbs up to Marty for his quick response to Mxyzptlk and I after we discovered the first stage of Melvin's was gone.


The cache page has already been updated so no one else will spend the time for naught. I think it important to recognize that placing a cache is just the start - maintenance counts. Thanks Marty!


A nod also to the originator of this thread for an equally quick response to my experience at his Creative Cache. Thanks Helmut.

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...to brian & harrold for their kind words. I've actually been more concerned with quality over quantity lately so I've been archiving some of the lesser, easier ones, especially those not involved with Weird NJ. There's enough of those around without mine so I doubt they'll be missed.


I haven't searched for a lot of brian's caches mainly because a) tough caches generally require more time then I've got available, and :) most of them are a farther drive then I'm willing to drive (usually).


2002 was my first summer geocaching and I think next summer will be much more productive. I can better allot time to do this as well as my weird nj adventuring (which will hopefully lead to more hides as well) With winter, caching after work is out (for most of no doubt) & weekends are pretty tight so unfortunately it'll be a while before I hit a lot but I'm looking forward to them!





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