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Are attributes a maintenance issue?

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Well, people can log "Needs Maintenance" for pretty much anything if they want, but that seems a little frivolous.


For the record, I see: not winter friendly, bikes allowed, watch for livestock, may require skis, shorter than 1km, available 24/7, may require snowshoes, scenic view, takes less than an hour, kid-friendly, stroller accessible, dogs allowed, horses allowed.

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I don't think they are. I believe any and all logs apply to the cache itself, not the listing. Any logs applying to anything else, including the cache page, may be deleted as the cache page is then being used as a discussion place/forum. The situation in post #3 does involve the cache, not nessesarily attributes. Adding an attribute is one solution, but another would be to remove the ivy, move the cache, or even archive the cache.


Granted sometimes a log may be used for the cache page itself- perhaps a NA to alert reviewers to a big issue, but that's only because the reviewer gets notified.


An email to the CO would seem more appropriate, as the CO in this case had replied.


Also remember there are other reason to have those attributes. Perhaps a power trail in the middle of a desert has the scuba attribute to make it easy to not/include in a PQ. Or it could be part of a puzzle- I have used the attributes to make a puzzle cache.

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Are attributes a maintenance issue?


Also my printout from when that was hidden showed dog, horse, bike, short hike, less than hour, but not scuba, or boat so how could that have been changed?




The only way I know to change the attributes, or any part of the cache page, is for the cache owner to make those changes. I don't think it can be done "accidentally".


For what it's worth, I'm baffled by the seemingly conflicting attributes that I see at this point in time on the page:


not available for winter

may require skiis

may require snowshoes


If the cache is "not available in winter", then why would I need skiis or snowshoes?


The other attributes currently on the page are:


bikes allowed

watch for livestock

hike shorter than 1 km

available 24/7

scenic view

takes less than 1 hour

kid friendly

stroller accessible

dogs allowed

horses allowed




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Good point Pup patrol :o but as it is in a very windswept it does depend on the winter; last winter we had 6 meters in the woods (and still have 50cm, May 5th, 2015) yet that location the snow did not cover that cache up. To put the snow flake icon it has to be 1.2 meters off the ground and it isn't. With that said I will remove those icons to eliminate confusion :D

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I would say that an attribute that is clearly misleading could be a maintenance issue (except possibly for a liar's cache). For example:

fee-no.gif when a fee actually is required

dogs-yes.gif when dogs are actually not allowed

hike_short-yes.gif when it's 16km/10mi from the nearest trailhead

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Personally I don't see what the problem is with someone logging an NM. Your reply to the cacher was he should not have logged an NM. Clearly the attributes were misleading. You said it was an error, so by bringing it to your attention you were able to correct it quickly. That's a good thing. Whether it's private or not doesn't matter. In fact by fixing it quickly and publicly letting everyone know it was an error, not intentional (for example to help with challenge caches, as some are known to do) it makes you look like you are an attentive cache owner, who wants their caches to be accurate and useful. That's a good thing. smile.gif

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If it wasn't some sort of system error it could have been your thumbs. We had a quick look at one of our cache pages on the smart phone whilst out. We scrolled too heavily apparently pffffff, and with three scrolls we had hit edit cache page, and changed various things on the next two scrolls before we realised what the hell was going on.


As for the needs maintenance for attributes ... on the one hand I think what a sad person to sit there and gather their thoughts to sensibly write that as some form of protest that requires attention. I wouldn't want their life.


On the other hand I think hilarious ...can you imagine ... scuba'd up, dragging a boat through the brush ... buddy checks, anchor - check. Ski's - check. "Stand back everybody I'm going in!" And dutiful wife finds it by her foot.


...unless they were completing a challenge for attributes ... cough ...

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I don't think I've ever looked at the attributes of a cache before. Probably because they were not around when I first started geocaching. Seems kind of trivial to me. Only one I could see being upset over is if a parking fee is involved to get close to the cache. In that case I would list it in the cache description.

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If the attributes are misleading or incorrect they certainly should be something this is maintained and fixed.


They are part of the greater cache description, including size, difficulty and terrain and the general text description and should reflect the cache properly.

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Well, I believe that a cache consists of the box itself and the listing that tells you about the cache and gives you the coordinates and other needed info to reach it. And if there's something wrong with either one it justifies a NM log.


I agree with L0ne.R's post #9 - fuesika brought the cache to your attention, you quickly reacted and corrected those irrelevant attributes as a responsible owner (which is definitely not common, at least not with owners with hundreds of caches). Everyone is happy. :)

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